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Thursday 24th

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  • Thursday 24th

    Morning all the rain woke me up what a racket, came down as if someone had turned on a power shower.

    Shelley so pleased you are home but take it easy especially your back. I pulled mine putting the Treadmill together and it hurst when I twist. So please take it easy and let the stress pas over you, sending hugs x

    Hope everyone else achieves what they want to today and hope you got things sorted Mo with your event Mo.

    Sewing for me today and looking at how to do a catalogue on FB for Instagram. Getting too old for the techie side now as moves at such a pace.

    HAGD & BBL x

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    Morning all! Very cool today, dull outside but currently dry and breeze only in the treetops. Sure that will change before long.

    Yesterday, one of those "what did I do?" days, apart from laundry, dealing with apples and usual clearing up. Did manage a few rows of knitting while watching the episode of Last of the Summer Wine where they said goodbye to Compo - always makes me well up! Stupid!!!!!!!!

    Today, in between rain showers need to pop to Barton to finish the shopping, drop off at the garage for them to get reference numbers to order the right wheel for the car. I've mislaid a plastic card with some reference information for the bank, so searching for that, the heating has gone kaput again (fortunately still got hot water) so trying to get OH to get someone to sort that (again!). Trying reduce my stress levels after everything that keeps going wrong. Might try and get some knitting done, and need to wash and press the cross stitch so I can get it posted off to the family member who wants it.
    George (the cat with dementia) spent the night indoors last night for the first time in over six months and is completely disoriented because his usual timetable for being inside and outside has been disrupted!

    Caroline - hope your back is on the road to recovery, but you still need to take things steadily; don't sit too long at the sewing without getting up to stretch your back.
    Dave - back in England? Hope the garden etc doesn't require too much work before you can settle to some cutting.
    Mo (and Pete) - hope you got set up OK and have a great day today.
    Shelley - so pleased to hear you are home safely and the procedure was successful. I'm not surprised your back was complaining after the stress in the morning on top of everything else before and after; I hope it is much better this morning, but do follow doctors' orders and don't try and get back to full activity too quickly.



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      Morning all....
      Yesterday wasn’t too bad, bit drizzly, decided to come home instead of today.
      Already got mounts to cut, had a rubber stamp and pad turn up in the post and some A3 sheets of specially made acetate to replace what I donated to the NHS in March. Only trouble is, because this stuff is a special plastic ( PETG) that can be autoclaved, sterilised and reused, it’s in demand so the cost has nearly doubled, good job I don’t use it regularly. £26 for 10 sheets!

      Got to go out and grab some mount boards and acid free buffer board as I’m running low, might as well grab it while I’m here.

      My BIL messaged me yesterday, my niece has had to cancel her wedding for the third time, put back to next October now. Once due to a bereavement, twice due to CV19 🤷🏻‍♂️....I’d just pop into the registry office myself or just not bother.

      Have a good’un