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Friday 18th

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  • Friday 18th

    Morning all, dark but dry here. Yesterday went to have coffee in the garden needed a quilt and fire pit, the wind was biting. Came back indoors.

    Hobbycraft delivery yesterday once the silver ribbon arrives can finish my BF's last Christmas gift. Wrapped all her Birthday gifts yesterday and ordered some postal boxes.

    Sitting chatting to Lee, Shiloh was staring at him with laser eyes hoping the biccy pocket had sprouted some more treats. Lee carries biscuits around with him, lol. Any way I mentioned about going to M & S after the blood tests on the 30th then said we could go out any time if he wanted. At the mention of the word 'out' Shiloh's head spun round and he glared at me as much as to say 'you are going no where' lol. He understands too much.

    Will make Christine & Roberts C card today and wrap her other gifts, pack in a box ready to be posted end of November. I am so organised you would be proud of me or maybe not, just an idiot.

    I am sure you will be fine Shelley but can understand your apprehension. Will be thinking of you.

    HAGD & BBL x

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    Morning all! Bright and sunny, but distinctly cool and breeze will be getting up according to local forecast. Should stay dry.

    Yesterday, another day doing not a lot - sorted out the knitting error and have nearly finished the cardigan fronts (do hate it when hands hurt so much I can't finish off something and the mind is keen to complete!). Did get another couple of hours on the cross stitch - all the fiddly bits finished apart from one word, just the northern county border and a couple of smaller rivers to complete. Message out of the blue to provide a character reference for a crafting friend I haven't seen since she moved north of the river some years ago - hate doing these as never sure exactly what people want. Friend is changing career and already in the new job - in my day references were taken up either once someone was shortlisted or immediately after interview - it's all changed

    Today flu and pneumonia jabs this pm, otherwise working on cardigan and cross stitch, as I'm so close to completion of things. Will need to exercise brush and and duster and do some tidying up in the house though. Still haven't got in the storeroom to review the state and pricing of the preserves and still have a notebook to complete - casing to finish off then book block to secure in casing so not much to do.

    Caroline - you certainly are organised with the various cards and gifts for forthcoming celebrations. I used to be like that but have no enthusiasm for anything these days - just remembered I used to write my cards at craft events when I did ones that had long quiet periods - won't be doing that this year!
    Dave - busy yesterday? Saw you popped into fb yesterday so know you're OK.
    Mo - busiest of us all on the craft front at the moment and making great progress and beautiful pieces. I'm sure your customers will show due appreciation for the work you've both created
    Shelley - Wow! you are busy, but yes you must be careful of your back and not do anything to prevent your hospital appointment going ahead. Glad Meimei is back to normal and nose bopping (what a great phrase!)



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      You sound as if a lot to do Linda. Lee used to get a lot of references to complete after he left BT for all those that took the money an ran at the same time. He found it hard but usually wrote something very good, he has a way with words and keep saying to him he should write a book.

      Not so much enthusiasm but know if I do not get down to it, the time would have gone. The picture is mounted ready to go in the frame hope the ribbon arrives today as no post on Saturday's.

      Our postie knocked the other day and said Wed and Sat no post delivery unless we have parcels to deliver. Something about they will not give the sorting office money for another van for our route, has to be spread throughout the villages.

      Hope you get everything done today x


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        Morning all....This morning is very bright again but there is an autumnal nip in the air. Yesterday was very hot, full sun all day. We drove over to Tresaith and Aberporth but both had lots of people and no parking so we didn’t stay long.
        That said, we still had a lovely drive through the Welsh countryside.
        Don’t know what today has in store, might go into New Quay village when the tide goes out. We can walk from here to the harbour via the beach. We usually grab a bench at the far end waiting for the dolphin pod to hopefully make an appearance.

        Not done much cutting, gone back to “Bill the Minder” for no other reason than keeping my hand in. No events, no outlet action...all a bit quiet still.

        Have a goodun’ all
        Dave 😎


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          Evening all,

          Sunny and warm - again😉

          Caroline, deceptive weather, looks lovely but not to sit in for long. I am proud of you in fact I am dam impressed with your organisation, sort wish I was but then there would be no Xmas rush and feeling of excitement as you manage to pull it all off with hours to spare, the post box across the road has taken battering and wrapping paper and tape is all over and the cats are rolled up and sleeping in bits of wrapping paper and bows

          Linda, hope the jabs went well, and you had a pleasant day knitting and sitting. I sound busy but it doesn't feel it, I am now actually looking forward to my procedure and hope it returns me to the more active person I was. I can really only mange one or two major things in a day and have to rest a lot.
          Hope the reference writing went well, I never know how to pitch those things, usually look on the internet for a template and use bits and pieces from several and change it around to suit.

          Dave, well he is brilliant, Bill the Minder, Fantastic work - again. Sounds like you are having a whale of time in sunny Wales, glad you enjoyed your drive.

          Mo, still off work? Working hard on all those beautiful Christmas baubles, baubles is really not the right word implies something cheap and shiny.

          Today went food shopping, and to the post office and the che m is t. Need to pop out again tomorrow, forgot Flo's prawns and as I will have to self isolate from Sunday evening to Wednesday I need to make sure I have everything.
          Tomorrow is hoovering, spent this afternoon tidying ready.

          One of our friends (in our bubble) came round to borrow some Anne Mcaffery books, lost his keys some where along the way, two hours later, one not so happy wife with spare keys arrives by taxi, joins in the search we had done 10 times, they unlocked the car and spent time looking in there, finally asked in the shop one down from us, she said no but have you tried the newsagent, yes he said but they didn't have them. She said let me ask them, not sure what difference that would have made but lo and behold they did have them. One very relived friend and mildly irritated wife went home. he rang a bit later to say thanks for the books, I said enjoy but you should get your keys on a string ( he had dropped them in the new forest last week - his wife found them) he said yes they are actually going out right now to the hardware shop to find a suitable key attachment thing

          So my morning was basically wasted, but hay ho these things happen.

          No crafting, not really in the mood, can't wait till Wednesday has come and gone.

          Simon saw me typing yesterday and said if I really wanted a scan and cut I should start looking seriously Found one on Shpock quite locally so will see what they will go down to.

          Take care and sleep well,

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