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Monday 7th

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  • Monday 7th

    Morning all, cold here but decided to turn off he heating trying to be brave, lol.

    Housework downstairs, dog walk, back for coffee and sewing in some form or another.

    How did the larger x stitch go Linda, I am going along at a rate of knots but the sky is easier than the sea.

    How are you feeling Shelley, any crafting.

    Mo shop or burning stuff?

    Dave shredding?

    HAGD & BBL x

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    Morning all! Dull, cold, wet but not much breeze at the moment. Complete opposite to the national forecast for this area, but not far off the local predictions. Just hope the expected warming up during the day happens.

    Yesterday - didn't get to the cross stitch as I spent much of the morning being a cushion for a cat! I just about managed to do some more family tree around the great lump of muscle and the thrashing tail LOL! Did get to the books later on though and more progress made but nothing completed yet. A GP worth watching so got a bit of knitting done and now up to the armhole shaping on the fronts.

    Today - a couple of tasks to do in Barton and general clearing up and cleaning to do in the house. Still got a couple of barrow loads of the chopped vegetation to shift from the garden if the weather improves. Might find time for an hour or two of reading this afternoon, but not making any specific plans.

    Caroline - sounds like progress on your cross stitch is coming on in leaps and bounds; have you completed the sea or just part of it?
    Dave - that latest Mucha is something else! The gold mount with the black just makes it so much of the period.
    Mo - hope you were happy with what you achieved with pyro and ink yesterday. Shop today and back to the donations and public?
    Shelley - that office chair sounds dire! If it had been in a big commercial office setting it would have been condemned years ago by H&S! I'm sure you will find the new one much more comfortable and it will be far better for your back and legs.



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      Morning all.....bit dull here.

      More gardening today. Stripping the ivy back that has crept through the fence, need to keep it down as we want to spray it all.
      Bay bush is getting cut back too.

      Mucha was a resounding success. Gave the lady a choice of white, black or gold mounts, she chose the gold. Her lounge which is huge, has been decorated and fitted with Deco/ Nouveau design wallpaper, furniture etc in mainly shades of gold and black, especially the wallpaper so hence the Mucha in those colours. She was a dream to work for, just left me to it, didn’t blink at the bottom line, picking it up Wednesday.

      I also glued in and framed the latest tiger too, he was just sitting in the
      glassless frame that I use to photograph, he’ll be on his way too, soon.
      No other cuts to be done, just general stuff to keep me busy.

      Was nippy yesterday evening so instead of firing up the heating we just cranked up the log burner on low instead to take the chill off.

      Everyone else sounds busy, have a good’un.



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        Evening all.

        Shop day but did about 20mins of pyro before I left, every little helps. As this piece has sold before I had even got a quarter of the way through I have to get it finished and crack on with a new one for the show. Not going to post anything about it beforehand though LOL

        One of our managers had the best ever find in a donation bag today ......................... a live hedgehog !!!! I only get Spiders and mice.

        Mucha was gorgeous not surprised your client was delighted Dave must be the finishing touch to her room.

        Wow that's some cross stitch Caroline, rather you then me.Mine have been quite boring by comparison.

        Have you got the freezer yet Linda ?

        Shelly hope you are improving daily and able to enjoy your crafting again.

        Have a good evening folks,

        Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
        Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie