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Friday 4th

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  • Friday 4th

    Morning all, dry here and going for a long dog walk later. Yesterday was rain all day am sure that was not forecast.

    More sewing today have a beautiful piece of fabric, pale grey with dragonflies and pretty cerise flowers. Decisions whether to make a gift set plus glass case and maybe a bookmark. Decisions we have to make to create, lol.

    Hope you are all well and Shelley feeling better day by day. We need our gang of 5 back.

    HAGD & BBL x

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    Morning all! Very autumnal this morning, very cool, but clear, dry and not too breezy.

    Yesterday I did nothing. Spent most of the day on family tree stuff and a good couple of hours in the afternoon soaking in a hot bath.

    Today, fingers crossed, the freezer repair man is coming to fit the new parts. No idea how long it will take, and can't think ahead of that, so apart from cleaning the kitchen there are no definite plans.

    Caroline - that piece of fabric sound gorgeous (I love pink and grey together!) and I'm sure that whatever you make it will be up to your usual lovely standard.
    Dave - Are you still being fully Welsh? Any plans to return to the nearly Welsh bit of England any time soon?
    Mo - you have a very long list of stuff to get done for the show, fingers crossed that you can achieve it. How are things going in the shop? Are the customers behaving themselves?
    Shelley - a tiring day yesterday? Hope you're still being good and taking it very easy.



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      Morning sun here, still and dry.

      Yesterday was a scorcher so I cracked on with some cutting, Sue and the dog sat in the sun. I never do as it makes me feel really ill, just 10 minutes here and there is enough for me. The neuralgia finally died out after about nine days solid....

      Our neighbours went home this morning, just us left.....and silence with a sea view. Probably go back to blighty in another four days, less if the rain comes, car MOT on the tenth. The grass is probably knee high at home.

      Might pop to Aberporth or Tresaith today, both near each other, saw Aberporth on “Countryfile” ( I think 🤔) a few weeks ago, Sean, a presenter on Good Morning Britain was there doing a visit, they do rowing boat crew races through the year.

      Have a good’un back later.

      Dave 😎


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        Afternoon all,

        Its a grey day here but dry, some dampness forecast for later.

        Caroline, that fabric sounds very pretty, have you decided what to do with it yet? Did your walk go well? That reminds me did the treadmill arrive?

        Linda, glad to hear the freezer man is finally putting in an appearance, fingers crossed it gets fixed. I hope its not costing too much, should be cheap the amount of time its taken.
        I liked the xstitch, they will make a fine addition to a book cover.

        Dave, still living the good life in welsh wales Is the Mucha finished? Thats sounds bad - 9 days solid - doesn't anything help? Glad you are better now.

        Mo, day off today, the WIP looks fab, as usual Hope you get it all done in time without it being too stressful.

        Yesterday was the most normal day so far, I spent a pleasant afternoon doing some office paper work paying bills and sorting out paying for my car tax. I get PIP which entitles me to a 50% discount on my car tax which is well worth it but I have to send all the docs and cheque to DVLA. A bit of a faff but worth it, so done and in the post, should have been done end of August when I was in hospital, so no tax on the car at the moment, thats ok Simon can take me shopping in his. My tax should be back in 10 days, they are all on reduced personal so it all takes longer.
        I cooked a light meal and we spent the evening watching some silly TV and relaxing and then early to bed, trying to be good and get to bed before midnight, sleep is a good healer.

        Today not much planned, itching to get on with my WIP I started before my hospital visit, I might just have gentle play. Simon ordered some aluminium project boxes from the great river shop and my earlier viewing of a couple of paper pads and an embossing folder popped up so they had to go in the basket too One pad is wood grain patterns and the other metals, have plans for those and the embossing folder is a steampunk gears and clocks affair. Should be here today.

        A much needed load of laundry on, slowing getting back in the swing of HW, starting with some light tiding up, Simon is rubbish at putting things away, its ok when I am on top of it but we have had a bit of build up and there is not a clear surface anywhere near his seat

        I have had a letter giving me a date for my cardio version, 23 Sept. They have dropped the requirement for self isolating for 14 days and now I am being asked to "be sensible and stay safe" and then 3 days before the date I have to have a covid test and if negative I then have to self isolate for the time till the procedure. That should be doable because it would be Sunday, Monday (we are closed) and Tuesday so just closed for one day. Its a bit scary but hopefully it will sort out my heart probs and I can get the number of pills down per day, at the moment its 4 in the morning, one in the afternoon and two at night. I am just a wimp when it come to pill taking

        Thats some of my catch up news for now.

        Take care all.



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          Simon is rubbish at putting things away, its ok when I am on top of it but we have had a bit of build up and there is not a clear surface anywhere near his seat
          Blimey! More similarity; mine can't bear to see a clear surface (table, shelf or floor) and although he has a great ability to get things out of cupboards and drawers is totally unable to put anything away. Cleaning is a nightmare!

          Glad to hear your cardiac procedure date doesn't appear to have been affected by your recent stay in hospital. Good news also about the much reduced isolating requirement. Fingers are well and truly crossed that everything goes to plan.

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            Would you like Lee to stay he is so tidy and hates mess. His desk, everything in it’s place. He tidied up after use etc.

            Now the treadmill, where should I start. Had a phone all middle of August from Branx saying would not be here until mid Sept. Then got a message from Amazon saying delivery yesterday. By 8pm changed to before the 7th. Emailed Branx and this message is automatic by Amazon and due mid September. Good job we don’t work or would be annoyed for the waiting.

            The fabric cutting out tomorrow, a gift set then glass cases and bookmarks. The plan to use it all up.

            You seem to be sorted with the hospital now Shelley.

            Linda freezer done?

            Have had to order a new bottle storage shelf for the integrated fridge as the plastic at the sides has gone and cannot shut the door properly. Taken off and milk on it’s side. It is a Bosch but luckily found the right drawer and model number.


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              Delighted to hear you are much improved Shelley and the procedure can still go ahead. Enjoy the crafting and take things easy.

              Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
              Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.