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Thursday 17th

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  • Thursday 17th

    Morning all, bad night as kidney pain again. Think I am spending too long sitting at this cross stitch. Have set my watch to get me moving every 30 minutes.

    Today wrapping our anniversary gifts, make a start on the special Christmas cards and maybe wrap Christine's (friend in Glos.) Birthday gifts ready to take to the sorting office about 10th October.

    Weather got very warm yesterday in the end but an odd feeling, sneezing like mad and I think the pollen is up, could see in the air. May sound odd but one of our magnolia trees thinks it is spring as has sprung 2 beautiful purple tulip flowers. Sat in the garden for coffee, then got too muggy. Suddenly about 7pm the wind whipped up and the trees were bending, so odd.

    Lost my mojo for actual making atm hopefully will return, think the rejection from Pedddle got to me as others have now been accepted. No rhyme nor reason to their selection process.

    Heard from nephew the C tests came back negative but he does not believe them so has booked hi wife into Bupa for full tests to see if she has the antibodies present. She is on the at risk register but did not behave like it, still went shopping! for clothes not food, nephew does that!

    Oh well better start the day, HAGD & BBL x

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    Morning all! Bright and sunny, very little breeze but definitely autumnal.

    Yesterday - got sat in the chair in the morning, cat thought I was his bed for the day and my mojo walked out the door. Did quite a bit of knitting, but have to unpick some this morning because I've discovered an error. Did catch up with some TV and had a giggle at an old Pauline Collins film.

    Today - currently in the same situation as yesterday - chair, cat that thinks he's settled for the day (soon to be disappointed!) and no mojo. However, will need to get an order sorted for the butcher's now I have a working freezer and the bank balance is due a boost next week. That way it will be ready for me to call in and collect on the way home from shopping on Tuesday.

    Preserves haven't gone to waste - yet! I am wondering if they will go at car boot sales for the cost of the jars plus a few pennies, or if there's a local food bank that could/would use them, I'm not sure on the regulations about that, but thanks for the idea Shelley. I don't think churches or charity shops could take them because of the selling regulations, but even so it would be the same problem that if it's one day after the BBE date people think they've suddenly developed into poison and won't touch them! At least if I bin the contents I can clean and re-use the jars

    Caroline - sorry you're not feeling on top form again - you could well be correct that you're not moving around enough. As for mojo - it's probably with mine! Hope it all gets sorted soon. If nephew doesn't believe the test results why did they bother in the first place?
    Dave - Hope the trip to Aberaeron was worthwhile in all respects and you and Flo enjoyed your walk. Did you get any cutting done?
    Mo - glad to hear your event next week is still on - fingers crossed nothing changes to enforce a cancellation. It does, however, put you under a lot of pressure to get things ready so hope that there are no hitches with that.
    Shelley - I've never had a flu jab (I used to be PA to the Associate Director of Prescribing & Medicines Manangement at the local Primary Care Trust and he always said he'd never have a flu jab. I figured he knew much more about this sort of thing than me and as I don't have any underlying pathological health problems I took my cue from him). I've only ever had flu twice in my life, but I'll see how it goes (J day is Friday pm at 2.21). Glad to hear Meimei's visit for pokes and jabs was good and you're now forgiven for the dreadful treatment meted out!



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      Evening all,

      Another warm day, not as hot as yesterday but very nice.

      Caroline, sorry to hear about your bad back. Good plan setting an alarm. My watch is set to remind me to move if I have been still for about an hour.
      Wrapping presents, don't think there will be much of that this year, no friends for Christmas or my birthday. Simon often says to choose something I want. I am seriously considering a scan and cut, second hand - new way too much just to have for the occasional things.
      Don't let the rejection get you down. They obviously don't know a good thing when they see it and they will be the ones loosing out by not having your wares to attract people to the fair.
      I am sure your mojo will return soon, it always does. I have also not being making much, photos, listing and tidying, trying to get the living room hoovered and back to the way it was before I went to hospital.
      My next hospital visit is Wednesday and I feel slightly apprehensive and not really in a crafting mood so hope to get back to a wonderfully tidy and clean house ready to recuperate and get back to making asap.
      What? as Linda says why bother if you don't believe the results. I am having a test on Sunday prior to my hospital admittance.

      Linda, sounds like a lovely day, sitting with a cat knitting but I can understand not 2 days in a row. Glad the freezer is working reliably and you feel confident to fill it up.
      I hadn't thought about if you empty them out you would at least have the jars to refill in better times.
      I have had a flu jab for the last oh must be 20 years? Never had any problems except for a bit of a tender arm occasionally, as I said to Simon "Be careful my arm has flu" I do think it helps most years if they get the strains right and there are no surprises.

      Today spent the morning in the shop stock taking and the afternoon ordering loads of stuff I mean loads. Cables mostly, stock ran low and now we are getting lots of request for them again, since Maplins closed we are the main go to place in town for cable, leads, connectors etc for musicians, djs, students and more. This will hopefully last til the new year when things quieten down a bit.

      Also tidied up the living room ready for the big hoover tomorrow, need to go shopping as well to last till Thursday as I have self isolate from Sunday to Tuesday, procedure on Wednesday and no hope of doing anything as I will be recovering from a sedation. Actually thinking about it I may shop tomorrow and hoover Saturday, still can't really do more than one big thing a day. My back is much better but I don't want to over do it and be unable to do much when I go to hospital or worst they refuse to do it,

      I think Meimei is much happier today, purring and lots of nose bopping. Worth the effort.

      Sleep well all,