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Tuesday 1st

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  • Tuesday 1st

    Morning all and welcome to September.

    Had 10 sales in august so a happy bunny, hop, hop, hop.......

    Going to the chemist in the next village just before 9 for our repeats, walking up and yes up is right as a very steep hill. Will get back quicker though, lol. All our villages are separated by field or woodland East Hants will not allow building so that the villages merge into one. Good really as keeps the individuality. We also have our own logos ours is an oak tree, a lot of those in Hampshire and the river.

    Later sewing, cross stitching and anyting else that I feel like doing.

    HAGD & BBL x

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    Morning all! Rather chilly with heavy dew this morning, but brightening up now. Forecast is for more decent temperatures, little wind and no rain.

    Yesterday, quick browse (about 20 mins) round the car boot - plenty of space to keep away from others, especially those who, for whatever reason, failed to consider social distancing regulations. Sadly nowhere near as busy as normally, but I did pick up a hard back book of Art Nouveau cross stitch designs for £1. Not sure if I'll ever make any of them, but they are pretty to look at! Other than that the usual family tree, more progress with the current book construction, bit of knitting.

    Today, laundry has just finished the machine cycle, kitchen is cleared, bread to make, shopping to do, need to call in at butcher's and farm shop. Hoping to hear from the freezer repair chap today that parts have arrived, and just general clearing and cleaning.

    Caroline - glad to hear the steady run of sales continues, and hope the walk to the next village isn't too tiring
    Dave - hope the litter situation on the beach and other areas hasn't worsened and you can enjoy your walks. It was the local scarecrow trail round here Sunday and Monday, so I didn't bother to go out apart from the car boot first thing in the morning.
    Mo - hope your day in the shop wasn't too onerous - do people still bring donations on bank hoidays when you are open? Trust Pete is now recovered and back in the workshop doing what he's best at!
    Shelley - Thinking of you and hoping that recovery continues with adequate rest and nutrition



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      Linda I do hope you hear about your freezer repairs soon, you have been so patient.

      Did the walk 4716 steps, coffee in the garden now down to some x stitching. Have downloaded MacStitch used the demo before but this is the proper one. Can now load drawings or images and converts to x stitch along with the doc cLloyd’s, very clever.


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        Morning all...
        Nice day here, light cloud cover so its bright but not hot. Sea is like glass, it is at the point of “was in, just going out” so no waves.
        Yesterday we went for a drive. We see so many odd names here, we just follow the signs to see what the named places are like.

        Caroline, we are the same, no new building allowed so it stops urban sprawl. One of the plusses of living in a World heritage site....the downside is planning restrictions.

        Cut some more out of the Mucha, about 75% done now, it’s getting rather fragile now as more holes than paper 😁

        Have a goodun’ all