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Saturday 29th

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  • Saturday 29th

    Morning all, damp and miserable out. Need to go to the post box by 7am but not sure have the energy atm! Too early!!!!!

    Good day yesterday finished the second Santa bags, photos to follow later. Starting on stitching out some lace butterflies to add to the MJ baby shoes. Knitted 2 pairs so far and certain can get another pair if not 2 out of the silk/wool. The butterflies are stitched in a random thread but pale ivory, blue, pink, peach. Enjoyed knitting them as so quick. Clothes are boring.

    Got a deal on some random knit wool good make but cannot remember who it was, normally £7.50 each got for £5 for 3. Offer only valid for a day and went mad and bought the 6 colourways. These will be knitted into hats and mini boots.

    Think with everything else have plenty to keep me occupied for some time into the future.

    Made a direct sale to a friend as she wanted a small gift to send for a 60th anniversary. She chose a velvet lavender heart embellished with Swarovski crystals, flowers and a wire hanger. Filled with lavender. Happy sale dance.

    So pleased Shelley is back home you rest Madam and get better.

    Dave back in Wales get confused where you are.

    Linda with a long to do list I expect. Do you write to do lists? I do then forget them, lol.

    Mo shop today or day off?

    Mandy hope you are okay and the news about your job is now sorted.

    HAGD & BBL x

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    Morning all! Still dark, very windy and cold (even put the heating on for an hour to warm up the house!) but at least not raining at the moment. Shower expected around lunchtime and a longer shower this evening.

    Yesterday, rained virtually all day and just felt generally miserable. Did get the fruit vinegars strained and bottled and partially labelled, also did sloe gin and passed on to brother when he called round (he bought the gin!). Otherwise, just the usual family tree, knitting, did finish stitching the blackwork, but it needs to be pressed. Didn't get to the books.

    Today, have a couple of "catch up" emails to do, really need to make some bread and hoping to get some progress on the books. Belgian GP this weekend so will probably watch that, otherwise no specific plans.

    Caroline - well done on yet another sale, and on the productivity. The butterflies sounds gorgeous - they will be so delicate in those colours Hope you made it to the post box in time.
    Mo - back to the shop today, will the weather keep the customers away so you have a quiet-ish time?
    Pete - hope you made it to the camp destination OK and weather is calm and dry enough for you to be outside
    Dave - is the weather allowing you much opportunity for walks? Think it's calmed down a bit that side of the country and we're getting the rougher edge here at the moment.
    Shelley - so pleased to get the news that you are home. Rest up and look after yourself. Hope Simon and the cats have been OK without you.