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Tuesday 20th

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  • Tuesday 20th

    Morning all, rain when it was forecast to be dry. Taking Shiloh to the vet this morning, the hematoma has filled up again and got bigger. Hoping Anadine can drain but they may also suggest an op if does not stop filling, poor fur baby.

    Finished Poldark has taken me 5 months and have spent a lot of time sitting in the armchair crossing. Will take come pic's later and put on CC. Just need to source the frame now.

    Update from my Ebay problem removed all items for sale, then within 10 minute got a message from man 2, asking had the items been sold, messaged no longer selling on ebay. Got a message from man 1 within 5 minutes stating that he has my selling name bookmarked and can see if start to sell again, although not selling on ebay. Then message from man 2 asking what went wrong, ignored, then another message from man 2 saying he had been interested in the small fox, funny that as originally interested in the elephant. They slipped up because if they were not buddies how to man 1 know I was no longer selling on ebay. Looking at starting a separate account with a gmail to be able to post again but probably not this side of Christmas. Have also found a way to block messages from blocked members.

    Back to normality what am I going to do with my time now P has finished! Not starting another atm, may concentrate on Christmas cards and machines instead.

    HAGD & BBL x

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    Morning all! Daylight struggling, bit of a breeze, damp from overnight rain but not too cool.

    Yesterday - wasted most of the day on the laptop trying to find my way round a page on the new fb layout in order to post something, alternative options to set up a freebie web page for the information to post and put a link on the fb page. Lots of going round in circles and not fully successful at either. Unpicked and restarted the book spine, happy so far, but was struggling to remember the sequence of stitches for the final row. Might do better after some sleep.

    Today - youngest cat to vets - if I can find him (he knows something is up and has gone into hiding), catch him and get him in the travel cage. Back to the IT stuff 'cos I'm not going to let it beat me. Nothing much else, weekly shop is waiting until tomorrow as butcher's order won't be ready until then and don't want to go out twice.

    Caroline - Shelley's comment yesterday confused me and your reply this morning even more so. A bit of digging and I found your post which, for some reason I hadn't seen. Have to agree with the advice from your other friends to ignore and block, but I know it's not so easy to put out of your mind. Congratulations on finishing Poldark - a marathon task, but looking forward to seeing the photos. Hope the vet visit goes OK and Shiloh is better after the attention from vet.
    Dave - a day of answering messages, family meet ups, and catching up with various jobs?
    Shelley - interested in the thingy(?) for the dishwasher that prevents white streaks on glassware (I tend to wash ours by hand). Sounds like your energy levels are good and you are nearly back to your normal busy life.

    Got to dash and find Bert


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      Morning all.... bit dreary here but dry.
      Went for a walk in the woods and over the old viaduct yesterday. We were going to walk up to Benthall Hall, a NT place where the Sherlock Holmes’ little sister programme was filmed but the track up was a bit slippy with mud.
      There is talk of an idea to put the old train track back in action from the power station site where a park and ride terminus would be built, then a mile run into the gorge and put a steam train back on to carry people. Can’t see it, the upgrade would cost a fortune.

      Caroline, I remember the post. Sounds like they are both communicating with each other. This is the very reason why I won’t sell online. I hear too many stories of no payment, Saying goods are damaged and not returned but refunds given by Paypal etc, saying goods not received when they signed for them etc. I really couldn’t be ar**d with having to deal with any of that.
      I suppose you could change your seller name or open a second account etc.

      Good news about that “Love is patient” Cut, someone I know bought it because they had it read out at their wedding and their anniversary is this week then someone locally saw it in our village group so I’m cutting another for them to send to the U.S.

      Apart from that and some letter stencils I need to cut for Amy for a “Hen do” ( don’t ask 🙄)....that’s me done for now.



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        Afternoon all,

        Dry, clear and not too cold.

        Caroline, hope poor old Shiloh is back from the vet and is drained is it possible man 1 and 2 are one and the same? I think you are best off just ignoring and blocking them. Did you get much business from eBay? I don't buy anything off eBay, trust them all as far as I can throw them except you of course I didn't even know you sold on eBay.
        Well done on finishing Poldark.

        Linda, did you find the missing cat and get him to the vet?
        I remember on of our mother cats did that on the day she was due to go to the vets, I had put an A4 sheet of paper with the word VET and the day and time stuck up over the fireplace to remind me, seems she could read and went off for exactly the same amount of time the vets were open. I had rung them to say what had happened, they laughed and said you are not the first, if she comes back within opening hours we will fit you in. Well she didn't Took her the next day, no reminders for her to read
        Like the books very much, you are getting good at it.

        Dave, sounds like a nice walk, I have never heard of Holmes's little sister, his elder brother yes. The steam train sound idyllic but will it ever actually happen?
        I am only really happy about selling online becuase of the small amounts of money involved, wouldn't do it for anything expensive.
        Well done on the sale Enjoy the stencil cutting.

        Today has been quiet in the shop but thats ok. The card reader arrived today so I spent some time setting it up and from what I can tell its all set to go now. If all is well I will cancel the old one at the end of the month and the dedicated telephone line and start saving some money. The way things are at the moment we don't need to be spending out. I have a feeling a nationwide lockdown will be on the cards in the next week or so.

        My car is taxed YEAH. I can get back to normal and go out to the shops. Planning a visit to HC for some more pens and a few other supplies. Also need to take Flo to the vet to get her nails done. Found a second hand scan n cut within 30 miles at a reasonable price. Need to check it is the model that will be useful for us and hopefully Simon will drive me there. That might happen this week.

        I finished my colouring, its ok, more done for pleasure than anything, very relaxing. Going to start on my xmas cards now.

        Take care all,


        P.S. When we went for our flu jabs Simon noticed in the cafe in the hospital they had a few boxes with handmade cards for sale. He enthusiastically pointed it out to me and said "You should bring some of yours down, those ones are not a patch on yours, yours would sell well here" What a sweetie I had to explain that they are donated and I wouldn't see any of the money. Oh he said. He sounded really disappointed.
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          The programme was called “Enola Holmes” Shelley. I never saw it, not my thing but read that it was filmed partly up the road at Benthall hall.


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            Ah, thanks Dave. Quite a big Holmes fan, a bit surprised not to have heard of it.


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              Originally posted by Lilly42 View Post
              Ah, thanks Dave. Quite a big Holmes fan, a bit surprised not to have heard of it.

              I think its on Netflix 👍🏻


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                It might be but I am not Thanks.