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Sunday 30th

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  • Sunday 30th

    Morning all, cold here the heating has come on. Have to venture out later for a dog walk wrapped up warm.

    Finished 3 pairs of the baby shoes, got to stitch up and check if the lace butterflies and flowers are dry, embellish the shoes, photos and post to Folksy. That will be my work for this morning. Have the embroidery machine loaded with a simple glasses case, can use up some odds and ends of fabric.

    Made a decision for larger parcels and items to give MyHermes another go, this time am photographing the boxes with a tape measure on so I can prove the size. If I could find some cheap self adhesive tape measures would add those as well, so no trying to claim my parcel was bigger than it was. Hate to do it but we have no drop for the click and drop at the PO without having to queue up. Still to ring the sorting office will do that Tuesday.

    This bank holiday has thrown me as not used to having days off, every day is a holiday, lol.

    Hope you are all well and Shelley is resting and doing as she is told x

    HAGD & BBL x

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    Good morning.

    Up early to get the housework done before Pete gets home and so I can enjoy some of the sunshine later. Got to work tomorrow so no chance to do it then.

    The last time we used Hermes they claimed the parcel was oversize when it was well under in dimensions and weight and they didn't deliver it nor return it to us so that's why we have gone with everything going via parcel force. Hope it works out ok for you Caroline.

    Hope everyone has good weather and can enjoy the day.

    Shelley take care a recover fully.

    Must get on or I can be here for ages getting sidetracked.


    Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
    Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie


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      Morning all.....bright and clear here.
      Just got back from walking the dog on the beach. Some irresponsible idiots had a party there last night, left two plastic windbreakers, a load of cans, a disposable barbeque etc still on the beach, luckily farther back than the tide comes in so it won’t wash away. They had left a bin liner so I bagged most of it and left it by a bin up the track.

      I‘ve always use Parcelforce for deliveries, I’m pretty sure the price was not far out from the couriers but more insurance cover as standard 🤔, plus you know the price at the counter. I’ve had no problems with them yet.

      Caroline, if you hear of anyone going to IKEA, they have free paper measuring tapes for you to size items up, get them to grab you some.

      Have a good’un all,


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        Morning all! Getting excited about the pale round yellow thingy in the sky, and the temperature numbers having two digits for some of the day!!! Still a bit of breeze around, but no precipitation forecast for today.

        Yesterday, most of the time was spent being a cushion for cats having the five-part weekly Saturday morning bath, or sleeping, so lots of online family tree stuff and general mooching around t'internet while I was "pinned" in the chair! Did spend a couple of hours in the afternoon with the books - finished one (picture later hopefully) and progressed another, but walked away from it when it didn't seem to be going well. However, when I went back later the paper creases and bubbles had smoothed out as the glue dried, so hope to get that one finished today.

        Today, no specific plans. Have already done another newsy catch up email to a friend, a couple more to do; bathroom still needs the good clean that didn't get done the other day, but otherwise another go with the flow day.

        Caroline - still being busy, busy with the makes, and such a variety of items too! Hope you have a good walk with Shiloh
        Mo - must have seemed odd being on your own yesterday and overnight. Hope you soon whizz through the housework and can enjoy some sunshine this afternoon and time with Pete when he gets home.
        Dave - well done on your community spirit clearing up after to lazy, inconsiderate, slobbish, selfish and irresponsible idiots. Hope you managed to enjoy the walk, apart from that.
        Shelley - hope you're taking it easy and allowing the medication to do its job.



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          Afternoon all,

          Sun is shinning but its coldish or at least I am.

          Caroline, glad you are still busy with plans and making things. It would have been interesting if you had rung Simon, he (and I ) would have been touched to know someone we only know from t'internet cared enough to ring. Thank you. I am sure I popped in once to say I was in hospital, planned more but its not how it went.

          Mo, glad you are well and hope you enjoy your time in the sun. Apart from when I go into hospital we never spend a night apart these days.

          Dave, what a shame, ruining nature when its so easy to sort, especially as they had bin bag. Thank you for asking if I was ok, it was good to know you would let everyone know. Flo looked sweet in her birthday picture, fast asleep.

          Linda, saw the butterfly book, very pretty. Glad you have had quiet time, refrigeration problems sorted?

          I went to hospital Friday evening with breathing problems again. I will fill you in all the details when I am back with it, still not 100%, getting used to a new regime of drugs and feeling still a bit in a fog. I think basically it was a week of tinkering with my meds to control my heart rate but not to interfere with my breathing. Need to visit doc in a week to check heart rates and things.

          I am hoping to be back to my self soon, till then don't worry too much if I am not around everyday.

          Take care all.



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            So pleased you are back Shelley. We do care on here think that is why the 4 of us have stuck it. A way to stay in touch. Almost picked the phone up twice but thought Simon may be busy but next time will ring you. Take care of yourself x


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              Delighted you are feeling well enough to communicate Shelley. Take it easy and do exactly what the docs recommend. We were all thinking about contacting Simon, a tad over reacting maybe, but yes we do care. Hope they can get the meds balance right for you soon.

              Mo XX
              Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
              Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.


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                Have to admit, I did have thoughts of trying to contact Simon, but figured he was probably a bit busy coping with the shop, the cats, household stuff and having to visit hospital.

                I think we all worry a bit if any one of us is out of contact for more than a few days without prior notice.