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Tuesday 6th

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  • Tuesday 6th

    Morning all, still wet and gusts of wind. The pathways will need clearing of all the paths when dry.

    Lee is painting skirting boards today, still waiting on the rollers. I am making up another set of pumpkin bunting and maybe some pumpkin felties, reading and Poldark's face eek!

    Trump is stupid and giving the impression that Covid is nothing what is wrong with the man. Covidiots are now going to follow him in the US and remove their masks. Stupidity personified.

    Not much else to report HAGD & BBL x

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    Morning all! A very pleasant autumnal day here - dry, bright, a bit of breeze and not too cool.

    Yesterday, lots of hw done, including a couple of those jobs that are done only once in while. Spent the rest of the day crafting and ft. Unfortunately I had to unpick a small section of blackwork as despite thinking I'd been careful I'd miscounted and it was a couple of threads out. If I'd left it the whole balance of that section would have been upset and it would annoy me forever! Phone call from plumber and plan is to do the new boiler next Monday; fingers crossed nothing happens to change plans.

    Today - essential jobs done, including the shopping, except farm shop which wasn't open when I came past on the way home. Not sure what else, but expect it will be the usual ft, cross stitch/blackwork and knitting.

    Caroline - will you put the Hallowe'en stuff on Folksy? Hope it sells well. Agree with your third paragraph totally!
    Dave - arrived safely yesterday? Hope there were no nasty surprises and you're all set for the refrigeration delivery today.
    Shelley - how are you doing? Hope there haven't been any setbacks.



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      Afternoon all.

      Wet with bursts of bright sunshine.

      Caroline, keeping busy with the pumpkins, Poldark and reading. Good to hear Lee is also occupied.

      Linda, you are also keeping busy with shopping trips, HW, FT and cross stitch and knitting!

      Dave hope the journey went well and you are all settled in.

      Today woke up the sound of pipes banging and it sounded like we were being invaded. Turns out the torrential rain of last week showed up leaks in next doors roof and they have put up scaffolding, not just a small tower, all round the building on 2 sides at roof level, major bit of ironwork gone up. Need to be careful, they can see right into the bathroom. There is a net curtain but stills feels odd to have them higher up than me looking down.

      Yesterday saw a relapse with my pain in my side that I did on Saturday. Not much pain at all on Sunday, spent a couple of hours catching up with some much needed cleaning and sorting in the kitchen, maybe that did it, woke up on Monday in agony. Could hardly breath for the pain in my left side ribs. Struggled through the day, Simon took my car to the MOT and helped me with the Sainsburys delivery, had something easy for dinner and went to bed early (for me) took a painkiller and slept well. Woke up today its much better - no more cleaning kitchens for a bit

      Today Simon went and got my car, it passed, no problems just needed one headlight bulb. Now all I need is the Tax and then I am mobile again.
      Not doing very much today, feel a bit hungover from the painkiller - a bit queasy and light headed also a bit tired. They work but they leave me useless the next day so I only use them when its really bad.
      Probably have another early night and hopefully be back to myself tomorrow.

      Take care all,



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        Evening all....
        Blew a hoolie today with heavy rain showers here and there. The sea was so rough it was in when it should have been out.

        Chap rolled up bang on time at 10am, delivered the fridge freezer.

        Cut some more out of old “Starry” this afternoon as we couldn’t go far...tomorrow should be a bit better.

        Caroline, I echo your third paragraph, he certainly does some daft things considering he is head of so many people.
        Linda, busy as i
        Shelley, take it easy, pain killers are one of my Nemesis’...I usually end up more ill after them than before.