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Friday 11th

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  • Friday 11th

    Morning all, cold here and dark. Appears Lee switched off the heating whilst painting the radiators, which is fine but forgot to turn back on.

    Dog walk later just before coffee as too cold atm and the sloth is comfy on the bed covered with the fleece.

    Starting to relist larger items on Folksy now I have found out can drop off at the sorting office. Have also signed up for 6 months with and hope to do the online fair with Folksy 5/6th December. If do not get accepted will cancel my subscription.

    Being able to send the parcels now will make another 2, this time for children, noticeboards.

    You all sound productive and although you do not think so makes me think I am lazy sitting in a chair x stitching or knitting.

    HAGD & BBL x

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    Morning all....dull but dry.

    As I posted yesterday, car MOT passed, fit as a fiddle, not even any advisories so that has freed up this week to go to back to Wales so we might nip over today.
    I gave the grass another cut so it is not too long when we get back.
    It’s a bit concerning about the Governments actions concerning CV19, I hope Wales doesn’t decide to lockdown again, I don’t think they will, the tourist economy will suffer and I can’t see furloughing coming back. The only thing is, anyone who has taken bookings for more than six people from two households in a lodge, holiday let etc Is going to lose money as they can’t let it out to more than six at the minute....bad news for the “ Stags and hens”

    Had a last minute panic request for two mounts and buffer boards from one of the local artists as the “Art trail” event here is in full swing for local artists to showcase in different venues. I got the call at 9:30am, she got a call back at 10:00 to pick them up when she is ready 😁. I keep her boards in stock as I cut mounts for her most weeks.

    The shop that was next to Petes unit has opened on the Wharfage. They do classes for upholstery, furniture painting etc, all sorts. There is also a section for crafters. Pete is there this weekend doing a card making demo, plus he has a stand so people can buy his cards. They have told him I’m in at some point....but not spoken to me since before lockdown and apparently I’m definitely doing workshops too. I’ll need them to speak to me confirming it as I take nothing at all on board until its come from the horses mouth. Knowing Pete, he’ll tell them that tomorrow, he knows what I’m like 😂😂.

    That’s about it for now. BBL,
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      Good morning.

      Lovely Autumn morning here, a bit nippy but lovely and sunny. The leaves are turning on our Maples and this year I have some winter pansies to replace the summer flowers on the window cills and baskets, must remember to water them. Pete spent almost a day taking out and potting up geraniums and fuchsias for next year, topping up other plants in pots and giving others fresh compost. Some will definitely need repotting again in the spring. I gave the boxes a haircut and trimmed the large bay a bit. Just have some spring bulbs to plant at the end of the month, again not done this before but it is lovely to have some colour in the garden all year. We are not gardeners, more stick it in a pot and see if it grows, and most do.

      Well I did it yesterday, gave my notice in officially. Told my Manager last week and she said she wanted to visit and talk to me about it. No going back but wanted to give fair notice so I can train up a replacement. One of my volunteers is interested in applying which would be great as Jenny doesn't want to do the job and is happy to carry on as she is as she will retire next August as well. My Manager said she was gutted and was very complimentary about my time with them which was nice. The best thing though was her surprise at my age, she though I was years younger and taking early retirement LOL Made my day.

      Hope to finish the sold platter today then crack on with the other items I hope to get finished for the show. There is a show running now at Hever Castle, first one of the year for our organiser, and all seems to be going well. Plenty of visitors and all complying with the covid rules so fingers crossed for Trentham in less then 2 weeks.

      Well done on the remake Shelley, and happy cats too. They love fleece blankets and beds.

      Hope you get accepted for the Folksy on line event Caroline, can't see any reason why not.

      Make the most of any time to get to Wales Dave and the weather is supposed to be good into Tuesday at least.

      How is the cross stitch going Linda ?

      Must get on now, have a good day all.

      Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
      Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie


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        Morning all! Late in this morning as it's taken a couple of hours to get the laptop into work mode. No idea why but it just wouldn't do anything and wouldn't give any information, so just kept turning it off and on again and clicking various things when the opportunity arose until it did something. In the meantime I stoked up the 20 year old desktop machine and got that moving - surprising the laptop started to do things at that point! It's still slow but getting there eventually.

        Yesterday I ended up spending a lot of the day on the cross stitch again. Lots of filling in, got a few town names, a couple of buildings and lots more trees done. Just a smallish area of sheet 2 to finish then on to sheet 3 which is basically the very northern area of the county, but I'll have to disconnect the side tensioning, roll it up the frame and redo the side tensions to complete the stitching. I did do about 15 minutes hacking at the road side of the hedge but had to leave all the cuttings there, so still need to rake up and clear away.
        Had the October (deferred from May) event cancelled yesterday - not surprised.

        Today, still enthusiastic about the cross stitch as so close to completing another section, got a bit of general finance and admin stuff to complete and tidy up, and still loads of Ancestry hints to deal with.

        Caroline - hope it's warmed up enough for you and Shiloh to get out for a walk. Glad you've found a way of posting some of your larger items without having to risk being in the Post Office with who knows who. You are most definitely not lazy - even when sitting you are being creative and making things.
        Dave - pleased to hear the car is back with no work/advisory notes. CV-19 figures in this area are not looking good at the moment - infection rate has been increasing far too quickly in the last couple of weeks and we're not much below national average at the moment (have been way below for most of the time). Makes me even more wary of going out anywhere.
        Mo - day off today and back to the pyro? Hope all goes well and you make good progress. How is Pete getting on with sorting out packaging for the larger pieces?
        Shelley - sounds like you're back in full flow with various tasks, and glad to hear the fleece is now three lovely cuddly covers for all members of the household. Hope the vacuum cleaner was up to coping with all the fluff and the sewing machine got a good clean out before being packed away.


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          Sorry Mo - looks like I was typing away while you were just finishing your morning post!

          Well I did it yesterday, gave my notice in officially.
          Woooo! Hoooo! A turning point in your life and it makes it all seem real

          The best thing though was her surprise at my age, she though I was years younger and taking early retirement LOL Made my day.
          A real boost



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            Brilliant Mo, welcome to the first day of the rest of your life....and the world of early retirees, you won’t regret it. Money isn’t everything.....but time is 😁 xx


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              Afternoon all,

              Sunny and warm here.

              Caroline good news about the larger items, I decided against joining Pedddle, I have just about got to grips with Folksy and still have lots to list. How did the walk go? Is he now back under the fleece You never need to worry about us thinking you are lazy we know you have your own special supply of go fast batteries

              Dave, lets hope your trips to Wales aren't affected. Its going to be wonderful week for sun and warmth this week, good time to go. I bet the lady for the mounts thinks you are a hero
              Do you not want to do the workshops? It could be fun, I thought you did some last year.

              Mo, sounds like a nice potter in the garden. Yeah and hurrah - handing your notice in, now its really real. Was it January? so little time left, it will fly by and then you can create more beautiful things. Love the butterflies.

              Linda, sounds like you had a fraught time with tech this morning, glad you got it all up and running. Shame about the event, it seems the second wave is rolling in gently, brought to us courtesy of the youth. Glad you are still enjoying the xstitch.

              Today I put the fleeces in the tumble dryer on warm air for 20 minutes (not suppose to be hot) done a wonderful job of finishing off the drying and giving it a lovely soft fluffy feel, ready for the bed later, and the cats will love it.

              I ordered a funny little shelf unit for my desk, funny in as it comes in 2 parts so you can adjust it to fit exactly your space. Works a treat, now installed and filled up. Replacement for wobbly shelves attached to the wall.

              My wood grain paper pad arrived, unfortunately too large a pattern for my idea, will have to look some more, I expect I will use it on something.

              Decided I need to start on my xmas cards, so will have a look at what I have and start making some plans.

              Right off to make spag bol.

              Take care all and have a good evening.



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                Yes Shelley, I love doing workshops and teaching people, I mentored many apprentices when I worked. I’ve also got a graphic designer friend that I commissioned specifically in March to design me a set of workshop use only templates and I’ve bought additional table spotlights and cutting mats etc for workshops but.....when I’m not kept in a loop I tune out very easily as my head is like a mental diary, things are either in there or they are not, no open ends or anything “pencilled in just in case as a maybe”..we've not even discussed terms for doing it yet 🤷🏻‍♂️



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                  Originally posted by 3dDave View Post
                  Brilliant Mo, welcome to the first day of the rest of your life....and the world of early retirees, you won’t regret it. Money isn’t everything.....but time is 😁 xx
                  Sadly I'm not retiring early, would if I could, will have reached retirement age !!!!!!

                  Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
                  Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.


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                    Lol...just resigning then....I was close 😂 x

                    Dave 😁