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Sunday 16th

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  • Sunday 16th

    Morning all, just back from a long dog walk, no cars or other people just the wildlife. Friday had the rush hour of 4 cars to contend with!!!!!

    Made another 3 cards yesterday and have come up with another idea. This time themed craft box with embroideries, lace, buttons etc with papers and card could be used to cover boxes, make into a card or use in sewing something. Research shows me that craft boxes are very popular but would not want to go down the subscription route but know that kits do well, so more along that line.

    Published all my postable items to Folksy yesterday will do promotion of an item a day but thought stupid to leave in draft form when they could potentially become a sale. Still humming and haaing about whether to go down the MyHermes route. Lucky as our courier is excellent but sadly it is when it has left her. On saying that apart from the fiddle with the size of the box never had a problem. Lee has said I cannot go to the PO to send parcels. Did think will ring the sorting office and see if they have a click and drop box then send larger items once a week. So hard to know what to do for the best.

    Back to some more research.

    HAGD & BBL x

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    Morning all! Rubbish weather - dull, wet, very cool, breezy.

    Yesterday - got quite a lot of chores done without aggravating my back, went for a soak in the bath in the afternoon and came down stairs to hear the freezer alarm beeping very irregularly. Tried everything I could think of to sort it, assuming I hadn't closed the door properly when I got something out in the morning. Unfortunately, nothing worked so hunted out the user instructions which were no help. Moved the meat products and a couple of other bits to the fridge freezer then went to bed early to avoid having to listen to the annoying beeps.

    Today - freezer still beeping but is colder than usual inside - have come to the conclusion it's either a thermostat or sensor gone rogue. Need to find someone who can sort it. I've put the frozen raspberries and blackberries into vinegar to marinate before I bottle it, been to Barton to do a chore and now planning to go down to the extension to do something that doesn't require me to listen to the beeps.

    Caroline - saw the picture of the fairies card - very sweet - and like the idea of craft boxes. I've never thought subscription boxes were a good idea, but they obviously suited some people as so popular.
    Dave - tiger is coming on very well
    Mo and Pete - hope you had a lovely evening yesterday and can spend today enjoying each other's company
    Shelley - I do my own shopping - so often you spot something on offer or rfqs and change plans for meals because of it, plus I need to read ingredients lists for anything I'm not sure about to make sure it's something I can eat/drink. Glad you got some household chores done, even if it wasn't what you planned, and started new craft projects.



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      Morning all.

      Damp but stopped raining now, still muggy though.

      The dreaded week is over and next week back to normal 4 days thank goodness. Actually it wasn't too bad and I had help each day for at least 4 of the 6 trading hours. Really like the shortened trading hours and having a full uninterrupted hour before and after to get stuff done. Most customers are being pleasant and sensible regarding specific donation days and wearing masks. The odd PITA can be dealt with politely and they are free to bog off somewhere else and shop if they don't like it.

      Pete has been an absolute star, doing all the cooking, washing and ironing all week. Will give him a rest today LOL Have to do a bit of food shopping shortly. Next week I have to get back to making stuff, completing an order first, getting back to looking at the shop in Cyprus for #2 daughter and making stuff for the two shows we still have going ahead.

      Craft kits of any sort seem to sell well Caroline. We get quite a few donate in the shop and they always go quickly, make great stocking fillers too and a great introduction for children into the world of making stuff. Hope they go well for you. Sure you can come up with lots of ideas for them.

      What a pig about the freezer Linda. Thought you had a problem with one last year, not the same one I hope. Hopefully it can be sorted quickly and at a reasonable cost for you.

      The tiger is fabulous Dave. Are you back in Wales yet ?

      Shelly, how is the shop opening doing ? are people sticking to the rules. Hope you have some time for crafting.

      Mandy, done any more of your lovely cards ?

      Enjoy your Sunday all.

      Mo. Bodrighy Wood.
      Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage..Lao Tzu.!/AuntieMornie


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        What a pig about the freezer Linda. Thought you had a problem with one last year, not the same one I hope. Hopefully it can be sorted quickly and at a reasonable cost for you.
        Mo - What a memory! Yes, we had problems with water pooling from the fridge freezer (been going on for a couple of years), but as it still seemed to be working OK in terms of food storage we left it as was. However, recently it started making quite a lot of noise so last month I purchased a new one.

        The current difficulty is with the tall free standing freezer (8½ years old). It is currently turned off as I figured it will keep the remaining food cold enough for a few hours, then it can be turned on to cool down and off again when the beeping gets unbearable. I have enquiries out for a local service engineer but not much response so far - I'll ring the shop we bought from in the morning and see if they have any recommendations (another local and long established firm that give fabulous service).

        Unfortunately, I've had a lot of annual/big/unexpected expenses in the last couple of months and used up all the "buffer" savings - so anything more than a couple of quid will have to wait until we've had a couple of pension paydays.

        Glad to hear your days at the shop weren't as bad as they might have been

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          Evening all,

          It was rainy all morning but brightened up late afternoon.

          Caroline glad you had a peaceful walk compared to the rush hour of Friday The fairy cards are very pretty and the idea of a craft box is very smart. Your shop must be quite full by now. May I ask why he doesn't want you going to the PO? Is it the extra cost or the stress of you having to do it? I have to admit if it wont go in the post box across the road it isn't getting listed, its not cost effective. Mind you if someone buys the set of 6 rainbow butterflies I would have to go the PO but I have charged more P&P so not a problem.

          Linda, its a right pain in the proverbials, appliances never pick a good time to break down, hope you find a good repair person. At least you have a backup for the important stuff. If it was me I would be looking for the beeper and stuffing a towel over it
          Hope its been relativitly peaceful down the other end of the house.

          Mo, glad the dreaded week is over and you can look forward to some time with Pete to celebrate your 4 anniversary. Happy anniversary and let there be many more - here to you 2 - lifting a glass
          The shop has been ok, most people behaving but one or two that just don't seem to know whats going on. One in particular no mask and completely avoided all my barriers, notices and just barged at me and got right up in face to ask me a question about a cable, I retreated and he followed, I got right into the corner before he was stopped by the counter. He was an older gentlemen and I think some of them just haven't grasped that a pandemic is going on.
          Didn't do any crafting during the heatwave, just couldn't felt like rubbish.

          Dave ok, busy with sleepy tiger?

          Mandy you ok?

          Yesterday was ARC's 43rd birthday and our 45th anniversary. I got it wrong the other day, mixed up our's and ARC's, we are 2 years older than ARC. I used to be much more enthusiastic about celebrating these historic dates, but these days a nod in passing to it happening seems all it gets, but I am determined to do something for our 50th but as we know life can make decisions for us.
          Our actual anniversary is 27th July but as that is just the date Simon asked me to come and live with him in Southampton and not one of anything more substantial we decided to have them both on the same day and as ARC actually has a bit of paper with the official date on, we went with that. Its only a couple of weeks different.

          Today had a nice lie in, listen to the rain and felt happy that I shouldn't be out doing something in the garden, so I could without guilt turn over for that wonderful extra 10 minutes - several times
          When I did get up it was still wet and grey so I got on with morning things, cats breakfast, litter, emptied the dishwasher and put some things in it. Then came and sat in front of my PC and caught up with SM.

          Did the shop at 4 oclock then decided to have a bath, so went and had a nice soak and washed my hair. Feels much better.

          Had some supper, tidied the kitchen, did the cats supper and now I am here

          Still working on the new project.

          Have a good nights sleep.

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