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Monday 31st

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  • Monday 31st

    Morning all, enjoy the bank holiday makes no difference to me as a permanent holiday.

    Santa bags and baby shoes posted to FB. The butterflies turned out just as I wanted them and think the random thread adds more detail.

    Dog walk, housework, cross stitching and not much else today. Lee is downstairs watching the rugby, his team The Harlequins. Not that he would ant to go atm but easy to get to as just off the A4 opposite Twickers. Far easier than West Ham which involves all round the M25.

    Sorting some fabric for the in the hoop glass cases. Had another sort out of the office drawers and got Lee to throw out a load more boxes from the small loft. Love being tidy.

    Turned out about 7 Swarovski crystal ornaments yesterday found all the boxes, will photograph and add to ebay this week. These were Lee's Mums and not the animals we like. have kept the larger pieces.

    This sorting is good for the soul. Just realised that the bottom of the wardrobe is still full of Lee's stuff from his large cupboard in the study. Must have a look at the Cotswold company to see about getting the large book cabinet for the landing. Need to order the bedside tables first, then can move things around. Will have to wait until Lee's state pension kicks in next year unless do well with the sales on ebay.

    HAGD & BBL x

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    Morning all! Apart from the chill in the air it's a bit more like a late summer day. So nice to see a bright sky and no downpours.

    Yesterday, bathroom got the good clean it was due, finished another book and started yet another - still using up bits and bobs where I can. Got through a few hundred more Ancestry "hints" and caught up with some recorded TV stuff.

    Today, no plans - down side of the sunshine is it shows up dust and cobwebs so have already wiped down the stairs (wood) and a book case! Car boot sale in the next village (local Rotary club run a sale usually on three bank oalidays a year), so going to potter along there, with mask, for a mooch; I'm usually out selling there so it will be a change to be on the buyer side of the tables.

    Caroline - saw the picture on FB - I'm not a great Christmas fan but do like the Santa bag - they'd be great for small and token gifts, and I agree the butterflies have turned out very well.
    Dave - more work on the Mucha yesterday? She must be near completion by now. Hope further walks haven't been marred by more selfish, ignorant, irresponsible idiots.
    Mo - shame having to go into the shop today? Is it going to be worth it?
    Shelley - great to see a news update from you yesterday, not expecting you to post regularly but just need to know occasionally that you are still around and things are improving. Sadly, the freezer is not yet sorted - awaiting notification that the parts have arrived and when the engineer can come and do the work.



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      Morning all, bright sun here today.
      Yesterday was a scorcher, it looks like more of the same today.
      Didn’t do any cutting yesterday as we were out for most of the day, will do some today as being bank holiday everywhere will be packed.

      Been to the beach, everything is clear, no rubbish, you generally see people out with bags doing a litter pick, it all adds up plus the pod of dolphins to consider if anything washes back into the bay.

      Good to see Shelley up and about in forum post kind of way.



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        Sold the 2 Santa gift bags already. They did not last long!


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          Originally posted by Caroleecrafts View Post
          Sold the 2 Santa gift bags already. They did not last long!
          Absoutely no surprise at that! Well done.