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Thursday 8th

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  • Thursday 8th

    Morning all

    Weather quiet atm and managed to get out for a walk yesterday, still did 2 kms on the treadmill though and not lost a pound last week!!!!! Not sure what else I can do as eating a healthy diet and cannot starve. Eating far less than I did when I started this regime.

    Sewing for me today not sure what have some lovely Santa designs or may make up some pretty small gift bags. Found I still had some lovely gold shimmer linen type fabric and think this will be ideal for Christmas.

    Linda how far back have to gone with your ft now?

    Dave still cutting stars

    Linda you sound so much better each day, long may it continue.

    HAGD & BBL x

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    Morning all! Dark, cool and very wet - even George, who loves getting wet, won't go out in it! However, rain should be easing off in the next 2 to 3 hours and may even get a glimpse of sunshine early evening just before sun goes to bed.

    Yesterday, just the usual hw, ft and stitching, although I did get the next stage of the current book done (casing made and spine stiffened) so just need to case it and press it then it should be done. Made good progress on the stitching.

    Re ft - I'm not specifically adding to it (just the occasional spouse or child) but filling in gaps of dates, family names, occupations, emigrations etc that Ancestry keeps throwing up. I'd been consolidating information between my Ancestry tree(s) and the off line one so Ancestry doing lots of automatic searches and bringing up loads of duplicate/irrelevant/ridiculous info. And of course, every time I add someone more "facts" about them turn up in the searches.
    At the beginning of the year I had over 8000 people on the tree, but I did a major filtering and got rid of a lot of in-laws that weren't directly attached to the bloodlines, also found duplicate people and some impossible births, marriages etc (d*mn those common family and given names!!). Managed to get the population down to just over 3000, but it has since crept up to about 3700.
    Earliest known ancestor that has been confirmed (by a distant cousin) is 1545, in Hurstpierpoint, Sussex, but there are a few other potentials from 16th and 17th century to be investigated in due course when I have time and access to paid info on various sites.

    Today, laundry on the go, otherwise just the usual clearing up. Want to try and get the current book finished and do more cross stitch/blackwork. Energy levels (mental more than physical) dropping with the shorter periods of daylight and the less than sunny weather we're having, and I've nothing to look forward to as my annual social weekend at the end of the month has not only been cancelled, but is defunct forever as the venue has closed down

    Caroline - don't give up on the weight loss thing - remember that muscle weighs more than fat by volume and your body will be reducing fat and building muscle. You may not be lighter, but I bet you are fitter These things take a lot of time and the weight loss will come.
    Dave - hope you got the long walk in yesterday and enjoyed some lovely scenery. Is the fridge/freezer up and running now? Hope you are happy with it.
    Shelley - glad you're feeling so much better and taking things more slowly. Did you do anything card-wise or not get round to it? No boiler yet - due to be fitted on Monday, so fingers crossed that nothing happens to delay it.



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      Morning all...
      Threw it down all night last night plus very high winds.
      Been out this morning, nice and bright, dry breezy, the sea is back to normal.
      Went for a walk along the River Aeron yesterday, it was like the Amazon. It has lots of rapids in it here and there so pretty spectacular.

      Linda, Sue followed her FT back to mid 1600’s, being a village, her ancestors have always been here, low paid jobs, in service, farm work or foundry. I’ve not followed mine, it would spread across the Midlands and Wales.

      Caroline, step counting is more productive than counting miles apparently. From what I’ve sussed from the people that do it, you need to hit at least 10,000
      (golden number)steps as often as possible to make a noticeable difference. We walked about 3.2 miles yesterday which is just over 5 km and only hit just under 8000 steps. Most days we hit 10,000 eventually, something to work up to, not start off at. I don’t need to lose, Sue is losing at that but won’t at much less.

      About halfway through the cut, nearly got the sky out, its not too bad because I don’t have to be over precise with this one. Be nice if it works out.

      Have a good’un all


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        Evening all,

        Sunny and dry most of the day, a bit of rain first thing.

        Caroline, don't let the lack of weight loss get you down, being healthy is also important and you will be doing your cardio vascular system a world of good with these walks and treadmill workouts. it will be a series of losses and plateaus, thats just how it goes. I figure your second remark directed at Linda was actually supposed to be for me? I am doing well and feeling lots better, thank you.

        Linda, shame your social event is defunct, these little things can be great to look forward to. I saw the black work, coming along well.

        Dave, I also saw your starry night, wow it looks fragile but excellent. Your walk sounded wonderful.

        Today was a good day, managed to gently finish tidying up the last of the kitchen left from leaving Simon in charge while I was in hospital and unwell in bed with my back. He means well but....

        Spent the afternoon while it was sunny and relatively warm helping Simon sort the new Sky LNB, I got to sit in the warm with a walkie talkie and just had to tell him if the signal appeared. He has this fancy meter thing with a screen and things built in so he can see the channels on the roof but there is nothing like knowing its also coming on the telly in the living room Its quite funny, he insists on me ending my communications on the walkie talkie with Over At least its not Roger and out

        I did rest as much as possible in between bursts of doing things, seems to work well.
        Still no Tax.. now I am sure it will be returned and i will have to do it all again. I did go and check on .gov if it was MOTed and yes it says till Oct 2021 so maybe they will use their heads and check too, but that might be too much to expect.

        Still no card making, feel less guilty spending time on playing now I have got the worst of the tidying done, so maybe tomorrow.

        Take care all,