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Tuesday 15th

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  • Tuesday 15th

    Morning all. Venturing out to M & S foodhall this morning. Feel safe in there as all the staff are in masks and gloves, the spray every basket and trolley down when returned plus do the same to the till points.

    Almost finished the first shawl/scarf, just 4 more rows to go and picot cast off. Hope to get that done today and maybe a bit more cross stitch. Done the R, last letter K to go then Ross Poldark himself. Before that delight another load of moody sea.

    Kept waking up last night with pricking in my right eye, off to find the magnifier mirror to see if an eyelash. That and had pain on my kidney again! Woke finally at 4:37am, showered dressed and sipping coffee, ready for the day ahead.

    Hope you are all well and just remember only 101 days until Christmas. The fact that someone is taking the number of hours out of the day will be here quicker than we think.

    HAGD & BBL x

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    Morning all....
    Light cloud, warm, still, calm sea.

    Linda is having pooter problems, no doubt be posting once she is going again.
    Amy and Daniel got home ok, nice to see them but great to have quiet and order return again. 18 month old kiddies are a handful and into everything!..the poor dog keeps well away, won’t go near him. She doesn’t like “ live wires”.

    Just got back in from a walk with Flo. These days she’s pulling going and being dragged coming back. Poor gal is eight and either feeling it now or being economical with energy.

    Going over the cut prices later, let’s see where that gets me.

    Have a good’un


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      Afternoon all,

      Caroline, looks like just you and me for the moment, Linda is having PC problems, she posted on Crafty Chat. How did M&S go? You are making good progress with all your projects.
      Did you find out if it was a lash? has your kidney pain gone?
      Wah 101 days, yes the clocks will be going back sooner than you think. The nights are already drawing in.

      Today no plans to go anywhere, got Simon to take me shopping yesterday as my back was still hurting, it felt like I could either do the shopping or the driving but not both. That turned into a fiasco as his SUV wouldn't start - flat battery, its becuase he hasn't had to go anywhere and it is just sitting. Decided to take my car, as I walked round to get in the passenger seat I notice the front tyre is completely flat😲

      So we used the little compressor that runs of the cigarette lighter and filled it up, we went shopping in it. Today he will charge his battery and I will put some more air in the tyre as i think we just put the bare minimum in.

      I finally made an appointment for Meimei at the vets for tomorrow afternoon. I feel a bit sad about it as you have to stay outside and they take her in, I just hope she behaves.

      Making good progress listing things on Folksy, should get it done by the end of today. Then start on my Xmas cards.

      My back pain is subsiding, much better today, hopefully gone in a couple of days. Using the stick has helped a lot with recovering I think. It makes life difficult though, can't carry trays, or very much at all. Hoping to ease off of it today slowly.

      Hope to see the rest of the gang later, I will check in and see how you are doing.

      Take care all,



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        Dave, we must have crossed posts, sounds like peace and quiet has returned. Poor Flo, she needs a chariot for the return journey.

        Hope the pricing goes well.

        Enjoy Wales.