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Monday 17th

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  • Monday 17th

    Morning all! The usual weather grey, cool, very wet and muggy. Trees not blowing around too much at the moment but that can easily change.

    Yesterday -- didn't get to the extension to do anything, ended up turning off the freezer to avoid the beeping, turned it on again before I went to bed early (again). Did quite a bit on family trees Ancestry hints and quite a bit of knitting until my hands hurt too much to carry on.
    Cats are being a pain - Bert absolutely refuses to come in the house and George is in and out like a yoyo - wouldn't mind if he'd use the cat flap, but he just sits at the door and shouts. when he's not doing that he's curled up, fast asleep, in the middle of the grass that purports to be lawn.
    Phone call at 9.30pm from a paramedic who was at MIL's house - she's got gastroenteritis and made herself worse by not drinking for goodness know how long so kidneys are not in a good shape. Another call 90 minutes later and GP visit today and carers for the next three days has been arranged - God bless the ambulance service! They go so often they're in line for having their own key and cup for tea! Will see what the outcome of GP visit is.

    Today - only response to my enquiry for a freezer engineer on local fb group elicited one offer to sell me a 2nd hand freezer. Ringing the shop asap, general tidying and clearing up at home, then waiting for news about MIL.

    Caroline - hope you and Shiloh got out for a walk this morning - weather in your area looking quite severe and very wet.
    Mo - back to the shop today? At least you get a day off during the week and hopefully you'll have quite a bit of help during the week.
    Dave - how's the tiger? Must be nearly finished by now.
    Shelley - we only exchange cards on momentous anniversaries/dates these dates - somehow they don't seem quite so important any more. Just thankful we're still here Sounds like you had a more relaxed day yesterday and still managed to achieve everything essential. Hope your weather today isn't too severe.


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    Morning all....damp and dreary here.

    Nothing much on today, just getting stuff together to head off to Wales on the 21st.
    Sue’s car in for a service tomorrow then that’s the last of the expense until the next thing pops up.

    Had a commission come in, originally for a Deco lady but Deco referred more to angular architecture and style more than fashion plus, as its 20-30 years on from Nouveau, a lot of illustrators tend to not have been dead for a full 70 years yet so their work is still under copyright so its going to have to be a Mucha etc again. She is okay with that as her decor is a cross between the two. She did send me an image but its an album cover from an original illustration and the artist has only been dead 63 years so I had to tell her no for that one.

    Spent all yesterday afternoon on the tiger, just the log it is lounging on and the outline then its done, maybe today.