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Saturday 19th

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  • Saturday 19th

    Morning all! Bright, dry and sunny outside, not too cool, but quite a breezy rattling around the trees.

    Yesterday, good progress made with the cross stitch but having to do bits of "jiggling" now and again to accommodate slightly misplaced stitching in other areas (working on 28 threads to the inch with single and double threads); also finished the cardigan fronts and cast on for the sleeves. Also got a large order put into butcher's ready for collection next week on payday. Jabs done - one in each arm! The actual jabs didn't hurt but localised areas developed soreness.

    Today, have been out and cleared up the hedge cuttings from last week, but of course that exposed a lot more stray growth which needs to be cut back so had a go at the bits of that I could reach easily. Didn't get a lot of sleep as both arms are tender and every time I moved it woke me Will try and finish the cross stitch, but not planning much else except catching up with recorded TV programmes.

    Caroline - hope all is well with you and you're currently out with Shiloh enjoying a walk in the late summer sunshine
    Dave - maintaining your standard of cutting no matter what you cut or how many times you do it
    Mo - lots of pieces completed for the show over the last few days - a marathon task. Back in the shop today? Hope the customers behave
    Shelley - hope you're just about sorted ready for the isolation period and everything is going to plan

    HAGO & BBL

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    Morning all...

    Bright again here, good weekend forecast, bit nippy first thing.
    Yesterday was glorious, not quite as hot as the day before, still worthy of a splash of factor 50 though. We didn’t go anywhere yesterday, just walked the beach and the surrounding area. I actually paddled, not done that for about 20 years 😂

    Good old “Bill”....I only did him as one of those I use to fill in between cuts or to loosen my hands up before I cut something else, he came out quite well, I do love W.H. Robinsons illustrations to cut.

    Not going anywhere special today, might walk the river Aeron railway walk, last time we saw a family of otters swimming alongside the shore. Good to see they are making a comeback. We have them in the Severn at Ironbridge too. They have been filmed on early morning swims under the bridge. Flo loves it as there are plenty of scents around. She’s not over keen on the beach, nothing to sniff and only dips a toe in the sea 🙄.

    Parts of Wales are in lockdown but I think that is mainly Cardiff way on and the Rhondda. The west here stayed pretty unscathed last time, we are ok.....for now.

    Everyone sounds busy, have a good’un all