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Sunday 6th

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  • Sunday 6th

    Morning all, up early again.

    Spent most of yesterday knitting and cross stitching. Walk in the morning had to cross the road to avoid the geese. They think the village is theirs, lol.

    Pretty much the same again today, nothing exciting.

    Noticed a house in the joining road yesterday had a social gathering of about 20 people. They decided our road and pavement made good parking spaces. No social distancing or masks. Oh well wait for a spike again.

    HAGD & BBL x

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    Morning all...bit dull here.

    Trip to HobbyC for some gold mount board to frame the Mucha, then I can post it, need to grab some frames too. I could do with an Ikea run for some of theirs but I can’t face the hordes.
    Need to grab some printer ink cartridges.

    We cut the lawns and tidied the borders yesterday, just need to cut the bay bush back.

    Apart from framing and mount cutting, “that’s all folks”.



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      Morning all! Dry and cool, has brightened up a bit since I got up.

      Yesterday - another day of waiting around for phone calls and people to do things. Did have a bit of time in the afternoon and decided I was enthused by Caroline's work on her big cross stitch project; so I got mine out - the map of Hampshire that has been ongoing for several years. Sorted out what was going on, did about half a dozen stitches then decided I had to get outside and clear up the recent vegetation decapitations. Had intended to do 10 minutes then back to the cross stitch. Ended up outside for an hour and back [email protected]@ered so not able to sit properly to cross stitch!
      Then the freezer arrived - just on 5 o'clock and after that it was time for tea.

      Today - I am not expecting any phone calls, in or out, or visitors or deliveries. I have plans to progress work on the two books in progress, perhaps some cross stitch and more family tree (Ancestry has come up with another 400+ pages of "hints!), before watching the GP tonight. Missed the qualifying yesterday as I was catching up with the athletics championship, but heard this am that Hamilton is on pole (what surprise!), expect the race will be another Hamilton procession.

      Caroline - we have neighbours who are forever having visitors - several cars at a time - who think it better to park on the verge outside our house rather than outside the neighbour's. Annoying but not illegal.
      Dave - a busy day in the garden for you yesterday, but I'm sure it looks beautiful. Hope the trip for mount board and frames isn't too stressful.
      Mo - day off today and no doubt you'll be busy with the pyro iron and the inks - don't do so much you cause problems with your hands. Nor surprised the latest zentangle has already sold, although not yet finished, and have no doubts the customer will be delighted with it.
      Shelley - a busy day yesterday? I hope you're not overdoing things.



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        Afternoon all,

        Sunny and warmer here today.

        Caroline, sounds like a lovely day yesterday, just doing some pleasant handwork. What do you mean the geese Think the village is theirs, of course its theirs. what are are you thinking Simon's mum kept geese and it was always his job to get the gander into his little overnight house/shed, took 2 boards and lots of cajoling, apparently Simon was the best at it. The girls had to spend the night in the barn. When they were reunited in the morning the gander spend 10 minutes checking they were all there before taking them all off for their morning walk round and round the gardens.

        Dave, how did the HC trip go? Get what you needed? I heard Ikea have stopped those frames, someone was moaning about it on FB might just be a nasty rumour, but maybe worth stocking up.
        Looking forward to seeing the finished Mucha.

        Linda, glad the freezer situation has resolved itself even if a bit more expensive than expected. Hope today is a bit gentler on your back and you make progress with the cross stitch. It's nice to have a day with nothing planned, enjoy.

        Mo, I see you are selling faster than you can make again Well done, hope you catch up.

        Yesterday was reasonably busy, shop was fairly constant in the morning. later in the afternoon I went shopping, just a trip to Sainsburys, went quite well, didn't get too tired and driving was ok.

        I decided I was fed up with my office chair, its quite old and the padding has compressed on the seat and it feels lumpy and hard. The front edge of the seat digs into the back of my legs if I sit too far back. I took the plunge and ordered a new one, leather executive one. Looks comfy and I like the idea of easy clean leather, I think it has some fake leather on the back and underneath but all the bits you touch when you are sitting is leather, its black and chrome so standard office style. Arriving Tuesday.

        I did some work on my WIP, one of the new paper pads arrived and one design was perfect for it. Going to finish it today I think.

        Today not much planned except shop at 4 for half an hour then the rest of the day is mine, card making, dinner and relaxing later probably the order of the day.

        Take care all,



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          Shelley, HobbyC was ok apart from having to Queue up.
          The black 400 x 500 frames are still available, also in there were oak effect, white and grey, same size, I grabbed the last two black ones and the last gold mount board. They did however stop selling A3 sized frames with no mount a year or more ago.

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