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Friday 2nd

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  • Friday 2nd

    Morning all, pouring with rain here and the wind is picking up. Hope we can get across the river to the vets at 9:15. Shiloh seems to be better, the way he was flinging himself round the bed this morning. Yesterday when he barked, he did it properly, on Monday it was bark, grizzle, repeat. You get the picture.

    Finished the 1st pumpkin banner, starting on the individual decorations today. Found a seller on Folksy had some lovely pumpkin fabric which just fell in my basket, will use that for autumn banners, still pumpkins but more long lasting and adulty.

    Not much else planned, doing well with the sky on my penultimate block. Lee has gone an ordered a cross stitch book on Poldark for next Birthday, he plans to get the canvas and threads so I can do another one!!!!!!! We are going to have a Poldark corner in the garden room.

    I will be stitching today while Lee paints one wall of the living room.

    HAGD & BBL x

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    Morning all...damp and grey here.

    Sue has just gone off to do a shift at the Samaritans shop. Me and Flo will be going out for a walk in a bit, just need to see what the weather is doing first.
    I’ll be cutting some more out of “Starry night” later. We are going to Wales on Monday for probably 10-14 days as long as lockdown there doesn’t kick in, we are in one of the only few areas that are restriction free so far so it will come along for the ride. I’ll take my detector along too, do a bit of beach combing.

    Good to have little Daniel yesterday but’s tiring! How we looked after six for 3 days every week for 12 years, I don’t know. It took forever to put the house straight again...even the dog gives him a wide berth 😂😂

    Have a good’un all


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      Morning all! Cool, dull, breezy but dry. Rain not expected until much later today/tomorrow, but a yellow warning out for heavy rain tomorrow.

      Yesterday went reasonably well all round. Preserves delivered to friend to go to Malton market on Saturday, and a bit of a chat to catch up, out in the fresh air. We had a good nosey round the Scrap Store and I was very restrained in what I purchased - just some heavyweight paper/card and a glueing brush for the books and a very small bag of cotton fabric remnants. On the way home I dropped into the large Sainsburys store, since I was passing by anyway, and picked up a few bits - will save me a trip to Grimsby and reduce the amount I need to get in Barton next week. Rest of the day spent doing family tree stuff and knitting.

      Today, need to tidy the "office" of paperwork, then may try and finish the book that has been part done for the last several weeks. Always the ft, cross stitch and knitting to get on with when essential chores are done. Cats can't decide whether they want to be inside or outside so it's major door opening duties too. LOL!

      Caroline - fingers crossed you make it to the vets OK, but cheering news that Shiloh seems to be much improved. Enjoy your cross stitching. I posted the cross stitch map yesterday, so it's on its way to Basingstoke and she's promised it will be mounted and framed.
      Dave - young humans are exhausting to be around - I remember a few years ago at the local school fair the couple next to me brought their 3 year old; a lovely lad, but he somehow took to me and after two hours of his "attention" I was totally exhausted!
      Shelley - nice to see a post from you yesterday, I hope your recovery to (your) normal continues and you are able to get on with life.