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Wednesday 28th

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  • Wednesday 28th

    Morning all! Looks like I'm first in this morning. Weather is starting to brighten up, very cool, very breezy but dry.

    Yesterday, got chores done in the morning, just before lunch OH announced he was changing plans and going to Hull yesterday instead of today. Expected him to be several hours as he generally calls in on a mate while there - he did, but there were other visitors so he didn't stay very long as too cold to sit outside for long. I binge watched 3 of the Strictly mash ups they broadcast a month or so ago, Saturday night's live show and Monday's It Takes Two. Got the armhole decreasings done while I was watching so only a few more rows to finish the sleeves. Phone call in the evening from IT chap to say my laptop is damaged beyond economic repair, but he's promised to jot some notes for me as to what to look for when I'm shopping for a new one.

    Today, kitchen is cleared, and now in that waiting period before I try and catch George and get him in the travelling cage to go to the vet's. Once he's finished his appointment and we're home I need to go to Barton again to collect the laptop, do the shopping and any other bits and bobs. No doubt rest of the day will be spent searching t'internet for a suitable and affordable laptop then trying to find someone who can supply.

    Caroline - how is Shiloh? Probably a bit sore from the op but I hope he's OK otherwise and has had his breakfast. Are the roses secure?
    Dave - hope you've maintained your body warmth - I lost control of my temperature years ago (either too hot or too cold!) - blaming hormones! What is on the cutting board at the moment?
    Shelley - I record programmes I want to watch because there's very little on in the evenings I watch live - reruns of favourite comedies like Last of the Summer Wine and history related informative programmes is about it. Glad you got the telephone/card machine stuff sorted and then a stream of customers in the afternoon sounds good.


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    Morning all, sorry late but been a mare of a morning. Up every hour to check on Shiloh and he was fine, out for the count. Let him out at 6am then between locking the back door and walking to the kitchen he had got the bandage off, blood dripping. No cone! Rebandaged off again by 7am almost in tears as this was getting stupid plus the bandage would not longer stick, found some in our cupboard but he has very thick soft fur and kept on slipping. We made the decision to return to the vets at 8.10, Lee went and explained what had happened they have readmitted him to rebandage and put a cone on. The cone means although he will slide his head along the floor will just slip with no traction on rugs and carpet to push the bandage back. Will tire him out but that will be it.

    We have decided to shelf the chinese today as just do not ffel like it, had already got myself into a state yesterday afternoon and had an upset tummy. Lovely gifts from my BF, sister and Lee's cousin. Lee has spoilt me got me some toast early and just had half a victorian sponge muffin from M & S with a cup of coffee.

    Hope George's visit goes okay Linda.

    I started the watch the Chop, got through episode 1 and enjoyed it as did Lee now pulled because of the tattoos on a competitor could be linked with right wing.

    Had an order then could not find my small cream boxes for the brooch. Made a cream pillow pouch out of some pretty sparkly card and added a bow, hopefully she will not realise as said cream box with bow in the listing.

    I am either too hot or too cold now, like you hormone's fault.

    HAGD & BBL x


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      Evening all,

      Wet and dry on and off all day. Chilly.

      Linda, were the pictures of George before or after the vet? He did look very sweet and what a magnificent looking moustache, or at least it looks like one in those pics. Hope it went well and not too stressful for either of you and he is ok. Shame about the laptop, at least you got an honest opinion and didn't throw good money after bad trying to fix it. Hope you find something suitable. I have had good results with a company online called ebuyer (nothing to do with ebay) We bought both our desktops, a monitor and my friend in Spain's laptop. Also my tech guy uses them all the time, he recommended them to us.

      Caroline, not the best start to a birthday day, hope poor old Shiloh is now accepted his cone and is as happy as can be expected and you are less stressed. Glad you had some lovely gifts and Lee is spoiling you. Hope the rest of the day went well. I wanted to watch the Chop but they pulled it before I could and figured not much point now.

      Dave busy? hope you are ok.

      Today the opposite of yesterday, one customer first thing in the morning and then nothing. Spent the afternoon untangling and extracting the old credit card machine, finding a box and packing it all up and addressing it. One of the longest addresses in awhile, 8 lines.

      I spent the rest of the afternoon mooching about on the internet and sort of wasting time. Did find a few interesting things. I need to submit the VAT tonight, better when quiet and uninterrupted.

      Tomorrow out to the post office and my visit to HC and garden centre, looking forward to it.

      Not much else on at the moment.

      Take care everyone,



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        Evening all....

        Busy one, forgot to post this morning.
        Took the dog out, wind was bitter cold. Luckily hat, coat, jumper, extra socks were all deployed, stayed warmer, this afternoon felt the cold seeping in again, nearly fired up the logburner 😂
        Sue has been away all day watching Daniel, just got back.
        Lady came to pick up her cut, loved it, might want me to look at cutting a dog portrait.
        On the mat now is a cast iron bridge plaque with the name of the bridge on. It has railings and the ripples on the river and tree canopies can be seen behind it, don’t know how far to go cutting it yet as there are tons of small holes making it all up.
        Framed “Starry Night” no coloured backing, its on white and one of the girl cuts that was sent to do from Rebecka in Utah.

        That’s about it....
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          Oh Caroline! I'm so sorry to hear about the bad start to your day. I hope Shiloh is sorted out now and that he is behaving himself. Best make tomorrow your official birthday and have your food treats then

          Shelley - the pictures of George are from this afternoon - vet appointment was first thing this morning. It was generally good news in that all regular signs are good - breathing, temperature, weight etc given his heart condition. The lump that had increased in size and was our major concern is undiagnosed, but not immediately thought to be sinister and advice is to keep an eye on things, given his age and the fact that he gets stressed in the car - evidenced by his chucking up his breakfast on the way home. However, once I'd been forgiven for taking him to the vets and he'd refilled his stomach he perked up and spent most of the afternoon outside supervising OH on the scaff tower and ladders while a gutter problem was sorted.

          I think we got our last laptops from Ebuyer - certainly was online - and it's one of the places I will look for a new one. I hoping to be able to cope with the macbook and the desktop for a few weeks and see if I (or my brother who is looking) can find a bargain on Black Friday.

          Pity customer attendance was so low today, but sadly it's how things go. Hope the old card machine was finally disentangled and packed.

          Enjoy your trip to HC tomorrow.