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Wednesday 26th

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  • Wednesday 26th

    Morning all

    Se we have the idiots visiting and clogging up the forums, why do they not go away and get a life elsewhere. With so few people on here now perhaps we need authorisation for new members to join.

    Back to today, up late as could not be bothered and walking later when a bit warmer.

    Today sewing some more bookmarks and correcting where I went wrong 5 times on the x stitch yesterday, could not count for love nor money. ended up with a headache and all the symbols on the chart merging into a mess.

    Do hope Shelley is okay and resting.

    Linda what do you have planned today?

    Dave more cutting and walking or are you on your way home?

    Mo shop or painting.

    HAGD Folks x

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    Morning all! Dark, damp, cool and windy.

    Yesterday, weather eased off late morning for a couple of hours so nipped out and did chores in Barton, rest of the day taken up with the usual family tree, blackwork and knitting.

    Today, will have to go out again because couldn't get the right sort of cat food in Barton, so need to try a little further afield. Still waiting to hear about freezer parts so need to chase up - getting fed up with waiting now. Thought the weather was supposed to be improving a bit today, but it's worse than yesterday at the moment, apart from the level of wetness.

    Caroline - agree about the idiots. Hate it when cross stitch goes that wrong - tend to lose heart and if not sorted quickly it often gets put away, sometimes for years! Hope you get it sorted out without too much hassle.
    Dave - How are things? Think parts of Wales got the worst of the latest storm; hope you're all safe.
    Mo - day off today? I'm sure you've got a long list of things to do, but trust it includes a bit of time for yourself.
    Shelley - how are things going? Home yet?



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      Evening all.

      Shop day today as I had to authorise the stock take which really only consists of the new Christmas stuff like Cards and decorations left over from last year. As we had the presence of mind to record it all when we put it away in February it was a doddle. means I have two days off in a row now.

      Thankfully Mum is home now with a lovely new carer, an older lady who spe******es in caring for dementia patients. Met with Mum on Monday and brought her bunch of flowers, then on Tuesday when she did her first stint when Dad got home she had cleared up the breakfast things ( he has to leave at 6.30am to go to dialysis ) hoovered through, cleaned the bathroom and prepared lunch with Mum for him. Fingers crossed she is the right person for them. Also said she was used to coping with aggressive patients too which Mum can be sometimes.

      Dad picked Mum up Monday as no way was he leaving her at the care home a minute longer than necessary. 4 weeks there on and off and 4 falls when she hasn't had a fall at home for 2 years. She came home in someone else's clothes, someone elses hearing aids ( very good covid control I don't think ) they had 'lost' her new slippers, dressing gown, 2 brand hew nighties, 10 pairs of new knickers and 6 pairs of new socks. Absolutely disgusting place and I will raise an official complaint when I am with my Dad on Friday. Tomorrow I will have to go shopping to try and replace some of her clothes. Pete will be away ' Wild Camping ' with his boys Friday to Sunday but don't think I am going to get much time to myself to do any pyro and ink somehow. Back to work Saturday then housework etc on Sunday. Might get a couple of hours me time over the weekend but I have to work the Bank Holiday too. Hey ho only 5 months to go LOL

      Hope Shelley is ok. Fully understand she wants to take a break and rest up but if you are having a lurk wishing you al the best for a speedy recovery.

      Sometimes you get days like that Caroline when everything you touch seems to go wrong. Time to take a break.

      Linda lost track of the freezer saga hope it's all been sorted now.

      Hope you are enjoying Wales despite the weather.

      How are things going Mandy ?

      Have a good evening all,

      Mo XX
      Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
      Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie


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        Bit of a treat to have two days in a row off work, but sorry that you will need to be fighting the carelessness etc at the care home. That is just the kind of lack of care that families don't need when they have the stress of a loved one being less than well and needing "care" from those supposedly trained for the task. As for losing such a personal item as a hearing aid - it beggars belief! I can understand why your Dad wants to keep her with him as much as possible.

        On the plus side the "new" carer sounds like a lovely lady and just the person to give you peace of mind that Mum is in safe hands.

        Great foresight to do a stock take on stuff as you packed it away

        The freezer is still out of action. Finally got the price for the replacement parts this morning, and they are supposedly on order by now. Hopefully they'll be here within a couple of days and he will be able to come and do the work early next week, if not before. Not going to be cheap, but much less than the cost of buying a new freezer and since the existing one is in extremely good condition decided repair was the better option.

        Hope you can manage to find a few minutes for yourself over the next couple of days.



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          Evening all....
          Quick visit this morning to the forum to remove some spam..

          Monday, the weather in Wales was horrendous! Extremely high wind and heavy rain all day and night. Yesterday was much better, today was glorious.
          Came back today because my aunt, mums sister in law is gravely ill so we brought her back today instead of tomorrow, we go back to Wales tomorrow, just got to pock a few things up first.

          Mucha about halfway done, bit of a grueller...just how I like it 😂