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Monday 24th

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  • Monday 24th

    Morning all! It's bright and dry but cool and breezy this morning. No rain forecast for today but the following days aren't looking good.

    Yesterday, did end up going to the car boot sale and was surprised how full and busy it was. This was my first foray into the world since lockdown began that was purely for my own non-necessary purpose; every other outing has been for food buying or necessary appointments/purchases. Interesting that although there was a one way system in place at the car boot it wasn't particularly prominent (I only noticed the signs after about five minutes) and at least 50% of buyers were unaware or ignoring. However, I managed to buy a few fiction books so reading matter is stocked up for the next couple of months. After that I spent most of the afternoon labelling the jars of jellies, on family tree stuff and wasting time surfing the www.

    Today, jars to be packed away and stock list updated, usual clearing up around the house then see what happens.

    Caroline - out on another lovely long walk with Shiloh? How did the sewing go yesterday? More items completed to add to your shop and the stock (hopefully soon to be sold).
    Dave - how are things in Wales? Hope you're getting some nice walks in, but weather forecast looks like you might be housebound for a couple of days mid-week so time for some cutting?
    Mo - back to the rat race of retail today - hope there haven't been too many "donations" dumped at the door over the weekend. Hope you found time to complete the solar system and to give thought to some zentangle designs yesterday.
    Shelley - no post yesterday so assuming the hospital didn't let you out. Fingers crossed you are well enough to go home today.


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    Morning all.

    You are brave Linda, we are at the vets today for sir’s check up and booster. Lead and collar washed ready will leave about 9.20. Not stopping any where on the way back as due for a deluge of the wet stuff, all day.

    Finished the decorations yesterday. Today either some animal bookmarks or some Santa gift bags. Have not decided which to do, will go with the flow and see how I feel.

    Dog walk done early, cleaned downstairs now just chilling. Taught Lee how to empty and refill the coffee machine, he’s is doing that now with a lot of clattering about. Next lesson how to turn on the induction hob, that will be fun as each time he tried he set the alarm on the hob off, lol.

    HAGD & BBL X


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      Morning all....overcast here but dry.

      Went out early this morning, took mom for a walk on the beach when I took Flo out. Sea was as smooth as glass.
      The forecast is indeed a bit iffy but it seems to change daily. We check the forecast for Aberystwyth, 20 miles up the coast as we can’t get a closer some cutting on board, getting through the Mucha slowly, Korrie has dropped me over a design to print up and cut when I get back.

      Off to Aberaeron this afternoon for a wander around the shops.
      Everyone sounds busy, hope Shelley is ok, BBL.