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Monday 14th

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  • Monday 14th

    Morning all. Where are the days going?

    Sat in the garden yesterday it was so quiet, bliss. Noticed that the large trees are turning quickly, loads of berries on the holly already could be a sign of a harsh winter, according to the local farmers. They always get the weather right, think they know a thing or to.

    Housework for me today, more x stitching. Almost finished the R, that should be done today along with part of the K, as in the set of 10 stitches by 37 rows. Also doing well with the scarf should finish that by the weekend. Can then start another or maybe start the hug scarf with pockets.

    Better get up and at ‘em as lots to do. Wonder how many will socially distance and stick to the rules.

    HAGD & BBL x

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    Morning all...
    Bit dull here but was yesterday then it cleared up and was glorious all afternoon.
    Amy snd Daniel go back today, peace will reign once more.
    We walked along the beach yesterday. Sue took her shoes and socks off and took him paddling in the sea. I thought he would have hated it being cold water but he soon got used to it, then we went on a shell hunt.

    I’ll probably get some work out to cut today. Nothing for any reason, just a few unfinished ones that I use to pass the time etc.

    Wales joins the English face mask wearing brigade today...that should be Interesting.

    The day is young, I’ll BBL
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      Morning all! Misty and cool when I got up but that's lifting now and Mr Sun is showing his face. Quite a breeze around so that will keep the "feels like" temperature down.

      Yesterday, laundry done and dried, triffids strangling tomato plants (they are against a small fence with shrubs and weeds on the other side) chopped down. Went to see if neighbour was in (no she wasn't) and encountered another neighbour who cat sits for us when needed. Discovered the chap at no. 7 had died the other day - heart attack of some sort (probably explains the air ambulance the other day), and neighbours at the cottage the other side of us (field and big garden between) have moved out to be near the hospital in Sc-----rpe as he's been diagnosed with cancer and needs lots of visits for treatment. Caught up with the rest of the local gossip. Spent the afternoon on my cross stitch and got quite a lot done. Hopefully another couple of afternoons will see it finished, but won't have time for it for a few days.

      Today, a small task to do in Barton then have to visit friends in Lincoln - haven't seen them for years, both older than me and she (reckon she's about 85 or older) has some form of dementia. I gather her short term memory is very short now, as in minutes, so it's not going to be easy. It also sounds like things aren't good physically either. Will call in on MiL on the way home as she lives in a village near Lincoln and it's only a short detour. Expect that will fill most of the day and I'll just chill out when I get home.

      Caroline - I noticed last week there is an abundance of berries in the hedgerow and it's always taken as a sign of a hard winter to come. You are really motoring on the cross stitch. Go steady with the HW and look after your back.
      Dave - I've heard that grandchildren are lovely, but it's always a relief when they go home! Nice weather forecast for the next couple of days, so I'm sure you'll all get some very enjoyable walks in while the sunshine lasts.
      Mo - you must have a set of Caroline's batteries! You're motoring ahead with your crafting and finishing some beautiful pieces. Glad to hear the recent craft fair was a success, and fingers crossed Trentham Gardens goes ahead as planned.
      Shelley - jigsaws are to go to the neighbour who lost her husband in June, and she also brings me the bags of fruit and veg from her allotment and keeps us in spuds most of the year. Plenty of other places I can take them if she doesn't want them, but she gets first digs I kept a couple of small puzzles for me, and as for the Escher - OH and I did that one about 40 years ago and it was pasted on to a piece of netting. It was going to be framed and hung up but that never happened and of course bits have been coming unstuck every time it gets moved from place to place! It sounds like you are almost fully recovered from your recent infection and are able to get on and do things at your usually busy pace.



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        Just heard back from Pedddle and they have rejected my membership, no reason why I can ask but cannot be bothered. Have requested that they refund my £35 today! Not going to do the fair either will do my own promotions on FB


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          Just heard back from Pedddle and they have rejected my membership, no reason why I can ask but cannot be bothered. Have requested that they refund my £35 today! Not going to do the fair either will do my own promotions on FB
          Some people don't know good work when they see it - their loss!