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Thursday 10th

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  • Thursday 10th

    Morning all

    Normal for me today, dog walk, breakfast, sewing room, a Waitrose etc.

    Just had the Email from Waitrose, well actually came in at 4:30am. Everything in stock one sub the filter coffee they have subbed with their No.1 range, delicious and expensive but only charged as normal.

    The houses that had parties last weekend would now have been unlucky, wonder if they would still have gone ahead.

    Not much else to report as never go anywhere, lol.

    HAGD & BBL x

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    Morning all.....still half light here, days are getting shorter.

    Had a full day yesterday.
    Lady came and picked up her Mucha, absolutely loved it after seeing it in the flesh, I love it when I get great reactions like that. She’d seen my work in Pete’s outlet last summer, that’s how she found my work.

    Took the dog for a long walk, nearly two hours, and it was hot. We have one of those water bottles that has a fold up cover that acts as a drinking tray, easy to carry to keep her hydrated.

    I went to the local B &Q, got a small radiator cover and covered those damned sockets.

    Knocked up a chicken and green lentil curry for tea.

    Next door had a log delivery, Sam was half filling a wheelie bin and taking them round the back, Graham, her hubby was unloading and stacking them. Being a good sort I went round, filled the bin to the top, carried the bin up the steps with him, did it in four loads.

    MOT day today so after the logs I washed the car before It rained. It won’t pass the MOT any easier but I think its polite to offer a clean car. Don’t know why, I’ve always done it. I’ve only done about 1000 miles since the last one, no advice notes so I’m hopeful, it’s only failed once in11 years.

    That's all folks
    Have a good’un


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      Morning all! Bright and dry, little breeze and little warmth at the moment!

      Yesterday, spent most of the day working on the cross stitch - not a great deal to show as I was jumping around the different areas doing fill-ins, but I reckon I'm at least 3/4 through the whole thing. I also discovered that I had missed doing the outlining on Carisbrooke Castle so I had to roll the work back to the beginning in order to do that, then move it all back up to north east Hampshire where I'm currently working - using a roller frame but so large I have the sides of the fabric tensioned as well as top and bottom.
      Made arrangements to visit friends in Lincoln on Monday (both elderly, but she has dementia of some sort and it's sounding like she's deteriorating rapidly), then pop in on MiL on the way back north.
      A bit of excitement late afternoon when we heard a helicopter coming in very low over the house. Caught a glimpse as it sank down over the trees at the end of the road, turned through 180 deg and came in to land in the field which is literally across the road from us. The glimpse I got told me it was one of the two Yorkshire Air Ambulances. Hadn't heard any sirens so pretty sure it wasn't a major accident anywhere, but some minutes later a land ambulance turned up and went into the field. Helicopter took off after about 30 minutes, but I was surprised the neighbours weren't out gawping at the goings on and nothing has appeared on the village fb group.

      Today, catching up with chores that didn't get done yesterday, but hoping to make more progress on the cross stitch - books have been sidelined again!

      Caroline - enjoy your walk, and hope you make good progress in the sewing room.
      Dave - definitely a busy day yesterday, and I'm not in the least surprised the lady loved her work of art. Fingers crossed the car gets through the MoT safely.
      Mo - how did you get on with the pyro etc yesterday? Hope you made good progress and dealt with a decent chunk of the build up of items awaiting your attention.
      Shelley - freezer is fine - light is still working, thank you Glad your breathing is much easier and you can get some healing sleep; don't go overdoing things and have a set back.



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        Afternoon all,

        Sun is shinning and it quite warm.

        Caroline, thats a nice sub. Sewing going well? As the rule of 6 doesn't come into effect till Monday they could have had their parties.
        I have found myself at my sewing machine today, got Simon to bring the Elna downstairs and am working at my desk, the reason? I went shopping yesterday and found a lovely snugly fleece duvet cover and pillow case. Now I didn't want a duvet cover, have been looking for a large fleece throw to put on the bed when its a bit chilly but don't need the winter quilt. So I bought a single and have unpicked the top and one side to create a huge fleece throw. Completely separated the 2 sides of the pillow cases and now have a fleecy cover for each of the cats beds. So now hemming it all, done the 2 cat's ones, taking a break before I start on the throw😲 it should fit the super king bed as 2 singles equals one super king approx.
        I think the cats will like it - I have just had Meimei try and curl up on the throw thats in the sewing machine ready to go, managed to get her on to a chair with one of the cat ones.
        So much fluff, glad I did it before vacuuming.

        Dave, well done on being a good neighbour, its the least we can do to help when we can. So glad the lady liked her Mucha, don't know why she wouldn't but its always nice to know you have done good I always cleaned my bike before an MOT, a very good way to give it a good visual check, makes you look closely at things like the tyres, spokes, and other external things that can come loose or missing. I don't wash the car but I do give it good clean inside. Did the car pass? So glad it was only you being half asleep and Flo is fine

        Linda, good work on a day of xstitch, sometimes you can do a lot on a piece but only you know how much Perhaps you should ask on the local FB page what happened? Maybe? I am not anywhere near there but I am intrigued Hope your visits on Monday go well. Hope you caught up with various tasks and now sitting with cats? and xstitch. I don't think it matters the you have sidelined the books, it nice to have various things to dip in to and do as the feeling takes you.
        Don't worry I am taking it slowly, want to be in the best health for my procedure on the 23rd.

        Mo, in the shop today? Pyro is coming along well, a water boatman would look fab.

        Today as I said I am at the sewing machine hemming what feels like miles of fluffy fleece, its grey so looks like dust everywhere, will have get the vacuum out when I finish. Meimei has claimed on of the cat ones for herself, fast asleep on it in the chair.

        Not much else planned till the hemming done, supper to cook and more hemming

        Take care everyone,



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          You are the same as us Dave, we always wash the car and clean inside before a MOT. The service no as the garage valets the car fully.
          Pleased your customer liked the Mucha, not surprised though.


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            We get the Chinooks over us even at night, they come over low and very noisy the house rattles. Last year a hot air balloon (a lot round here as take off from Basingstoke and Lasham) came over losing height rapidly, skimmed the houses and got to the fields the other side of the road. Scary for those on board.


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              We have a fleece Shelley bought some fabric years ago, very wide just hemmed with the overlocker round all 4 sides, very cosy for something quite thin and lightweight. Hope the cats are happy with their new fleece covers. Shiloh has the bed so shares ours.


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                Car passed, no advisories, all spot on, that said, I’ve only done 1700 miles since last one 😁....Flo lives to fight another day 🙄🐕😂



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                  The hemming is done, wasn't nearly as long a job as I thought, trusty old Elna whizzed through it. All washed and airing now, shouldn't take long to dry.

                  Caroline the cats sleep with us on the bed too, but they also have their own beds and they spend a lot time during the day in them.

                  We get helicopters all the time, police and the heli-med landing at the general hospital, I have seen them land when I have been in hospital.

                  Dave good news about the car and Flo☺ I see you found the emojis too😤.

                  Have a good evening and sleep well everyone.



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                    There is a coastguard helicopter depot/station/whatever a few miles away, next to Kirmington International Airport, and we hear them flying around most days. They are very loud as big heavy machines and fly fairly low, but they're not usually so low they are trying to take the chimney pot off the house!
                    We often get the police helicopter flying around too - it's surprising the number of incidents in and around the Bridge, including people jumping off, so we're used to seeing them, just not landing in the field across the road.