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Wednesday 14th

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  • Wednesday 14th

    Morning all

    Yesterday rained and not forecast waiting to see what it does today. Lee wants to get out and mow up a load of leaves plus sweep the pathways. I think he is planning on filling up the brown bin again, only emptied yesterday.

    Still cross stitching and did not run out of the brown, although ordered some more will always come in useful.

    Downloaded some new designs from Emb Library, Xmas ones may make a start when Lee is in his music room tomorrow.

    Not going out now have decided to stay put as blood tests on Friday. Shiloh will come with us for those and Lee will wait with him in the car park, swap over etc. May do M & S then or not bother, tbh I am not bothered Lee just wanted some more Arbroath smokies (loads in the freezer) and some cereal. Bought him some from Waitrose this week, Apricot Wheats, I stick to Fruit n Fibre but the W one as bigger and tastes nicer than the branded one.

    Not much else as lead such a boring life, lol.

    HAGD & BBL x

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    Morning all! Clear, brightening up, breezy-ish and cool. Dry apart from the 30 second deluge we had a few minutes ago.

    Yesterday, morning spent mostly shopping - went to Barton, then had to go to Grimsby for stuff I couldn't get in Barton, called in Immingham on the way home but that was mostly wasted time. Absolutely no mojo for anything so spent the afternoon reading and soaking the bath. Came downstairs for tea to find OH on the phone to the plumber and the news that the boiler installation has been postponed again! Apparently the boiler is not even in the country yet, and Covid-19 is being blamed. Expecting an update on Monday, but if it doesn't happen we'll be looking elsewhere for a solution to our heating situation. Managed a few rows of knitting but no other crafting.

    Today - slept late again; felt energetic when laying in bed working out what I needed to do today, but that drained some of the energy! However, some jobs done and I have things out ready to do bread, a pasta bake and apple crumble so they'll need to be completed. May get to some crafting done this afternoon or may not.

    Caroline - if you need any DMC or Anchor threads give me a shout - I have got a surplus of more than enough to fill a small shop (I've still got a huge stock for my own use). I'm more than happy to check numbers and send you anything you can use . Poldark must be nearly finished by now - I'm looking forward to seeing a picture of the finished work.
    Dave - hope the rain stopped eventually yesterday, and it's not raining today. Chance to get a few more walks in before having to get back to the run of the mill world
    Shelley - so glad to hear that you've been given the official all clear after the scan. Hopefully you've had a good night, are de-stressed and have energy to start getting back into your own routine. Take and don't rush things



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      Morning all.
      Woke up to a cloudless sky this morning. Took the dog out, definitely a winter nip in the air. Forecast looking bright today and tomorrow, cloudy into the weekend.
      Not doing much today, going down to Aberporth, only a small place with a bay and limited parking but should be okay today.
      Not done any cutting, got some “ Part done” to have a go at, might do some this afternoon.

      Linda, our fridge freezer was delayed one week for exactly the same problem, due to CV restrictions, ships etc were taking forever to find slots to get in port, disembark etc.

      Caroline, chomping at the bit to get Poldark finished?

      Shelley recovering well still?

      Wonder how Mo & Pete are doing 🤔



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        Afternoon all,

        Dry mostly, dull and overcast most of the day.

        Caroline, sounds like a nice plan - staying in and listening to music and sewing. Not so good having to see the phlebotomist, but even thats never as bad a some people think it is. Hope the shopping goes well if you do M&S.

        Linda, hope you got all the baking/cooking done and found some time for crafting. I too have a large collection of embroidery threads, tapestry wools and the soft cotton ones which I really like to use with tapestry canvas, all Anchor or DMC. I also have the two Anchor sample books which I think are things of beauty in their own right

        Dave, just heard on the news this moment that Wales is going to stop people coming in as of Friday, not sure if your area is affected, tier 2, 3 not allowed in Wales. Hope you enjoy your time before returning.
        I too wonder how Mo and Pete are doing.

        Today a quiet day, gave me a chance to redo a warped shelf, too much weight, all 6x6 paper pads so heavy. I am now happy with the storage in my office/craft desk.
        I shall be working on my card while Simon watches the snooker after supper.
        My car is still not Taxed☹ I am hoping he will take me to Sainsburys in a minute to pick up a few bits.

        Feeling at peace today with everything, amazing how stressed I was and didn't realise till I got the all clear.

        Take care all,



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          Shelley, I heard that too. Where we live, so far our area is neither not tier two or three, we are lowest risk but can see a total ban coming once the holiday season is over in about 3-4 weeks time, coastal businesses close up until next March so the tourist economy won’t be affected.