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Wednesday 21st

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  • Wednesday 21st

    Morning all, pouring with rain and looks like set in for most of the day.

    Sourcing a picture frame for Poldark today, found a mint green on Etsy. will go in the morning room and look good. Just need to measure the picture and check the mount board situation, think have plenty now do I have the colour I want?

    Fish tank cleaning this morning, then recutting the pumpkin cushion cover to a better size. Not much else planned.

    HAGD & BBL x

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    Morning all. Dark and dreary here.
    Sue has just gone to Amy’s for a bit of babysitting, I’m cracking on with another “Love is patient” cut.
    Nothing more to report. Need to walk the dog once it’s light enough to see where I’m going and grab a lightning charge lead for the iPad because they last about a month!

    Take care all



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      Morning all! Was dark, dry, still and warmish when I got up. Now light but overcast and light rain (as forecast) although temperature good.

      Yesterday - Bert to vets and not the usual level of stress on the car journeys but he still wasn't happy. I'm not happy either - came away with an estimate of over £350 for some recommended dental work . That will have to wait until at least next pension pay day and we're going to be on bread and water for another few weeks! On the up side, I managed to finish the coptic stitching on the book spine, updated records and photographed the last few books I'd completed; had a couple of hours on the blackwork and discovered I'd tweaked a muscle in my back when I sat for too long.

      Today - chores done ahead of boiler installation - they're here with said boiler (hooray!), old boiler is nearly removed, gas and water are off so I'm a bit stuck on household chores now. Back stiffened up overnight and I know it's not happy so taking extra care. Have done the shopping - supermarket, butchers and farm shop, OH has made decision what he wants for tea, so it just remains to do clearing up and cleaning the kitchen and utility room floors when the engineers have finished - they're usually pretty good at clearing up their mess but we'll have things to put back in the workshop etc and OH has said we'll deal with the pallet and the cardboard packaging. I have a bottle of vino hidden away in the store room so think I might be cracking open that tonight when all is sorted and working properly.

      Caroline - hope you manage to sort out the mount and frame for Poldark, and no problems with the fish tank.
      Dave - you're never going to be short of something to cut and orders coming in, but nice that you can choose whether to do it or not.
      Shelley - yes, cat found and in travelling cage yesterday. Not happy this morning and he won't come inside the house or near me - thinks I'm going to put him in the car again, LOL! I've had to ring and cancel appointments a couple of times, but the vets are very understanding Great news on the car tax. Do we get to see the colouring you've done?

      Off to check if the gas engineers need more tea


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        Afternoon all,

        Rainy but more drizzle than anything and warmer than expected.

        Caroline, fish tank cleaned? Hope the mount board search went well and the pumpkin cushion is now a better size.

        Dave, cutting another one - is it enjoyable cutting another one of something? Do you do anything different? and do you enjoy more or less? Why do the leads not last very long? Questions Questions

        Linda, hope you are now the other side of the boiler installation and have finished clearing up and are now ready for cooking and then feet up with your bottle. I don't know why cat teeth are so expensive to fix? Pepper had dental work a few years before she died, £501.00 and they wanted the £1. Luckily it was a time when business was good, not like now. Hope your tweaked back resolves itself quickly.

        Today we are going on an adventure when the shop shuts - I found a scan n cut about 30 miles from us. It is the special edition one so also cuts fabric. It was originally up for £275 I ummed and ahed, price went down a few days later to £225, expressed interest but didn't commit to anything, this morning down to £200. So deal done, Simon will drive me and hopefully later tonight I will be the proud owner of a scan n cut. So thats my birthday and christmas present sorted.

        Started on the VAT this morning and some other office work. Now just lurking around till we leave. Simon is already looking for things he can do with the new machine, it uses SVG files and one of his programs - Blender - does these so he is off

        I will report back later with the result of our cross country adventure, it should be quite nice, a ride through the new forest, passed a place called Fordingbridge where years and years ago a friend of ours lived and we visited often.

        Take care all,



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          Is it enjoyable cutting more than one of something?.....some of them yes, some no. This one will be the third time I’ve cut this one but only because It's a commission from our local group, it comes in at around 25-30 hours so not too bad. It’s not one I’d cut again A4, the letters are only around 6mm tall and 1mm wide. I’m not a fan of cutting more than once unless I really have to.
          I’ll just alter the design on the “L”, I just make that one up as I go along.

          IPad “lightning leads” are notorious for being short lived. They tend to get sharp bends at the ipad end because the leads aren’t very long, then they start cutting out. A cheap supermarket one lasts as long as an expensive apple one 🤷🏻‍♂️
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            Quick update: adventure out was successful and I am now the proud owner of a scan n cut. Cut a simple square to check everything works and for me to figure it all out. Much head scratching and hours of fun ahead.