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Sunday 13th

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  • Sunday 13th

    Morning all, beautiful bright day and due to be warm. May even sit in the garden and read and stitch.

    Poldark coming along well, decided yesterday after finishing the A to continue down the next 12 rows, that part is now completed. The bit below the letters is easier as less colours and gave me a break. Today tackling the R. Lee does not realise how long it takes to do one x in a colour, ie code, find the colour, thread the needle then stitch and tie off.

    Posted my new dragon fly makes to CC and Folksy.

    HAGD & BBL x

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    Morning all! Mild and dry, but a bit on the dull side. Supposed to get very warm and sunny, but also breeze picking up.

    Yesterday, chores completed then I started on the dark corner of the lounge. Took about 2 hours to do about 80% of it and vacuum definitely worked overtime. However, I managed to move all the boxes (mostly sheet music and books) and get in the corners; even managed to throw away some bits and re-home others. Still have a few jigsaw puzzles to rehome but a lady down the road knows someone who may take them for a care centre or disability group - just got to catch the lady at home and ask if they're still useful - otherwise charity shop/car boot pile.
    Back definitely complaining after that so had a soak in the bath for a couple of hours, then planned to do a bit of cross stitch. Just got going on the stitching and OH came home, so had to get on with tea. A few rows of knitting done after tea, then settled to watch the GP qualifying.

    Today, laundry on the go, 10 minutes done attacking vegetation that was threatening to strangle some of the tomato plants. Sweeping brush needs an outing on the kitchen floor then I'm going to see if I can get some more stitching done.
    Also see if the neighbour has got another half sack of spuds we can have as last lot all gone now.
    Some residual minor aches and pains from yesterday so not planning to be too energetic.

    Caroline - you really are cracking on with your stitching - take no notice of what Lee thinks, we know how long it takes to do a good job
    Dave - I'm blaming weather again - you had runners out, we had cyclists out here yesterday, some can be a real pest on the roads. Did Amy and Daniel arrive safely? I'm sure you could up your prices for cuts, especially with the quality work you do
    Mo - day off from the shop, but I'm sure you'll be busy with getting things ready for the show. Don't forget to breathe!
    Shelley - hope your back problems eased off and you were able to move freely, also that the pictures problem was sorted out satisfactorily.



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      Morning all...
      Overcast here, bright bursts now and again.
      Amy and Daniel got here ok.....I’ve been whizzing motorised toys across the floor
      Yes, really need to look at pricing again, that said, too high and they sit on a wall forever, I don’t have to tell you how fickle the are 🤷🏻‍♂️
      I could do with the craft fairs kicking in again, I think they are all sunk for this year to be honest, too many restrictions and compliances to adhere selling isn’t my thing.



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        Evening all.

        Caroline I admire your patience and perseverance with the huge cross stitch. I have two finished small cushion sized cross stitch from years ago and never got around to making them up, another 'to do' thing for after retirement LOL

        Hope you took it easy today Linda and the back is easier now.

        Shelley, hope your back is easier too.

        Dave our organiser has just finished their first show of the year at Hever Castle and it seem to have been a great success. Very organised and covid friendly, lovely feedback from the visitors too. All done by pre purchased tickets, yesterday was sold out. I'm reasoning that if people can be bothered to prebook tickets for a craft event at £10or so a time they are fairly serious attendees. Keeping my fingers crossed for our first one in 10 days. If the weather is at least dry it would be good as we are outside in out own gazebos.

        On Friday I finished the pre ordered bowl and sent the customer photos to approve, which will be packed up and posted tomorrow. Also pyro'd and painted two butterfly bowls and a larger one just pyro'd with multi butterflies. Will make a start on some hanging decorations and try and complete another larger bowl before Trentham. I have three days off in a row this coming week which will be all the time I have left to make anything. Next Sunday will have to be making sure we have everything ready to be packed up on the Tuesday.

        Had a day off today and went along to a garden centre with a butterfly house. It was gorgeous but so hot in there. Some massive specimens with some hatching in the nursery, loved it. A bit of lunch and a wander around the garden centre and miracle of miracles we didn't buy any more plants LOL

        That's about it for another few days I suppose.

        Mo. XX

        Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
        Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie


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          When is Trentham Mo? Its only about 40 miles from me....


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            Evening all,

            Caroline, still plodding away at the cross stitch, well done. Did you sit in the garden? Tomorrow is supposed to be even warmer. I might even have a sit for a bit in the garden.

            Linda, bet you are pleased with getting to grips with the Dark Corner I got rid of over 30 jigsaw puzzles in June, someone I know started a free/swap page on FB and I posted them on there and they were gone in 3 days all to one lady who works at a care home so they went to a very good cause. I decided after abandoning the one I started at the beginning of lockdown that I probably wouldn't be bothered to do another. I kept 4 that I really liked the pictures, one was Ascending Descending Stairs by Escher, its done in black and white like a pencil drawing, interesting.
            Good plan to take it easy today.

            Dave, I can just see you whizzing cars about on the floor. I think you could at least increase it by inflation. Simon and I gauge our minimum charge for repairs on the price of a box of Swan Vesta
            Planning on giving Mo and Pete a visit? great idea.

            Mo, you have been busy, very beautiful, all of it, hard to pick a favourite but it might have to be the multi butterflies. Three days in a row, you should get a lot done at the rate you are going. The butterfly house sounds lovely.

            Today I had a bit of lie in, got up and felt a bit better. Discovered if I use my stick on my left side (where the pain in my is) then I can stand up straight and walk more normally which I feel will help recovery. I only normally use my stick when I go out and don't need it at home but this is helpful and temporary.

            Spent the afternoon updating and listing new items on Folksy. I realised I had left off some important info on my earlier listings, so slowly rectifying it all. More than half done now, finish it off tomorrow. Then its time to start on making xmas cards.

            Take care all and have a good night's sleep.