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Thursday 1st

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  • Thursday 1st

    Morning all and welcome to October a time of falling leaves and pumpkins. Looking outside sums Autumn up well with the storm on it's way. We have the vet tomorrow at 9.30 will have to see if we can make it over the river or not.

    My solo trip went well but I dropped my bag/purse walking across the road. A lady getting in her car noticed and the bin man picked it up for me. Carrying 2 heavy tins of paint did not realise. Got to M & S early and a bit of a queue but well organised, post office in Grayshott was fantastic. Knew it was under new ownership but did not realise that the chap who used to run the one in Headley Down had taken it over. No wonder well organised he does everything with military precession. Will be using again. A drive but worth it.

    Waitrose delivery today a couple of subs one of them a 125g of Marmite oos so they have given me 250g for the same price not bad. Lurve Marmite on toast.

    Continuing with the pumpkins today, hope to get more done and my thread from Barnyarns has been posted yesterday.

    Lost 2lbs yippee been about 5 weeks perhaps have started to lose again, I do hope so. That is 1.5 stone so far.

    HAGD & BBL x Dog wants his coffee!!!!

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    Morning Caroline, and anyone else who drops in. Looks like today will be the last reasonable day for a while - temperature OK, no rain forecast, wind barely noticeable.

    Yesterday spent mainly on family tree, cross stitch, knitting and soaking in the bath. Got the cross stitch map packed up ready to sent off to it's new home this morning, and did essential hw.

    Today, making a foray north of the river - a preserving acquaintance has asked for some fruit butters and mustards to put alongside her own preserves on a North Yorkshire market she attends (will be my first sales of the year if any of them do sell, apart from a small order I did a couple of months ago). We're meeting up outside the Scrap Store, who yesterday advertised that they've got fat quarters in this morning. I wasn't going to spend any money there, but I have some pennies left in the "birthday & Christmas presents received" purse so a few bits might just creep into my basket. Will drop into the post office on the way out and a couple of chores to do in Barton on the way too.

    Glad your solo trip went well, but you must be very careful of your bag Caroline - lucky that there were some lovely people around to help you. Great news on the weight loss - glad it's still continuing however slowly.

    I'll keep popping in to see if anyone else has any news during the day.



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      Morning all....bit nippy here but bright.

      Just waiting for Daniel the hellbat to arrive, his mum is having her hair done.
      I’m toying around with Van Gogh’s “ Starry night” as a cut, it is out of copyright, I’ve edited and printed it, just need to see if it “Gets lost in translation” when I start to cut it.

      Might get out and do a bit of detecting before we go to Wales on Monday. We half winterise when we come away now in case lockdown gets announced and we can’t get back to sort it all out.

      Not a lot more to say, be back later.


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        Afternoon all,

        Sunny, dry but cooler here.

        Caroline, glad to see your mojo is back and your visit out on your own to the shops went well.
        Nice to see a friendly face in the post office.
        Ours is full of mean looking grumpy women, who don't know the meaning of customer service and never offer any help or advice, you have wheedle it out of them like its top secret. The other day I went to pay a cheque in but hadn't done it before as we don't take cheques any more but this was from the VAT man. I handed her the envelope and she took one look handed it back to me and said You can't pay that in here. Oh I said I was told I could. Well not in that envelope you can't. What envelope do I need? A post office one. Could I have one? Yes. Thank you. I moved over to side redid the whole thing, put it in the new envelope and handed it over. She says ok that will be 3 to 4 days. Thanks I said and left.
        Like getting blood from a stone.
        Well done on the weight loss.

        Linda, did you get anything at the scrapstore? We had one of those sales about 2 weeks ago. not just fat quarters but part bolts and rolls and lots of remnants. I wasn't well enough to go even though the scrapstore is about 5 minutes away as the crow flies. I keep forgetting that place is there and then remember that they have awkward opening times for me.
        Hope your trip out went well.

        Dave, your description "the hellbat" had me laughing out loud. An very apt description of a toddler especially a boy. Now thats ambitious Van Gogh's "Starry Night" good luck with that, it will either be spectacular or a lot of shredded paper
        I suppose you would rather be locked down in Wales, hope it doesn't come to it.

        Today I am feeling a lot better, still an achy back. Simon finally managed to get a new battery for his car today .. Yeah. Not done any crafting yet, still trying to catch up with things, need to pay some bills in a minute, sorted and tidied away paperwork earlier. Some new card I had ordered a couple of weeks ago arrived. I missed the deliveries, either ill or in hospital. Found out today from the posty that they are no longer allowed to leave parcels with neighbours to prevent us having to meet up with them.
        Now this card is here it might give me some inspiration.

        Take care everyone,



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          Hi Shelley - great to see you posting on here again and pleased that you are improving if slowly.

          I know what you mean about lack of customer service - thankfully things seem to be taking a turn for the better round here, but I do use local companies as much as people.

          I did get some bits at the Scrapstore but only one small bag of cotton fabric remnants. They did, however, have a selection of heavyweight paper in colours suitable to make end papers for the books and some nice brushes suitable for glueing the finer bits of book construction. I could have bought a lot more stuff, but with the expenses we've had recently and to come (boiler) I don't really have the cash to spare. I spent a grand total of £3.65, but have about £10 worth of stuff. I also took the opportunity to go into the big Sainsburys store while I was passing by the end of the road - it will save me going to the not quite so large store in Grimsby next week.