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Sunday 23rd

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  • Sunday 23rd

    Morning all

    Off for a long dog walk by the river, breakfast then back to the sewing room. Have 2 more kitten hanging ornaments to finish then can start on some children's bookmarks funky animals.

    Hope you are feeling better Shelley and well done on the sales. I have had 7 this month considering a holiday month quite happy with that. There is one lady on Folksy who is up to 1600 sales so it can be done. Just not sure I have the drive to do it, lol.

    Trust everyone else is fit and healthy apart from freezers.

    HAGD & BBL x

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    Morning All! Lovely day - sunshine, temperature comfortable, not raining and breeze fairly gentle.

    Yesterday, cranberry & apple jelly made, also dandelion jelly, upstairs mucked out, laundry done, some family tree stuff, another Christmas decoration made (just one more marked up ready to complete then final dabs of glue in appropriate places and call it all finished). OH did get the new light switch and we now have a working light in the bathroom.

    Today, another lot of laundry just completed, yesterday's laundry all cleared up and packed away, kitchen cleaned up, hoed, raked and brushed paving outside the house. Labels to print and put on jars, need to nip into Barton and debating whether to have a drive out to Grimsby to see if car boot sale is on and whether to risk a stroll round. Rest of the day will be collapso in the chair and maybe a bit of knitting.

    Caroline - have a lovely walk with Shiloh and trust the activity in the sewing room goes well.
    Dave - enjoying the walks and the beach with Sue and Flo I hope. Hope the locals and tourists are observing the social distancing and everything is calm and peaceful
    Mo - hope that once you've done the essential day off jobs you can get a bit of relaxation and maybe even a bit of crafting if you feel like it
    Shelley - hope you've had a good night and continue to improve. Fingers crossed they'll let you go home this afternoon.



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      Morning all.

      Late night last night and lazy lie in this morning till 8.30. Done the shopping then I will finish the bases of the solar system so Pete can lacquer tomorrow, not a big job but they had to be hot glued onto sticks so I could hold them to paint all the way around without getting finger marks on them.

      Want to get some more Zentangle stuff done as soon as I can. Been trying to get photos to someone else who wants to feature one of the Zentangle platters in an article now off to find some blackberries before it rains again. Pete is supposed to be going wild camping with his boys on Friday, back Sunday so I will have time to amuse myself.

      Hope you are feeling better Shelley and hey let you home ASAP Take care.

      Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
      Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie