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Saturday 17th

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  • Saturday 17th

    Morning all. Raining and not forecast, well 3% and we get the 3%!!!!!

    Made up one of the Christmas pouches yesterday now for another 2, that will be my limit unless the sell well as get bored. Plus do not want oodles of stock that only sells once a year.

    I am a worrier Shelley, not as bad as I used to be but things like that annoy me as find so frustrating to deal with. Others are going through the same thing and Folksy could be inundated with sellers asking to have them removed from their accounts.

    Today sewing am, cross stitching and reading pm. Still plodding on with P just want to get it done but may walk away for a few days to boost my enthusiasm. Got to search for a black cat cross stitch design for some lavender sachets, that should keep me occupied for a bit.

    HAGD & BBL x

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    Morning all! Dark but not raining at the moment; a gentle breeze in the treetops and temperature acceptable.

    Yesterday - spent most of the day compiling and cross checking the preserves paperwork; still lots of thinking to do to figure out a way of selling locally that I can cope with. Did manage a little bit of blackwork and a few rows of knitting in the evening. FT on hold at the moment.

    Today - continuing with cross checking information and accuracy of details on document - so much more work than selling at an event when you can talk to people and answer their questions. Also have to try and figure out a way of payment and delivery without it all taking over my life! Need to pop into Barton this morning for a couple of things.

    Caroline - still busy, but I'm not surprised you are finding the cross stitch a bit hard going - good plan to walk away for a few days, but you are so close to the end I'm sure you'll get it done. Sorry your appointments were cancelled at the last minute; hope they are re-scheduled soon.
    Dave - decision made on whether to go or whether to stay? Can't be easy when there are no fixed times for invoking or lifting restrictions. See you've decided to come back to the English side - hope it turns out to be the right decision.
    Shelley - you've reminded me that I need to check that my card readers still work after so long in hibernation (software updates a pita), especially if my local selling idea comes to fruition. New crafty goodies - exciting I'm still tempted to make a trip over the river to the Scrap Store - they had a huge pile of 100g paper in (around A0 size) the other week, and I've regretted not getting a supply ever since. Been doing the figures in my head and works out loads cheaper than buying pre-cut from the local printers, just depends on the quality.



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      Morning all....dry, still, nippy here today. Yesterday was forecast to be cloudy and overcast but was actually a great day. Today, not so.

      Packing up today for the big push home, turning everything off for winter just in case we can’t get back this year. Judging by the news, might be our last visit if the figures rise any more. Been great, had lovely weather but home needs tending to as well. It’s always sad to leave the sea behind.....

      Got a ton of framing to do, few projects to finish, no doubt mounts to cut....
      Back to the old grindstone 😉😁

      Crikey Linda, you must get a good deal if you can buy paper cheaper than a printer shop can supply it. A0 is dead handy....just need somewhere to store it.

      Caroline, I do the same, I make very little if any Christmas products mainly because they might not sell. The baubles that I thought would have sold well didn’t, I only sold half of them, single figures, that doesn’t push me to produce many more this year.

      Have a good’un BBL


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        [QUOTECrikey Linda, you must get a good deal if you can buy paper cheaper than a printer shop can supply it. A0 is dead handy....just need somewhere to store it.

        Depends on the paper Dave - what I've bought from the printers, for my notebook making, is Conqueror 100gsm @ £28.00 per ream. The stuff I'm thinking about is from the Scrap Store in Hull (a charity who have many materials etc donated from local businesses) and although it's labelled as 100gsm I'm not sure what quality it is and how damaged/discoloured the sheets might be. Trouble is I've got to take into account the travel costs and Bridge tolls in addition to any wastage there might be, and taking into account the quality and grain of the paper it may not be as cheap as it seems. The stuff from the printers is square cut, specific size and boxed so can be used straight from the box.

        Storage won't be a problem, I'll find somewhere for it

        The other thing is that this is likely to be a one off supply - probably surplus or under quality from a local business and may not be available again.



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          Afternoon everyone,

          Another dry, overcast day here, not too cold though.

          Caroline, I can be a bit of worrier too but not always in the right proportions As I have got older I have tried to get things into perspective. I don't think it matters if you don't take cards on Folksy, PayPal lets people pay with a card and you both get protection.
          I saw the Christmas pouches, very pretty, I am sure they will sell.
          Enjoy your stitching.

          Linda, hope you made some progress with the paperwork and worked out the logistics of delivery and payments.A0 paper wow, biggest I have is A2 and thats hard to keep flat and clean. A0 must be huge, it must be approx 3ft by 4ft. Hope the card reader isn't too much of a pain. I have been filling in forms on line and sorting bank etc details. Think its done now.

          Dave, good plan to get it all closed up and secure in case you can't get back for a while. Safe journey home. It has its own charms and place in our worlds.

          Today spent some time finishing off the forms for the card reader, got it all set up on the tablet, now just need to wait for the hardware. I really hope it all works out, I am so looking forward to not paying out for something thats not quite right and is not necessary these days.

          I spent the afternoon finishing of the Pink and Gray card, pictures in a bit. I quite like it. Now to start my xmas cards.

          Sainsburys delivery later, car still not taxed and not heard anything from them, may have to ring them next week, good thing we have off road parking.
          We have to go for our flu jabs on Monday afternoon and then I think I am finished with the medical world for a bit

          I think I will get my alcohol pens out this evening and have a go at some colouring in. Might use one or two for xmas cards or decos.

          Take care all,