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Friday 16th

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  • Friday 16th

    Morning all, off to the vampire nurse first thing then back for coffee and a treat a piece of swiss roll for Lee. His is a fasting test, mine is not so have had my usual cereals.

    Embroidered the pumpkin yesterday then realised did not have a 22": zip, ordered but will have to wait a few days. So today making some small Christmas gift bags, with ribbon drawstring.

    Another Folksy sale yesterday that is 7 so far this month. Happy with that just ticking over nicely.

    Thank you Linda did think of you for the thread but thought would be a cheek to ask, will remember for the future though. Did have enough in the end so will have a spare for next time. I used to have loads of skeins but gave to my sister and she shared with her sewing ladies. Typical have a clear out then want what you have got rid of.

    Not much else planned anyone in lockdown tier 3 yet, can see it spreading at some point, would have been good to have a 2 week circuit breaker at half term and see if that improves things. Trouble is I think BJ is torn between economy and NHS, to me health is more important.

    I slept so much better last night now I am Stripless, Folksy removed the details on my shop really quickly. Reading FB think a lot of others will follow, have suggested they try to find a UK based company, shame SumUp does not do that yet only the machines.

    HAGD & BBL x

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    Morning all....
    Cloudy here but dry and calm.
    Just woke up and checked the news back home, the figures in our area are rising and a “Tier 2 is inevitable”....Wales is closed to English Tier 2 people coming in, do we stay or go as planned? 🤔
    Why can’t we be like Sweden? No lockdown, masks, distancing, lowest infection and death rates in Europe due to exposing people to it early. Open-lockdown-open-lockdown is futile and just keeps it all going.

    Went out and walked the river Aeron yesterday. It was a great day, really warm.

    Might do some cutting today, not done any since starry night.

    Glad your “ Stripe” episode is over Caroline. Things like that tend to bug me too and give me restless nights, I’m pretty binary in my thinking, any unresolved grey areas play havoc with me.

    Have a good’un all


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      Morning all! Very autumnal weather, but at least it's dry and daylight is trying to break through.

      Yesterday - did the chores in the morning, then decided to stop just thinking about whether there is a way I could sell my preserves on-line locally as a potential short term solution to clearing space in the stock room and started pulling together what I think is relevant information in a document. Problem is I have such a wide range of products and although I have the information needed it's not in the right place or format to be published on-line it's a time consuming task. Didn't get round to any crafting.
      Had a newsy email from a maternal cousin to say aged Aunt in Winchester has been visited and seems to be bright and cheery. Also had a phone call from Adult Services that cover MiL's area - immediate thought was "Oh no, what now?" but it was only a check on the information they are holding for her and if OH has any particular concerns. Phew!

      Today - carrying on with the preserves information task and continuing to puzzle the logistics of selling on-line locally without getting involved in signing up to sites, contracts etc. Must remember to stop and do some crafting at some point.

      Caroline - hope the vampire visit went well for you both. Not cheeky at all to ask about crafty stuff - I'm more than happy to help whenever I can and won't take offence. I know first hand what you mean about having a clear out then wanting something you've given away! Last I heard we were in the lowest tier for Covid restrictions, but figures are still rising rather alarmingly.
      Dave - Make the most of the reasonable weather - it will be a few months before there's enough daylight and decent weather to have really long walks and take in nature in all her glory. Shame you live so far away, I could probably use some of the paper you need to clear out.
      Shelley - sounds like you had a productive time - it's interesting how clearing up a couple things that have been hanging around can have such a big effect on your mood and enable you to get on with so much more A real bonus ending up with more desk space as a result of rearranging things too. Don't go mad with the HW - just take it a bit at a time and you'll get there.



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        The phone rang at 7:45 appointments cancelled waiting for Lorna to ring us today to rebook. Apparently the vampire lady has gone down with a heavy cold. Not Covid Lee checked that out first.

        Thank you for the offer Linda will contact you if I get stuck again.


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          Afternoon all,

          Clear and dry today, cold again.

          Caroline, what a pain, cancelled so late, bet Lee was grumbling - could have eaten stuff, didn't need to starve etc Oh well these things happen. Did the rest of the day go to plan?
          Well done on the sales. Didn't realise the Stripe thing had stressed you so much it was affecting your sleep, glad its over and you are feeling rested.

          Dave, tough decision, I would have thought you have had the best of the weather unless of course you like wintery walks on the beach, I would want to be safe and snug at home with my things around me, feet up by the fire, relaxing. But then again maybe you feel like that where you are. Hope you can choose
          I wondered if you had ever thought of doing an Escher or are they copyrighted? I thought if you wanted a challenge some of his would keep you busy for a while Metamorphosis for example

          Linda, glad you decided just to go for it, local sounds like the best idea, posting glass jars seem fraught with problems. Good to hear elderly relatives are doing well. Today would have been my Mum's 87th birthday, I note the date but not much else but my youngest brother always texts me to wish her happy birthday, well at least it prompts him to make contact, we speak rarely not for any other reason than we live a good few miles apart and have our own lives to get on with.

          Today has been another day of doing something thats been hanging around for ages, changing over to Square for our card payments, the cost of the reader and dock is equal to the cost we pay in renting the machine and paying for a telephone line for it for one month.
          I shall keep the old one for a month in case of problems but I have downloaded the software on to a spare tablet and ordered the reader and dock, should be here next week. Also our bank is offering it with the first £1000 charge free.
          Its just not worth paying for the other one when business is slow and it also keeps trying to update and can't so I am worried about its security. I have spent hours with the telephone help line and in the end they gave up, I said send me a new machine, they insisted there was nothing wrong with it, but the problems persist.

          I had a couple of crafty deliveries today, first was my new paper pads - two colouring in ones, kaleidoscope multi layer die cut patterns, and one of different wood grain card for a project or two in mind.
          Second was my A3 self healing mat. So all set for some interesting time with my alcohol markers. The colouring pads were on a really good deal which is what tempted me to have a go with them.

          Supper is calling,

          Take care all,



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            Haha Shelley, you aren’t the first to suggest an “Escher”. Unfortunately he only died in 1972 so 2042 his work will be public domain....I’ll be lucky if I’m still here to cut it 😂

            Be nice to go home, weather here is better than there at the minute and has been all week, another great day in the sun today. We are going home to be honest, been great, we have had six weeks out of nine here but I think the political powers that be are against us regardless.

            A3 self healer. Sadly I get a real buzz when a new mat is on the way, I’ve got every size from A5 to A0 and some 😂😂....lucky you 😁.