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Friday 23rd

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  • Friday 23rd

    Morning all

    Pumpkin cushion cover finished, 3 Xmas decorations stitched out and made up. Today some Mr & Mrs Mouse Xmas banners. Have turned up the speed of my machine and now whips along. Not up to full power but now on 500 stitches pm.

    Finally got my Benadryl tablets and hope this will clear the allergies, thought I would try to do without as £10 pmth but no could not last past 5 days, sneezing, snuffling feeling yukk etc. Even after 1 tablet feel better.

    The chinooks have been active as have the large guns, not sure what is going on but a lot of movement and during the night! 1 flew over yesterday, looking out of the window could see the troops sitting inside armed and ready, it was that low. The whole house rattled.

    Today more sewing. The snowflakes but making into decorations instead of card kits atm, will visit that idea next year.

    Hope you get your laptop sorted Linda.

    HAGD & BBL x

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    Morning all! Very chilly this morning, breezy and overcast, expecting rain around lunchtime.

    Yesterday - batch cooking in the morning, went for a soak in the bath in the pm, but brother and girlfriend called round so soak time shortened. Rest of the day/evening spent with OH trying to sort out laptop and me knitting.

    Today - boxed and frozen the various meals cooked yesterday, cleared up the kitchen and utility room, now trying to do online stuff on the desktop. Lady has been to collect the wooden frame the boiler was on for travelling (going for use on her allotment). Brother has got an old machine I can borrow until I can save up for (or raid a savings pot) and find a new laptop, so will be collecting that this pm. Otherwise it's down to doing whatever and remembering I can't check the email and messages so frequently. Will be fun trying to learn how to use the Macbook which apparently doesn't do Windows - another new learning curve!

    Caroline - saw the pictures of the cushion and Poldark - loving them both. Hope the allergy situation continues to improve.
    Dave - finished the cut and caught up with the various orders/requests for mounts etc? Any joy with the blade supplies situation?
    Shelley - no post yesterday - too busy playing with the new machine?



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      Afternoon all.
      Been a bit busy here. The guys that did our roof have renewed a flat roof with light tunnels on next doors extension so needed to get out side to replace a fascia that shouldn’t have been put on my side as it means my neighbours theoretically have to come on my property to maintain i.e. annually paint the board so it doesn’t rot. I don’t mind doing it if they grab me the paint.

      Scalpel situation still hanging in the air. I should have had a phone call this morning from a supplier, haven’t rung.

      Cut is finished, just put it in a cello bag ready for collection. They didn’t want it framed as it is being posted out. Now got Amy’s hen do initials to do for whatever she is doing with them 🙄.
      Sue is still out having a new “do”...😁
      Good to see Linda still with us,
      Caroline, hope the allergy eases up
      No Shelley?



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        Afternoon all,

        Wet on and off here, grey skies, sun trying now and again, not too cold.

        Caroline, I didn't realise you were suffering, glad the pills turned up and you are feeling better. Can't you get your doctor to prescribe them? Then it should be free.
        500 stitches a minute, wow, mind you my Elna does 800 spm but I don't do that too often Good for long runs of hemming.

        My mum lived in an RAF training flight path, rattled the windows and broke a couple, as someone who went through the war when they went over often she would grab me and try and get us under the kitchen table, she would stop just before we actually did, look at me and laugh, but I think it got to her a bit. In the end the RAF came and fitted double glazing free of charge throughout the whole house, it did help.

        Linda, glad to see you, are you still limping along on the laptop or on the PC? I am always on my PC, don't have a laptop just a tablet and my phone which I can do some stuff on when on wifi.
        Good bit of recycling with boiler packaging. Enjoy your whatever afternoon.

        Dave, good bit of work getting the cut done and sold so quickly. Stencil letters hmmm now there's a thought, I could cut stencils on my new machine and ID all our equipment.
        Our next door neighbour's fascia is only accessible from our property, never asked to paint it, it does need it, I might mention it to them, I don't mind them doing it,I just don't want to feel responsible.

        I did miss yesterday becuase of the new machine, you got it Linda I was also doing the VAT in the afternoon and then after supper got stuck trying to send a file to it, you can do it wirelessly, with a stick or direct from the PC. Spent ages scratching my head trying to work out how to do it.
        About 10:30 had a brain wave when I saw and payed attention to the message that came up when you turn it on, the one about do you want to open/view files on this drive? Ahah it sees it as disc drive, all became clear and we spent a couple of hours putting it and us through our paces. Cut out our logo becuase Simon insisted, I told it him it would fall apart becuase it wasn't welded in the right place like a stencil but no we had to try, I was impressed with the accuracy and ability to cut lines of about a mm wide. Thin, thin little strips. I cut a piece for my colouring as a frame (pictures in a bit). I am going to have fun

        For some unknown reason I have had an invasion of flies, big fat slow flies, in the kitchen. Everytime I go out there I kill about 10 or 12 with the fly swat, go back later, might as well not have bothered. Yesterday afternoon I spent an hour or so cleaning and looking for the source. Sometimes the cats bring something in that escapes and later perishes and then the flies find it and turn it into a nursery But nothing found or even smelly yesterday so its just an ongoing battle with the fly swat. They are really easy to get, you could almost catch them with your hand, slow winter flies.

        Trying to finish the VAT so I can play, never happy playing when there is something important or time sensitive hanging over my head.

        Need to think of something for supper, maybe chicken nuggets and chips - they delivered a bag of frozen nuggets last time, I told the delivery guy I didn't order them (not my sort of thing really) and he said oh well you got a bonus so I figured we could give them ago. Simon always has nuggets from Mac....... so he might like them.

        Take care everyone,



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          Yes Shelley, don’t know why, whenever there is a hen do I have to print off and cut out pairs of initials which she then stencils onto cloth bags using some sort of paint, don’t know what goes in the bags....less I know about it the better 😂😂