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Wednesday 7th

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  • Wednesday 7th

    Morning all. Wet and windy here again and cold. Lee is itching to get out to clear a load of leaves but as fast as he does it another load come down. As soaking wet and slimy suggest he leaves until it dries up next week.

    Still plodding on with Stipe they now need my birth certificate to prove my age, that is fine but old and faded so think that may be a problem for them as well. Last chance to get this sorted as far as I am concerned then will revert to paypal only on folksy.

    Today? hmmm! finishing the last 4 pumpkins for the bunting, some pumpkin feltie pins, Christmas gift wrapping, cross stitch and reading. Lee has come round to the fire wall now sanding, undercoating and top coat the skirting board. Rollers have been delayed!!!!!

    HAGD & BBL x

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    Morning all! Bright and dry after overnight rain, but more breezy than of late and definitely autumn temperatures.

    Yesterday - after shopping and essential chores I spent most of the rest of the day on ft, and a lot of time on the cross stitch/blackwork. Made some good progress on the stitching. Nothing else exciting to report

    Today - got a bit of laundry to sort out and another lot to put in the machine then it's back to the ft, stitching and maybe even a bit more on the current book making project.

    Caroline - sounds like you've got your day all mapped out; hope it goes well.
    Shelley - very sorry to hear the pain got worse and you had to resort to medication. Hope everything has settled down now and you're feeling much better. It sounds like you did too much hw in one go and triggered the relapse Good news that the car passed the MoT and you'll soon be independently mobile again.
    Dave - hope you've got better weather today and you can all get out for some fresh air and exercise. How much more to do on Starry Night?



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      Morning all.
      Bright and breezy here today. Last night at about 7pm, a bit of blue appeared on the horizon then the black storm clouds gradually blew away for an orange sunset.
      This morning, clear blue sky so far with a cool breeze and calm sea.

      Long walk today in case the weather changes, probably along the river Aeron but the new path is finished now so we can start further back in the town instead and add a few more miles in.

      Cut is coming along, probably just under half way, once the sky is out, there is less cutting in the bottom half so it should speed up a bit.

      I bet that family tree is as long as your arm now Linda šŸ˜

      That Stripe thing sounds a bit of a faff Caroline...why is life so complicated these days? šŸ¤”
      Iā€™d lost my birth certificate but two years ago I applied for a replacement one, only cost a fiver I think, came in a week.

      Hope Shelley is feeling a bit better.



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        Afternoon all,

        Dry and sunny here, a bit cold.

        Caroline, well Lee is certainly a keeper, preserving with the painting and wanting to get out and clear the leaves Simon is up the ladder at the moment fitting a new LNB to the Sky dish, the torrential rain we had finished off the last one, the plastic covering had degraded and it fills up with water and stops working, this time it was for good.
        I didn't even consider taking up Stripe, PayPal is good enough for me, Good luck and I hope it works out.

        Linda, sounds like life is ticking along as usual, busy but not busy Are you or did you get a new boiler? Sorry lost track.

        Dave, glad to hear you are making the most of Wales and the weather. The cut is beginning to sound exciting, look forward to seeing it.

        The bank lost our deeds when they closed the main branch and moved, cost us Ā£60 for a copy, shame really the old deed had something about it, the modern one although legal etc has none of the style the original had.

        Today feeling much better, Thank you everyone. Yes, just did too much I think, so taking it slower. After effects of painkillers also gone now, I never take painkillers, not even aspirin, paracetamol or ibuprofen as I am allergic so its codeine or similar for me and thats why they have such an effect, so it has to be really bad for me to even think about it. I have to say though I think it was worth it as almost pain free today.

        So today just taking it easy, pottering around doing things that need doing like cleaning the cat litter, gently tidying the living room and my desk. Something light for dinner, relax in front of the telly later and then another early night for me.

        I did have some more ideas about my card, may have a little play if up to it later.

        Take care all,