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Monday 28th

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  • Monday 28th

    Morning all, cold but our new duvet is fantastic and for £26 from Sainsbury's along with the bounce back pillows excellent value for money. Cheaper to buy new each year than have dry cleaned with all the chemicals which seem to smell for ages. Plus these do go in the washing machine if you want to do them that way.

    See the Waitrose boss has slammed shoppers for emptying the shelves and booking up slots for delivery. We get priority from them so not a problem, the trouble will be the basic supplies each week. Have plenty of flour in sacks from Squires Kitchen and due to order loo rolls this week, will see what we get. Last time they kept supplies back for regular customers so fingers crossed. So mean of people as older people cannot afford to bulk buy.

    Housework for me today, taping the coving on one wall for lee to paint and ordering the main mixed paint from Dulux today. The samples were brilliant and have mini rollers on so easy to test.

    More cross stitching main large inroads into Poldark's jacket done one side.

    Pumpkin banner tomorrow.

    HAGD & BBL x

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    Morning all! Dry, slightly warmer, wind has dropped considerably.

    Yesterday - made it to Barton and back without tyre problems, but a bit stressful while I was out; shop was much busier than when I do my usual shop on Tuesday mornings! Made bread then most of the rest of the day spent on cross stitch, knitting and family tree. OH wanted some heat in the afternoon and boiler refused to play - tried several times and got a thermistor fault up at one point; if finally came on so was left on until the end of the evening programmed period. Came on this morning, but don't trust it to be reliable.

    Today, hoping to hear from the garage that car part has arrived, need to nag OH to email the heating engineer for a) invoice for Saturday's call out and b) quote for boiler. Have finally washed and pressed the Hampshire map cross stitch, so once it is fully dried will get it packed up and ready to post. Feeling a bit unsettled generally.

    Caroline - very impressed with the latest bookmarks Don't go mad with the housework and taping up, you need to look after your back.
    Dave - sorry to hear about the night terrors - hope they're not a frequent occurrence. Did you get the wood cut down and under control?
    Mo (and Pete) - hope yesterday was very good for you and the packing up and journey home were without incident.
    Shelley - how are you feeling today? Is it too early to hope the medics are reviewing your situation and considering what else can be done and how soon?



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      Morning all....bit dull here but dry.
      Bit of a busy one housework wise today.
      Yes Linda, cut most of the saplings back so I can control them from shooting up next year, just got a few more at the back to cut down then its done. Being Beech, sycamore etc they just shoot up again from the bottom but its only thin as they struggle for light to build any thick foliage.

      No more night episodes, doesn’t happen that often, just something from a long time ago when I got my head injury pops up now and again, that’s all...

      Halfway through a halloween cut designed by Rebecca in Utah..

      Hope Mo and Pete had a successful weekend considering the current situation. Still no events our end...

      Hope things are improving for Shelley and everything is getting back under control.

      Good luck with the heating Linda 😁