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Monday 26th

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  • Monday 26th

    Morning all

    Rose planting this morning, have to clear the leaves first and fingers crossed not too many tree roots to get in the way. Plus dodging the showers, as under 2 large trees hope will not be too bad. Hunt the bunnies in the stumpery, fox and cub all to come inside, washed and placed somewhere in the living room.

    Did the upstairs housework yesterday as the roses arriving more important to have today clear. Think the only dryish day this week.

    Off to the chemist for repeats and straw to put the tree fern to bed for the winter after lunch. The rest of the time knitting. Want to get this large pocket shawl done as getting boring now! You know me no patience on a long term project. Also not convinced it is what I really wanted to do, may go straight in the charity bag. I know I am fickle. Will put on folksy for a few months, omit the pockets and see if sells if not charity shop will gain a scarf/shawl in January.

    Have set a 10% discount week until the 31st, see if that drums up a bit of business.

    HAGD & BBL, exhausted x

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    Morning all...clear and dry here.
    Need to get into the garden if the grass dries up later and get it cut.
    The bushes at the front need trimming now they have stopped growing for this year.
    We are put of eggs, need to do a farm run.

    Yesterday Ben dropped off the carpet shampooer so I did the lounge and dining room, all dry now, looks better.

    Not decided what to cut next yet, still thinking.

    That’s about it for now.
    Have a good’un BBL.


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      Morning all! Bright, sunny, very breezy and cool. A couple of hours heavy rain forecast this morning and another hour or so expected just after lunch.

      Yesterday, spent some time retrieving documents from the external hard drive, extracting required information and combining into a new document. Then spent some time trying to persuade the laser printer to work with the desk top machine - had to get OH's help in the end, but he soon sorted it. Evening, spent time unpicking knitting as a stitch count check indicated something wrong and I couldn't see where the discrepancy was.
      Not overly impressed with the SR flour bread - it retained a bitterness of flavour from the beer that was used (that's where the yeast comes from). May try it again with a different type of beer, but texture was rather "cakey" and, as expected, a bit more solid than fresh yeast bread.

      Today, need to ring vets this morning - make appointment for Bert's dental work, but also have a couple of concerns about George to discuss. Other than that it's housework, a trip to Barton later to take my laptop for investigation and repair. I have vague thoughts about going through the dry ingredients in the store room. It's mainly herbs and spices and I think some of them have been there far too long, so I need to chuck anything that has expired. It may or may not happen today.

      Caroline - go steady with the gardening and look after your back. I know what you mean about the knitting - it's difficult to keep going on a project that really doesn't "grab you"!
      Dave - busy day yesterday. Hope the family are all well and you and Flo managed to get out for a long walk. How is the cutting?
      Shelley - sorry to hear the insect population is rising again. How did you get on with the crochet and/or tapestry?



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        Afternoon all,

        Dry and sunny here, not that warm though.

        Caroline, glad you got your roses in and the bunnies and foxes are in safe for the winter I hope the knitting isn't getting you down too much, I tend to have one long ongoing project and do it in fits and starts amongst quicker smaller projects. Probably why they take ages
        Straw and repeats - unusual shopping list hope it all went well.

        Dave, did you get the grass cut? Did the bushes get done? Clean carpets, sounds nice. Hope the egg run went well and you have some ideas formulating for the next cut.

        Linda, bread sounds sort of nice but odd Did you speak to the vet? hope nothing serious with George. Back safely from your trip out to town and around, laptop now in hospital?
        Dried herbs and things are notorious for hanging around the back of cupboards for years unused and unloved till needed and then its disappointment when you discover they are years out of date and have gone weird

        Today the fly population is still on the rise or at least steady, Simon goes in to the kitchen every so often and returns proclaiming a number, this how many he has got with the fly swat which has seen so much use it falling apart round the edges. Got plenty more, bought a pack of 5 for £1 years ago. Just hoping that they will eventually run out of whatever is sustaining them. They are so slow you can flick them with your fingers and often succeed in knocking them out.

        Just received the glue for resticking the mats, so need to try it with one of ones I have two of just incase...😐 have to soak and clean off the old glue.

        I am going to have to go to HC this Thursday (oh dear ) because its next door to the garden center and I am going to buy some new bird feeders as the plastic ones keep breaking and they have a good selection and I can actually see how they work and what they are made of, online its not so easy. I will get a few more pens and some basic supplies and maybe a treat or two. Probably won't get there again til next year. Thursday cos its payday

        Going to go and put some spuds in the oven for baked potatoes, twice baked spuds, bake until cooked, scoop out the spud and mash and add cheese, put back in the shells and grate cheese over the top and pop in the oven till cheese on top all melted and lovely. Serve with baked beans and ham. Mmmmm. I always makes enough for two meals if not 3 so worth the effort.

        Take care all,