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Wednesday 2nd

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  • Wednesday 2nd

    Morning all, bright clear day with blue sky and warmer. Off for a walk on my own later as the treadmill is coming today, do not know what time just hope we get a call later to give us some idea.

    Cross stitching? yesterday 1 row had 1 cross of 10 different colours, bit ott in my book but behaved and did them all, some are so similar in colour sure not necessary.

    Knitting if my long needles arrive and also want to start some glass cases in the hoop. First fabric for 2 ready.

    Not much else to report but did sit out in the garden yesterday a lot and Lee had a glass of wine in the arbour seat.

    Forgot, as you may know Shiloh had an ear infection, hence why we could not have his booster. He then went and got stung on the walk in the afternoon on his bad ear. Not a happy bunny, threw himself down onto the path and generally did not want to do much. His eye went a bit puffy, shoved a anti H down his mouth and now he is better. Not going to take him to the vet and pay £150 when I have loads of anti H's in the house and they work just as quick. Good job he takes pills, well anything you offer him will go down his throat.

    HAGD & BBL x

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    Morning all! Bright and nearly sunny, but a distinct chill in the air, plus likely to be more breezy than yesterday. Strong possibility of heavy rain shower later this evening.

    Yesterday - ended up getting quite a bit of cleaning etc done and a bit in the garden for a few minutes. Put a table for offer on a couple of the local buy/sell/swap groups and had an enquiry within half an hour. Very surprised as it's an early 20th century, solid wood oval table. It's neither big nor small, and the top pivots to vertical on the tripod base, but nevertheless is quite an old fashioned piece of furniture. Supposedly being collected today, so fingers crossed they turn up for it. No crafting done.

    Today, apart from getting rid of the table and the usual clearing up I'm hoping to finish the book I started a couple of days ago - using another of the "flapper" ladies from the old calendar for the front cover so I'm keen to see what it looks like when completed. Will need to nip out to the butcher's to get a piece of chicken for the stir fry tomorrow, and if I don't hear from the freezer chap, I'll need to try and get hold of him too - getting really fed up with this now

    Caroline - aww! hugs to Shiloh and I hope his ear is fully better now. I've had pieces of cross stitch with so many different shades of one colour in I've wondered why, but I don't have the artistry with colours and they've always looked just right when finished.
    Dave - finishing the Mucha today? Hope your weather is good enough for another lovely long walk somewhere scenic.
    Mo - day off today? Hope you get chance for some creativity once the essential chores are done.
    Shelley - hope you are improving steadily and able to do a little more each day. When is your next check up on progress with the medics? I've been wondering if this is going to affect your cardiac procedure and delay things yet again; I hope not.



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      Morning all.....overcast here but dry.
      Since Sunday, I think everyone has gone home, It’s like a ghost town at the minute. We went out for a walk yesterday but then just stayed in for the afternoon as it went quite hot. Sue can sit in the sun, I just burn, I can’t stand heat on me.
      Got down to cutting, Mucha is about 90% cut now so he’ll probably be ready for framing when we get home.

      Caroline, our Flo has no sense with wasps, she snaps at them then gets stung in the mouth and her jowls swell up like the “Churchill” Dog 😆

      Linda, “Flapper girls” in a design, great idea.

      Have a goodun’ all



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        Afternoon all,

        Grey old day here, bit chilly too.

        Caroline, lovely to hear you are as busy as ever, full of ideas and plans. Is the treadmill so you can continue walking in the bad weather? I hope poor old silly Shiloh is better now and is his sweet self again.
        Well done on the 10 sales in August. I am sure there is a good reason for all the colours, maybe its just very detailed shading that just makes it a bit special?

        Linda, glad you got a good amount of HW done, leaves the way clear for some concentrated crafting Did the table go? Any news on the freezer? Hope the flapper comes together.

        Dave, it must be quite nice to be so quiet after the busy bank holiday. This latest Mucha sounds like a true labour of love, can't wait to see it.

        Mo, hope all is well and you are not working too much. Getting ready for your first event in ages, must be quite fun Hope it all goes well.

        Today is the first day I feel anything like normal, still tire easily so not rushing into things. Think I must be getting used to the new meds. I had the most awful backache too, doc said it was tired muscles from breathing too hard, it is now getting better slowly.

        I know I am on the mend becuase I keep getting tempting to pick up one of my projects but am going to wait till much better, don't want to ruin something. Have been pondering with ideas though, think I might dig out my sketch book, might do some gentle colouring just for fun.

        Take care all,



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          So pleased you are feeling better Shelley. I sprained the muscles in my back when I had Bronchitis from too much coughing and not breathing properly. You do not realise what is connected until tested. Take care and projects can wait. Hugs x


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            Thank you Caroline, hugs appreciated