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Friday 9th

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  • Friday 9th

    Morning all, so tired yesterday and apologies Shelley for the wrong name. Fell asleep on the sofa and had to keep rewinding what I was watching!

    Vets this morning then back for a day of mount counting. Got some trading cards for Lee of Outlander, ordered a plaque with a quote and downloaded some Frazer tartan paper. The latter will print onto fabric and cut out a mount at the top of the frame, add a thistle charm another Christmas gift done.

    Did not do much of the x stitching yesterday but should finish this block by Sunday at the latest.

    Only did one spell on the treadmill as explained above exhausted. Hope I am a bit more lively today as hated the feeling. Could have been my body telling me to slow down.

    HAGD & BBL for all your news.

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    Morning all! Bright and dry, but breezy and cool. Might be some light showers of rain later in the day.

    Yesterday was just another day - laundry, tidying, stitching, ft, bookmaking - did finish one small book and get materials ready for another, had a couple of hours reading in the afternoon.

    FT - contrary to popular belief that people stayed put, my paternal family (the line that goes back to 16thC) moved around the British Isles a lot - everywhere from Sussex, Outer Hebrides, Ireland, West Country, Norfolk and many coastal points in between. My gt grandfather was born in Dublin but had siblings born in Cornwall, Devon, Isle of Wight, Aberdeen and goodness knows where. Also antecedents from the North East and Ireland, ending up on the Isle of Wight. Maternal line are two of the commonest surnames in the country and until I can afford certificates it's almost impossible to identify particular individuals. A never-ending addictive challenge

    Today - just another day, no specific plans or aims.

    Caroline - hope the vet visit goes OK. Sounds like you need to have a fairly steady day today and slow down on the exercising a little. Little and often is much better than the occasional big push in most cases - it takes longer for results to show but generally has a longer lasting/permanent effect. Listen to your body
    Dave - hope your weather isn't too bad today and a pleasant walk is planned. More progress on the cut yesterday?
    Shelley - glad to hear you had a better day yesterday and managed to finish tidying the kitchen (I know what you mean about leaving them in charge - hence I usually have to have a good clear up in the mornings!). I think you're being very optimistic hoping a Government department will use common sense when it doesn't follow their procedure, for dealing with the car tax Take it steady today and I'm sure you'll continue to improve.



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      Morning all.....
      Clear here this morning, wind is a bit cool, light cloud.
      Went for a short walk yesterday as dodging the showers, hopefully get along the beach today. It’s like a ghost town here....just how we like it 😁

      Cut is coming along, I cut some more from it last night as the telly was naff, I did that, Sue watched a DVD.

      Caroline, built it up very slowly, if you do too much you then feel worse and ot tends to put you off. I’ve always been active so it’s fine for me but Sue less so. She started out in March, don’t forget, not even being able to go round the block without feeling worn out but bit by bit, increased the distance, added a few hills, now seven months later she is going farther and seeing the difference but it has taken a while to get up to 5-6 miles. Keep at it, just take it really slowly and you’ll get there.

      Linda, nice bit of needlework coming along, love to see it finished.

      Shelley, glad to hear you are a bit better, soon be back to normal.



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        Afternoon all,

        Dry and sunny here today.

        Caroline, hey no problem, I wasn't bothered by being called Linda, just checking it was me you meant I think Linda and Dave are right, you need to slow down and ease yourself into this exercise stuff. When I went to the gym, I would do every other day, partly to avoid overdoing it but becuase I was trying to tone and get fit and if you do it everyday you tend to get all muscly, which is fine if thats what you want
        Christmas presents, not even started here Well done.

        Linda, hope your day of nothing much planned goes well, wish I had a day like that, I seem to have something I have to do everyday. Enjoy

        Dave, glad its empty and good for walking. Sounds like a nice evening, cutting and DVD.

        Today not much planned, but I did have to do the shopping - online - still no Tax for the car😐 so doing it online. Feeling much better today, but not pushing it. Another good reason to shop online.
        Going to make a start with the card this evening, now getting itchy crafty fingers.

        I will go and make some supper soon, sort of a potato omelette but not, small chopped boiled potatoes, onions, ham, in a frying pan, pour 3 to 4 beaten eggs over the lot. Give it all a good stir, serve with lashings of mayo or tomato sauce or what ever you fancy. My dad used to call it stovies (a Scottish thing) but since then I have discovered most Scottish people expect something different, still potatoes but with meat and gravy so I don't if was just my dad or a regional thing. I looked it up and there seemed to be loads of variation so who knows.

        Take care all,