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Tuesday 29th

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  • Tuesday 29th

    Morning all, raining! not sure that was forecast but they did hedge their bets a bit, lol. a bit of airy fairy weather report last night, in other words could be anything.

    Finally finished the 4th block of Poldark, another 2 to go. The plan is to finish one a month in Oct and Nov, then can source a frame. More interesting now as his face and jacket and only a small bit of sea. The sky is also lighter which I am doing first. The counting gets to me sometimes and last night the 2 colours I was using looked the same so gave up. Even with a daylight bulb think my eyes need testing.

    Had to block and delete a member of a FB group this morning, she has been told not to bump posts even explained to her not to do it, this morning the last straw as she had bumped all her sale posts. It was agreed would not do in this group as unfair on others who post sale items after you, theirs get pushed to the bottom. Why do some people not listen, she is the only one that does it.

    Hope to make a start on the pumpkin banner today, yesterday went a bi awry as Shiloh screamed when we touched one of his ears, checked and looked like a hematoma. Dogs with flappy ears can get this particularly if they get an ear infection, which had had the other week, they shake their heads and the flappy ears can burst a blood vessel. Dragged him to the vet at 4.45 he went in as good as gold, she has given us some steroid tablets and does not want to drain atm as she thinks he would never want to see her again, lol. Back again on Friday to see if any better. Bonnie said they do go down by themselves and the steroids with an anti inflammatory should help. More expense that was £52.50. He was in there about 15 minutes. Still they are good vets and not as expensive as the one my sister goes to in Cranleigh.

    Hope everyone is fighting fit and Shelly improving daily.

    HAGD & BBL x

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    Morning all! Dull but not raining and nothing in the way of breeze. Temperature must be reasonable as George was outside when I called him for breakfast, having spent the last couple of nights indoors.

    Yesterday - call from the garage just after 8.30am to say they had the wheel, could I take the car down for 2.00pm. All done in less than 15 minutes, wheel that came off is now in our garage with a label on it so we know why it's there (useable in an emergency); cost well within estimate. Heating worked when required. Cleaned up "my" rooms in the extension, cleared another couple of small boxes of stuff left over from aromatherapy days - majority of stuff put out for car booting and stuff to be kept reduced to a small basket worth. Quite a lot of time on family tree, more on the cross stitch/blackwork and a bit of knitting.

    Today - window cleaner just arrived, weekly shopping, usual clearing up, then not sure, will see how it goes.

    Caroline - poor Shiloh, he must have been in a lot of pain, but glad you were able to get an appointment for him so quickly. Fingers crossed the treatment takes effect very soon and all is well by Friday.
    Dave - see you're on-line now so probably doing your daily post. Hope the cutting went well yesterday; when is your next trip to Wales?
    Mo - assume you were back in the shop yesterday; hope it wasn't too exhausting after a busy weekend. How much stock have you got to replenish before your next event?
    Shelley - see you managed to pop onto fb, so assume you're still at home and have fingers crossed that things are settling down for you.



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      Morning all..dull here but still early.

      Yesterday finished the Halloween cut, just need to look at framing options today.
      Might go up the back and chop a few more saplings out, just noticed from the upstairs window, one or two are a bit thick.

      Had a phone call that the fridge freezer has arrived in store, it will be delivered to us in Wales on the 6th. Sue is really excited about me 😂

      I know what you mean about groups and members Caroline. I admin on about four and here.
      Most have rules like “sales posts weekends only” because they aren’t sales platforms firstly, they are show and tells, advice etc. Guaranteed someone will just put up a sales post delete it, they add it again, you delete and pm them....they add it again, so they get blocked. They tend to do a bulk post in all of their groups plus their accounts are linked to Instagram so if one gets it as a sales post they all do...serves them right, they should check who allows what. Same with YT posts. We don’t allow them at all as they don’t show their work in the group, they just tell you to go to their YT channel to see it ( clickbait)...blocked! Its all in the rules. Some of the other admins just keep deleting. I delete-warn-block or everyone starts doing it in no time at all.

      Hope everyone is ok, be back later.