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Monday 12th

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  • Monday 12th

    Morning all, another dry day and housework for me my pet hate. Lee is still painting the lounge looks good though he did undercoat and one top coat yesterday, then got tired. Not worth doing anything when tired as that is when you make mistakes.

    Still cross stitching but coming along well should be done by the end of the month, fingers crossed.

    Lee has ordered me some of the new DMC sparkly embroidery thread for Christmas. Discovered he only had 10 gifts we always do 12 for the 12 days of Christmas. I have one more to get him, big kids I know but we love Christmas.

    Had a sale of 5 items yesterday so a happy bunny, that is 6 this month and quite happy with that. Not a Folksy seller either but an outside one think she may have got my details from the online virtual fair I am doing with a chat buddy on FB.

    HAGD & BBL x

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    Morning all! Dry, still and cool at the moment - likely to deteriorate by this afternoon.

    Problems connecting to the internet, so will come back later if/when things are sorted.

    Three hours later...........
    Back online - it appears the wireless function had turned itself off during the night. We need a new router - but he's been saying that for several weeks, but not actually taking any action (it does mean going into Grimsby or the other town though)

    Yesterday, finished one notebook and started creating project packs for some more with the book blocks I made up on Saturday, quite a lot of stitching done and good progress made, a bit of knitting - finally finished the increasing on the sleeves.

    Today - all daily clearing and sorting done, made covers for two of the book projects - waiting for glue to dry properly now before I punch the covers to do the coptic stitching. Catching up with online stuff then back to the crafting I think. May have a couple of hours reading later on - depends what the weather does.

    Caroline - excellent news on yesterday's sales - and even better that from a different direction than Folksy
    Dave - hope your weather is decent enough today for a good walk on the beach or somewhere. Inclined to agree with Shelley that prints of papercuts does rather defeat the object, but if someone can't afford an original.................
    Shelley - sadly the mould is on the bathroom walls and ceiling (sloping and Atrtexed, but only double brick walls, no cavities or insulation on this house). The sealant does need redoing, but the whole bathroom needs redoing. Glad to hear that you are feeling so much better, and the card is coming along nicely.

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      How did the bookbinding go Linda?

      I want to get back into it but thought maybe embroider some flowers onto fabric then make into notebooks.


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        Caroline - I didn't get back to the bookmaking after my initial burst of energy; and I noticed the covers had bent a bit with the dampness from the glue and adding the covering so I put them under the boards and heavy books to flatten out whilst they dried. I'll look at them later today (Tuesday).