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Sunday 11th

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  • Sunday 11th

    Morning all, dry here and maybe a bit of the yellow stuff later.

    I did start a thread yesterday did a long spiel of rubbish and then found out gone this am. I do apologise but have caught up on your news.

    Yesterday helped Lee move the furniture for the next stage of decorating, making a small start on the final Poldark block. Still a lot of counting and double counting then still find I have miscounted!!!!! Still does not notice on this part so much as it would have done the face.

    Not a lot more done of anything, watching paint dry today, literally listening to Tony Blackburn whilst stitching.

    HAGD & BBL x

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    Morning all! At long last a dry start to the day and no rain forecast until tomorrow. Autumnal chill and breeze evident, so just need full daylight now.

    Yesterday was mainly ft, books and embroidery. Ft - quite a few dates and places of birth and death added; books - progressed the book block for which I have all the other materials sorted, then made a decision to use most of the oddments of calligraphy paper for book blocks so folding and punching done and they are being pressed ready for stitching; made good progress on the blackwork.

    Today - already had a good go at the black mould in the bathroom - OH had a lengthy bath yesterday and despite leaving the window open the mould loves the steam and grows overnight; the joys of living in a 19c house! Otherwise it's more of the same and making the most of the slightly better weather before it gets cold and wet again, the GP tonight.

    Caroline - did wonder where you were yesterday, but as we both seem to have problems with posts disappearing from time to time I assumed it had happened again. Very frustrating! You've made really good progress with Poldark and I'm looking forward to seeing a picture of the finished piece.
    Dave - I don't mind the odd interruption when I'm trying to get on with something, but when it's every five minutes it can get annoying! I hope you found a good route for a walk yesterday, and with a bit of luck you'll have a lovely day of weather for a long adventure with Flo and Sue today. Very impressed with Starry Night - what's next on the cutting board?
    Shelley - sounds like you're nearly back to normal with the mojo and feeling much better despite all the recent health and medication disruption. Hope you made good progress with the card.



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      Evening all...Been glorious here today, wind has got that winter nip though.
      The sea was out this morning but every other walk to the beach, it has been in, I think it’s a storm swell from farther out causing it.

      I’ve got choices galore for Starry night. I can leave it, infill it and I know a lady that has a studio for painting classes built on the side of her house who could paint a background then lay the cut over it etc...
      Just had a chap who has a framing business locally at home message me asking if I’ve got any prints of it and am I selling them?....God knows, never had prints of any of mine done up to yet 😂

      Next on the cutting board?...might be a Vincent self portrait, quite fancy that, then on to something else, doesn’t do to sit in the same groove for too long...

      Caroline sounds you’re having a feet up day..

      Shelley back to cardmaking, that’ll make you feel better 😁

      Have a good’un all



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        Evening all,

        Another dry and clear day here.

        Caroline, I am glad you are ok and it was just misbehaving tech. I saw the little clutch, very pretty especially the dragonflies. Hope you had a good day stitching.

        Linda, hope you got the better of the mould, must admit not a huge problem here anymore. It got quite bad a few years ago, so I dug out all the old sealant round the bath and use a silicon mould resistant one and years later it is still white and sealing. Hope you enjoyed the GP.

        Dave, glad you had a good walk. Why would someone want a print of a cut? Doesn't that miss the point? But I suppose if its a money generator than I suppose why not?
        I do think it needs a bit of colour, not too much, just judiciously placed.

        Mo, Pete hope you are ok, do miss you.

        Today had a lovely lie in, first in weeks becuase I wanted to not becuase I was ill and needed the rest. Got up and pottered around doing morning things a bit late.
        I also came to the conclusion the pain in my left side is another chest infection, its just one of those things that happens with COPD, I put all the clues together and started on the ABs. At least I now know that I can take them with my new cocktail of meds, which stopped me before which is one reason I ended up in hospital - not nipping it in the bud.

        I have been working on the card, its coming along well. I am liking the colours, it is looking good.

        Take care all,