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Sunday 4th

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  • Sunday 4th

    Morning all, wet and wild here and very cold. Very, very dark it was a mare trying to take photos yesterday even with a light box.

    Had an order from F yesterday managed to get out in a dry break to post off, must admit we walked back quicker as the black clouds were rolling in, got inside with 3 minutes to spare.

    Treadmill I am now up to 4.5 speed for 15 minutes and distance a km. Not bad for my age and weight, lol.

    May be x stitching today or sewing up the pumpkin fabric into banners, will just go with the flow and see how I feel. Managed to jam my right thumb in the airer yesterday, the time that concertinas. Pulled the release bars and went down on my thumb, not black and blue and hurt like billio for ages.

    The bounce back pillows are a pack of 2 in Sainsbury's Shelley and Rgooose do them as well as owned by Sainsbury's.

    HAGD & BBl x

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    Morning all! Bit brighter this morning, cool and a noticeable breeze, but dry. Some heavy rain forecast for the middle of the day, but we'll see what happens.

    Yesterday - mostly TV, ft and cross stitch/blackwork. A few household jobs done and as it was so dull and wet I didn't feel guilty about being sat in the chair so much. Plus the TV I was watching was more the educational/cultural stuff than humour/light weight stuff.

    Today, bed linen change day, usual chores then more of the same - TV, ft, reading and crafting.

    Caroline - glad to hear the Folksy orders are still trickling in steadily; and good going on the treadmill Look after your poorly thumb (arnica!); saw the pictures of the pumpkins - much better quality than the general tat that abounds these days.
    Dave - hope Sue enjoyed her outing yesterday; Starry Night coming along nicely; getting things packed ready for tomorrow? - hope the wetness there isn't too bad, didn't look nice on the forecast this morning.
    Shelley - a classic case of feeling better than you really are - you'll have to continue taking extra care for a bit longer! NHS - great ones for following procedures! Sometimes you think you're just a number and not a person (front line clinical staff always excepted of course!). Hope your ribs are OK and fingers crossed the car tax is OK too.



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      Morning all....
      Raining here still. The environmental agency have already been out in the early hours and sandbagged the cafe at the bottom of the road as the brook is running rather high.....hope it doesn’t flood again, four times in a year is telling them something.

      Getting everything ready today for getting away tomorrow. The forecast isn’t the best but might as well get wet by the sea if we are going to get wet regardless 🤷🏻‍♂️😆

      Starry night is coming along nicely, still not sure if it will work or not, it’s one of those that you just have to finish to be sure. There are 1001 “ other media” representations but only one other that I found as a paper cut, probably because of the sky detail which they didn’t cut, just the stars etc.

      Sue enjoyed her meet with the old office lot that she managed. They are all still working from home and loving all of the “ falling out” rifts have been healed because they can’t chat any more 😂

      Everyone sounds busy, Shelley keep improving...



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        Evening all,

        Grey, wet and cold here.

        Caroline, you take care of that thumb and I hope it gets better soon. Don't these things come with safety measures to avoid squashed fingers? That reminds of when I was really young (17) working in a dry cleaners, one of the girls operated the large ironing machine for doing sheets and other large items, it was supposed to be impossible to shut the lid with your hands in it but she manged to do it and badly steamed and pressed her hands. Ambulances and lots of screaming. Poor girl, she did recover but was off for months.
        Well done on the treadmill, I couldn't even walk a k. Oh well thats life.
        I will check out the pillows next time I go, mine are like flat, lumpy things.

        Linda, your right about the weather removing the guilt of just doing nothing I now no longer worry about the garden needing watering or tiding up. I do miss sitting in the sun, oh well there will be another summer, maybe a covid free one which would make it even better. Hope the HW went quickly and you are now cosied up with a cat or two.

        Dave, you sure have picked a doozy there with Starry Night. The other picture you showed with the blue and gold, the stars looked more like roses, just my 2 cents. I am sure you will do it justice.
        Glad you are safe from the flooding and Sue enjoyed her day out.
        Safe journey tomorrow.

        Today not much done, just relaxing. I have been working out a new card, was inspired by a track Simon played on his radio show on Friday. In The Land of Grey and Pink by Caravan. So colours sorted, just need to decide what to actually do.

        Feeling better today, rib twinge nearly gone so just dealing with the left over lower back pain, which is improving slowly, I am trying to do it sensibly so I don't over do it and go backwards in recovery.

        My car is booked in for its MOT tomorrow, so things are progressing, but I am expecting them to return my TAX application as the MOT they have will have run out, I thought I had more time than I did, forgot they don't count weekends. At least Simon's has a new battery and we have one working, legal car. We both try to be legal, its just not worth the trouble and its the right thing to do

        Oh well, time for something to eat.

        Take care all,



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          Yeah, they do a bit. I tend to put as much detail in as I can then cut it out later. If it is too much. You can always cut more out at the end but you can’t add more in so I’ll just snip bits out here and there once It is done and I can get some colour behind them to see what’s what 😁.



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            Thats so true, you can take it away but you can't add it, steady as you go, it will get there.