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Saturday 3rd

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  • Saturday 3rd

    Morning all, dreadful weather but still managed to only get up once. This new quilt is so cosy and light do not want to get out of bed.

    Finished the pumpkin and bat banner, all posted will put a pic on CC.

    Not sure what I am doing today as still waiting for the other fabric to arrive for another banner. Have to some photos to take and Folksy posting, may do that.

    Still having problems proving my identity with Stripe as do not have a photo licence, passport or identity card. First they would accept the rates then one CS said no. Have written back and exploded as fed up, will just remove that facility on Folksy if I have to and let them know. I appreciate they have to do for money laundering etc but not everyone holds the photo stuff. The amount that goes through them will just use paypal, people can still pay with a cc without an account with them.

    Moan over, HAGD & BBL x

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    Morning all! Definite downturn in weather - wall to wall rain, drop in temperature, rise in wind speed, sun disappeared into the beyond.

    Yesterday, another busy day with not a lot to show for it, but did finish the part done book - nothing exciting but will put a pic on CC at some point, also made decisions on a cover for a book block I ended up with when I took apart a book I'd made at a workshop some years ago and was never happy with. That one is in the first glue drying stage, so may get back to it soon.

    Today, woke late, morning cat feeding and tidying up routine nearly complete and one load of laundry on the go. Not feeling energetic so likely to be on ft, knitting etc for quite a bit of the day.

    Caroline - I have the same problems with lack of photo ID. I have to make sure I keep receiving paper bank statements as no utility bills or other acceptable documents, so only birth and marriage certs which isn't enough on their own. Had to abort applications for quite a number of things because of this. Funnily enough I have no problems with banks, but other organisations! .............
    I understand your frustration
    Dave - plans for today? How is the masterpiece coming along? Got a list of projects to do ready for the days when you're weather-bound?
    Shelley - OK? Hope you're feeling more like yourself now.



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      Morningy, afternoony all 😁

      Chucking it down here, bit nippy but not too cold.
      Sue is gadding about with her old managers today so I’ll be dropping her off in an hour or so.
      They announced last week that the pedestrianisation was finished so the road that feeds the high street will be opened, and announced this morning that Western Electric are going to do essential update work......and the road will be closed for two months until December the 18th. The poor businesses, you couldn't write it!
      Already had four leave this year for various reasons...

      The “masterpiece” is coming along slowly but surely. Still early days...I’m quietly optimistic 🤞🏻😁.

      Wales on Monday, got the fridge/freezer being delivered so I need to remove and adapt the worktop to fit....don’t know how long we will be there for, weather and CV dictates.

      Have a good’un all


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        Afternoon all,

        Wet this morning but dry and grey now.

        Caroline, its so hard these days to fulfil their requests, I had a situation on line that lead me round and round in circles, in the end I went to the shop in person hoping to sort it but no, they don't have anything to do with their online stuff, finally a phone call to the company resolved the problem, they hadn't realised the circle of craziness they had created and fixed it the following day.
        You mentioning the cosy quilt reminded me, I wanted ask what you thought of the Bounce back pillows, saw them on offer and almost bought myself one, but am never convinced they will bounce back.
        I am sure you will find something to occupy yourself, a bit more Poldark?

        Linda, hope the rework on the book worked out. A day with the cats in the comfortable chair and some handwork sounds perfect for a day like today.

        Dave, oh its just what you don't need - road closures and covid - the end of many business. Mind you a lot of insurance covers you for business interruptions such as this and sometimes the council or electric board will have a compensation scheme.
        Hope your plans for Wales go well.

        I am feeling much better, then I had to go and try and reach for my bottle of pills I dropped behind my monitor and tweaked my left side under my ribs aaarrrgh. Hopefully a minor thing in the scheme of things.

        I had the hospital on the phone the other day, we want you to come in for a CT scan, something showed up on your x-ray. When they told me what I said Yes, we know about it, its stable unchanged for years, whats new? Oh nothing they said but now its been pointed out we have to follow procedure. Oh ok I said. So Tuesday next I have to go and have one. I know what it is, I am not worried. I wondered why it didn't show up in the x-ray I had in August and the end of May. What changed between the end of August and the middle of September?
        Anyway I will follow through.

        Today is official World Card making day. I haven't made anything for ages so I think I will use it as excuse to make a start on a card.

        Oh and while I was in hospital this time Simon sold some of my cards from the rack in the shop Whoa ho.

        I did an online shop, just felt it would be easier. My car is waiting for the tax to come back, and I have just realised that MOT is due Sunday, so booked in for Monday, but they may reject my tax becuase it runs out da m n.

        I made a decent sale today in the shop, sold a powered speaker and mixer that had been hanging around for a while, and some new leads and a microphone & stand. Got some space and just over £100 cash in the till

        Take care all,



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          Shelley the bounce back pillows are really good and do bounce back. Not had neck ache since using them.


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            Oh ok, Thanks Caroline. Will pick one up next time.