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Tuesday 22nd

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  • Tuesday 22nd

    Morning all

    Apples galore seems to be the norm this year, our neighbours espalier has dropped some our side which she said we could have. I am sure you will come up with some wonderful recipes Linda.

    Don't rub it in Dave or we may all come down as a rabble and wreck the peace for you, lol.

    Mo how have you got on with all the creations, can imagine Pete wood chips everywhere.

    Shelley you do as you have been told the hoovering can wait, no swinging from the chandeliers with a feather duster.

    Today taping under the coving on one wall for Lee. Unpacking the treadmill, checking the video and hoping I understand enough to put together, if they not they will have to be paid to erect it. Usually good at flat packs etc so fingers crossed.

    Not much else planned apart from reading and x stitching. Seeing your map has made me want to do a Surrey one for Lee Linda.

    HAGD & BBL x

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    Morning all! Early mist, hoping for a lovely day when it lifts.

    Very quick visit as I want to get off and do some shopping before it gets too busy - now I've got a working freezer and it's payday there's stocking up of things to be done.

    Back later


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      Enjoy your trip out Linda.

      Treadmill all put up just need to light it up now.


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        And so it goes on.............

        Got to Grimsby, thought front tyre looked a bit low (more so than a couple of days ago when I checked it), drove across the road, very carefully, to the filling station to put tyre in. Forecourt very busy so went to the supermarket car park intending to sort car after shopping, got out and tyre was completely flat. Drove very carefully back to the filling station only to find the air machine was out of action Rang breakdown service - text saying it would be about an hour, so walked across to the shop to get that done and 15 mins later had a phone call to say the chap had arrived. Cut short shopping and dashed back to car; spare tyre put on Drove home vary carefully and dropped car off at the tyre place just round the corner from us - they're busy so I've walked home (do me good!). Will have to borrow OH's car to go to the butcher's and the farm shop, then ring the tyre place in a couple of hours to see what the situation is.

        Still got to deal with two lots of apples put to strain yesterday, and need to make some bread as well, and cope with a cat who has gone into real cuddle mode and has already let me know he didn't appreciate me going out of the house for any length of time.

        That's my day gone
        I may be back later to let off more steam LOL!



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          Morning all...

          This morning was a bit muggy, not clouds but fog like sky, starting to clear now.
          Nothing much on, definitely walking into Newquay as it’s quiet, Mwnt definitely on before Thursday but yesterday we noticed the path from Aberaeron town was open ( was closed, re surfaced for wheelchairs etc...) along the river so we walked it up to the bridge, over then back the other side....Sue got the retail therapy in first πŸ™„πŸ˜

          Might get better or worse before we go back but Thursday it is regardless, things to do, back on the 5th I think.



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            Evening all,

            Just a quick visit to say I had a phone call to say my covid test was negative So tomorrow its all go for 7:30. Will pop in asap to let you know I am home and ok.

            Take care all,