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Thursday 20th

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  • Thursday 20th

    Morning all, damp here and dog walk can wait until Waitrose have been.

    Sorry about your freezer Linda, these white goods hope you get it sorted or replaced soon.

    Sewing room today starting some little animal Christmas hanging ornaments. Have a plan whether it will work or not is a different matter.

    Almost done a third of the next Poldark x stitch block. This one is quicker as no wording with loads of colours inside the letters. Some of the colours are so similar sure they do not need that many greens, lol.

    Not much else to report, HAGD & BBL x

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    Morning all! Bright, sunny and dry. Breeze is picking up but temperature OK. According to the local forecast we've got sunny and breezy all day.

    Yesterday - low level gutters done, shopping done, spent the rest of the day hanging around waiting for freezer engineer to call back - didn't Answered a few newsy emails from friends, soak in the bath, a bit more blackwork done, bit of knitting and some family tree stuff.

    Today - have decided I have to use the redcurrant juice and the apple juice that were in the big freezer and have now thawed, so jelly on the go - more jars to put in the stock and find space for! Phoned the freezer engineer and first thing he did was apologise for not calling back yesterday - rather busy. He's in the village tomorrow, so we're expecting a visit in the morning. Means I can get on with stuff today and not be "tied" to the front of the house so I can hear the phone ringing.

    Caroline - hope the worst of the weather has cleared by the time you and Shiloh get out for a walk - national forecast indicates the storm is moving north so you may be lucky. Fingers crossed the little ornaments work out - looking forward to seeing pictures. Cross stitch is growing too - what a busy bee you are!
    Mo - is there no end to your talents - painting the solar system Hopefully NASA have their facts correct
    Dave - weather not looking favourable for your journey tomorrow, so fingers crossed it's all calmed down by then and not too much damage/destruction at the far end. Any decision on which subject to cut for the next project?
    Shelley - hope you had a better night's sleep and feel more like doing a bit of crafting later today. Look after that leg.



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      Afternoon all.....bright since this morning here, mower out, ready to go!

      Went early for a walk down the old railway tracks, bit muddy but ok.
      The drive to Wales is looking a bit dodgy tomorrow but cloudy,sunny, rainy is how it looks next week.

      DPD have been and knocked the door with a sponge as usual, red card, we were in 😡😡....

      I had 3 Muchas to choose from, picked one of his zodiac ones. Looks ok-ish, plenty of deets to have a go at.

      Hope the weather isn’t too bad for everyone, still a scorcher here...

      Have a good’un all 😎