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Monday 19th

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  • Monday 19th

    Morning all, cold but dry long dog walk later.

    Today have to strip the laminate floors, hate that job but Lee said he will help. He has to follow behind with a wet mop to clean the stripper off and then let dry. Such a performanace but Shiloh is slipping again. Have all the proper stuff from Amtico and does work just a boring job.

    Doing really well with Poldark and should finish by the weekend, will take a pic when done and also once framed. Need to search for a blue frame, loads of black etc so did think of plain wood and paint the same colour as the feature wall, would this work Dave with varnish over the top?

    HAGD & BBL x

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    Morning all! Daylight has finally emerged, it's dry, little breeze and temperature rising very slowly.

    Yesterday - I did end up doing a bit more to the preparation for selling some of the preserves, and I also managed to do a few rows of knitting, some more to the blackwork and started one of the stitched spines on the books. Unfortunately, I think I'm going to be unpicking the book as I'm not happy with it - think I may have forgotten some little bit of technique so need to go back to the references and check. I went to bed extremely early, but used the time to make a start on a new novel that's been on the bedside table for months - it's not a quick read, and I think that put me off starting it.

    Today - I've put an order in to the butcher's hoping it will be ready for collection tomorrow, otherwise just the usual tidying and clearing then pottering around. It's also the first anniversary of the death of a long time friend so I'm in a reflective mood - I did speak to his widow yesterday and although not looking forward to today, she's coping so that eased my mind a bit.

    Caroline - much better to spend some time stripping the floors than spending lots of time at the vets because Shiloh has slipped and done some damage to bones. You've got a second wind with the Poldark - I'm getting quite excited to see it finished
    Dave - are you back in England now? No doubt the family will be round to visit fairly soon, the little ones will have missed their visits.
    Shelley - hope everything is OK with you. Any news on the car tax and also the card payment system?



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      Morning all....back in blighty.
      Got in and unpacked yesterday evening. My phone was ringing as soon as we got 🙄...I didn’t answer it, we like to get home and settle in gently, not have the house turned upside down on top of unpacking, we can deal with all that today or tomorrow. Missing the sea already 😂.
      Got a piece of work to send off, have a think about Starry Night, framing to do, mounts to cut......I could do with a holiday 😂😂

      Dave 😎


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        Afternoon all,

        Today dry, sunny but cold.

        Caroline, sorry to hear you have been bothered by that horrible person again. Can you report them to Folksy? Or at least ban him? I would just ignore him, if he was out to make trouble he has left a long while. I hope you don't stress about it.
        Hope the floor went well and Shiloh is no longer skating about. More relaxing with Poldark.

        Linda, you had a busy day yesterday, you will no doubt work out your mistake with the book. Hope you didn't have too much of a sad day and your memories were of good times.

        Dave, welcome back Don't blame you one bit for ignoring the phone, last thing you need is chaos as you try to settle in. Things to do, should keep you busy, hope you don't miss the sea too much.

        Yesterday just got away with me and before I knew it was late and bedtime. I am ok

        Today a bit of a lie in, but up reasonably early (well I was) pottered around for a bit, sorted laundry and put a load on. Discovered the thingy I bought for the dishwasher on Saturday to help give the glasses protection and sparkle actually worked. Was getting white streaks on glasses so tried it and not only did they not get streaky it took about half of the streaks off the ones with it so they can go through again and should be lovely.

        In the afternoon Simon and I had to go for our flu jabs, our appointments were an hour apart but they have done it before and we just went together, they were quite happy to just do the two of us together. We stopped off to get diesel on the way home and were back within the hour, so it all went very well.
        So now my arm has flu I find my arm is a bit sore for a day or two after.

        I did start my colouring yesterday but not before I spent a while searching the net for a colour chart for this make of Pro markers. I found a printable one that is just the names and numbers with a rectangle to colour in the colour. This I thinked worked better because it is the actual colour of the pen and not something my printer made up So now I can see what colours I have and choose which one to use. It has also shown me the ones I could do with. HC do them in sets and singularly, when I get my car Tax, I think I will go colour chart in hand and choose a few more to round out my selection. I don't want all 148 as some are so close as to be hard to tell apart.
        I did eventually start colouring and it was very satisfying and the colour went down very well and was easy to use, my first real go at using them for colouring.
        Some more this evening I think and maybe a start on xmas cards tomorrow also.

        Need to think about some supper, then an evening feet up, crocheting and watching the quiz programs tonight, Mastermind, Only Connect and University Challenge.

        Take care all,