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Sunday 25th

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  • Sunday 25th

    Morning all, hailstones hitting the windows atm, that and the violent wind not a nice day at all. No rose planting today.

    The roses were delivered from David Austin yesterday in the shed in the hopes can be planted tomorrow. The plants look good though all bare rooted.

    Framed the Poldark yesterday swapped out with a pic of our first dog Pancho, he is now in the living room. Poldark looks good and the frame from a UK seller on Etsy was brilliant, came with glass all fitted and a mount. Just had to enlarge the mount with the cutter but worked okay. Will use them again as they do not have a problem with glass supplies.

    So pleased I am Stripeless now as several sellers have had stolen cards used and they are charging the seller £15 to investigate. Folksy have said they will reimburse sellers the £15 as not happy when not the sellers fault. Stripe have told those affected to refund the card the money paid even if goods sent out to avoid a further £15 chargeback. I say find a British card company to use. The cards were US but the addresses were UK.

    Changed the bed did the laundry and all dried and back in the airing cupboard, knitted another ball of wool into the hug/prayer shawl, 1 more to go then can start on the asymmetrical scarves again.

    Today? knitting and think that will be it.

    HAGD & BBL x

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    Morning all! Bright, sunny, dry and autumnally chilly but not unpleasant.

    Yesterday, managed a bit of cross stitch and some of the blackwork fillings, also did a bit of knitting (finally on armhole decreasings!) and wasted time on computers. Did try out a recipe for making bread with SR flour, since I have so much in house and I don't actually use it for anything much. Am going to have some of the bread for my breakfast in a few minutes - I think it's edible but not quite the same as bread made with fresh yeast.

    Today, I've cleared the leaves from the down pipe filter and gutter outside the utility room again! Despite having leaf filtering grid all the way along the gutter they still manage to get underneath then clog up the filter thingy in the top of the downpipe and we end up with a waterfall coming over the top and onto the hardwood window frame. Seems like I'm going to have to do it every couple of weeks until the trees stop shedding leaves. The filters were put in last year in a bid to reduce the material going into the downpipes and blocking them, thus adding to the flooding problems - can't win! No major plans for today, but I'm hoping to sort out some of my recipe files and re-do some jar labels then stitching and knitting as usual.

    Caroline - hope your weather improves during the day and is good tomorrow for the planting. Came across some reviews of Stripe the other day - none of them good. As for charging sellers for something that is not their fault is appalling. You're better off out of it all.
    Dave - how are you getting on with the diamond file? Any idea how much it extends the life of each blade? Did you find your next cutting project?
    Shelley - glad to hear you've sorted the fly problem. We've got lacewings invading the house at the moment - bedroom ceiling is covered with live specimens, windowsills covered with dead ones! We have a massive spider community, but I usually leave them be as they help to keep flies and other insects down.



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      Afternoon all,

      Wet and windy here, no hail that I know of

      Caroline, I read that about the Stripe card problems on the newsletter, didn't realise they were charging you for their mistake, so very glad I didn't even contemplate it and you gave up the idea. Paypal is good, it will do for me.
      It must be really nice to see Poldark on the wall at last. Is it rose planting season? Don't know why I thought that would be a spring thing, but what do I know about gardening never mind roses

      Linda, you are making good progress on the knitting - armholes reached What was the bread like? I use SR for everything except bread. Leaves get everywhere, this year we have a carpet in the garden of apples and leaves - slippery and treacherous, need to get out with the rake when it stops raining.
      Let's hope your laptop can be sorted easily and cheaply)

      Dave busy out and about?

      Today came downstairs to the kitchen to see the flys have regrouped and ignoring the UV light have now taken up residence in the window. There must 40 or 50 in there, I don't know where they are coming from, nothing about to feed that many baby flies, not a slipped down the side empty cat food pouch or anything similar. Swept the floor, checked by the fridge (small gap either side) but nothing. Also they seem to be coming from one place by the water heater. Hoping we have a cold snap and that puts an end to it. I leave the active cobwebs but clean away the old dusty ones and let the spiders help keep the bug population down.

      Not done anything with the new toy today, yesterday I did try to make a chinese new year decoration, good practise using the software and sending things to the machine, the actual cutting was a bit disappointing as the mat is not sticky enough in places and there it didn't cut well. I have ordered a tube of stencil glue and read the instructions offered on the FB group I joined. So will have rejuvenated mats and will try again.

      Its crochet for me this evening I think or maybe some tapestry.

      Take care all,