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Saturday 10th

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  • Saturday 10th

    Morning all! Still dark, coolish, bit of breeze, dry at the moment but not likely to stay that way.

    Yesterday - had better days, but nothing earth shattering either way. Message from the plumber to say boiler installation needs to be delayed for several days as it won't be delivered to him until mid week, brother and girlfriend popped round lunchtime, then I found an error in the blackwork and had to unpick a bit, which took a while as I kept being interrupted by cats, phone calls and other things.

    Today - no plans, can't even decide what to have for tea yet! Need to make a vet appointment for Bert for annual poke and jab, definitely going to try and get the blackwork back to where it was and got another book block to stitch and glue.

    Caroline - on an extra long walk with Shiloh? Hope his ear is fully better now. Did you make any progress on your cross stitch?
    Dave - did you manage a walk on the beach yesterday? Can't think of anything better being on a deserted beach with the waves around and nature just doing her thing
    Shelley - how did your planned start on the new card go? Did it relieve the itchy fingers a bit?

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    Morning all...
    Today is cloudy so far but dry. It is windy but the wind isn’t as cold as you think. Just got back from the beach with Flo, yes Caroline, absolutely deserted but for us two. It is very “atmospheric” and I absolutely love it!

    Don’t know what today brings yet, yesterday we went to Aberaeron, walked the outskirts of the town, me and Flo usually sit in the park next to the harbour and wait while Sue does a bit of shopping, a few boutique shops that sell “her kind of stuff” normally keep her occupied. We love Aberaeron, I’d happily move there.

    Got about 90% of Starry night cut. Bit of a coincidence, one of my neighbours back home and her daughter went to a Van Gogh exhibition in Leicester on Friday.

    Linda, nothing worse than getting interrupted halfway through something 😁

    Catch up later


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      Evening all,

      Dry and sunny here again.

      Linda, sounds a bit like one step forward, two steps back sort of day for you yesterday. Hope today went better and you decided eventually what to have for tea

      Dave, saw the finished work on FB, what an amazing bit of cutting, thinking of some colour? Blues and yellows/golds would be suitable, but that's only my idea.

      Caroline, did you post and it vanish into thin air or did something distract you? Hope all is well and we see you tomorrow.

      Today I did make a good start on my card, one reason I am so late, got completely carried away this afternoon, then supper, then feet up for some telly and now back to the card and checking email and checking on you guys

      Not much else to report really, so back to the card.

      Take care all,