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Tuesday 27th

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  • Tuesday 27th

    Morning all.

    Planted the roses did not take as long as we thought. Rained but under the canopy of 2 trees did not realise until we packed up. At least that job is done.

    Due to see the vet at 4pm but decided yesterday to go for the op instead. The hematoma has got quite large and the draining is not clearing it. Spoke to Annedine and she will do the op. Shiloh has never been away from us since we got him at 9 weeks, 9 years is a long time and not sure how he will be. Currently grumpy as no biscuits or breakfast!

    Will sort and maybe start my next project. Finished the scarf/shawl, not sure whether to add some flowers to the bottom or leave plain, decisions. Think because not convinced with it cannot make a decision. May photograph as is, can always do more later. May make a pretty scarf pin for it to be included.

    HAGD & BBL x

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    Morning all! Dull, breezy, cold, heavy rain forecast this afternoon.

    Yesterday of course didn't go to plan, vague though it was. Discovered fresh drips of water under the boiler in the morning, called the plumber - turned out to be a joint near the magnatrap thingy had been slightly disturbed and was oozing. Unfortunately attempts to cure it failed and we ended up having to have a new trap fitted and joints re-done. Spoke to vet's - appointment for George tomorrow, Bert booked in for dental surgery next week. Laptop taken to repair chap, and other chores in Barton completed. Also managed a few rows of knitting (nearly back to the point where I had to undo); not yet watched Saturday's Strictly.

    Today, hoping it's a nothing much sort of day. One load of laundry taken out of machine and next one on the go. Still need to do the kitchen clearing and cleaning, then might get back to the crafting and catching up with TV programmes (seem to be on a losing battle with that at the moment!).

    Caroline - good to hear one task took less time than expected; poor Shiloh, hopefully the surgery will clear the problem for good; glad you finished the scarf - probably a good idea to leave it for a day or two then look again and see if you want to add any embellishment.
    Dave - got short grass and tidy hedges now? And a supply of eggs in the larder with further supplies distributed to neighbours and family?
    Shelley - Mmmmm! Twice baked spuds - lovely . What is the situation with the fly population? Hope it is well on the way to being resolved. Have you got sticky mats now?



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      Morning all.
      Dull here, feels mild.

      Went out yesterday but then I just couldn’t get warm. I’ve got the body temperature of a reptile at the best of times but yesterday, heating on, two pairs of socks, water bottle.....seriously, that is how bad I sometimes get. My own fault, I went into the loft to do some cutting, didn’t realise how cold it had dropped and sat there in it for a few hours. I finally warmed up at teatime after a bowl of pasta. Mom is exactly the same, I blame her 😂

      Not sure if the lady comes today or tomorrow to pick up her cut, need to check.
      Egg run done, both neighbs are away down south so just eggs for us this time.

      Twice baked spuds....we used to Microwave a batch, crisp them up in the oven, freeze them then put them in the oven again when we wanted that the same....or bake them, scrape the insides out, mash them, add cheese etc and bake again?...God knows, I just love bakers 😁



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        Evening all,

        It rained all day till 3pm and then it stopped and the sun came out.

        Caroline, glad you got the roses in and didn't get too wet. Hope it all went well with Shiloh, he was probably so spoiled the he was happy enough, must have been lovely to get him home again, I know that feeling of being apart, we had to leave each one at least once overnight for various things, it hard to settle because you know someone is missing.
        You might find the scarf is a good seller, you never know. Scarves with built in face masks might be a winner for the winter

        Linda, I hope you are not paying for the leaks being fixed and all is good now. Is Georges appointment today (27th) or (28th) sorry the time on the forum thinks its yesterday today The clock has not gone back and although I am typing this before midnight 23:32, it thinks its 12:32am.
        Hope you get time to catch up with tv and crafting. This is the main reason we never got into videoing programs or now any other method of recording, can't find time in the day to watch them and too much live tv to watch too. Hardly any tv is a problem if I miss it, so many repeats its bound to come around again.

        Dave, so glad you warmed up, get the heating on in the loft Twice baked as your second description, bake, scrape, mash, cheese, bake They were lovely.

        Today was a strangely busy day. I had fairly quiet morning, then the afternoon was a continuous stream of customers and things happening.
        In between all that I managed to negotiate the convoluted telephone system of 4 companies to cancel the telephone line, the card machine, the card service provider, the extra one was finding I needed to speak to a different company to cancel the latter one. What with press 4, number followed by hash, press 3 and so on only to have some that hug up straight away, one was so quiet I had to go through it all again to get a different line and so on. I am surprised I still have my hair Also had to speak to the new card provider to see why we had been charged, all sorted now, free £1000 of transactions. But got it done, saving money as from now on

        I didn't get my mat cleaned and restuck, might not get round to any crafting for a few day, need pack up old card machine and go to post office tomorrow. Thursday out to HC and the garden centre, Friday hopefully Flo to vets, need to ring tomorrow. So roll on the weekend.

        I did get out and do a top up shop so all good for a few days.

        Have a good evening all and sleep well.