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Friday 21st

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  • Friday 21st

    Morning all! Weather is cool, dry and very windy.

    Yesterday, jellies made - still to be labelled - family tree stuff, bit of stitching and did get a bit of time on the next book but had to wait for the first lot of glue to dry and didn't get back to it. Bathroom light switch failed, OH forgot it needed to be fixed - remembered when he went for a bath after dark. Hope it will be done today.

    Today, have braved sorting out the stuff from the freezer which I put in the cool bag and store room. I've rescued cranberries (currently simmering to end up as jelly) and dandelion petals (already simmered ready for straining and making into jelly). Have lost all the peppers, chillies and herbs Compost bin has a new load of stuff to get to work on! Awaiting the freezer engineer but no set time for him to arrive, so pottering around with computer stuff. Trip to Barton later as we'll need another bottle of milk and a couple of bits from the farm shop.

    Hope everyone is doing OK
    Caroline - dog walking?
    Dave - braving the trip to Wales or deferring until the storm has moved on?
    Mo - shop again today, hope it's not too arduous
    Shelley - busy again? Look after that leg.


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    Morning all....wet and windy here today.

    Sue has just left to have a new “Do”..... that’ll be a drawn out thing 🙄😆
    Just got back from walking the dog, not many about.
    No Linda, Wales is still on, nothing stops us going, too much bad weather can make us come back early though....Moms coming on this one, got to be on my best behaviour.

    The Mucha is coming along nicely, its an “ Edit then cut” job so its a case of always thinking one step in front before I dive into each section.

    Just got all my stuff together for the off, just waiting to see if the hapless DPD guy turns up before we go.