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Friday 14th

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  • Friday 14th

    Morning all.

    Very heavy rain most of yesterday did get 30 minutes when we were able to plant out 2 shrubs delivered. 1 hour later the second package arrived by then a deluge so tucked away on the terrace until today.

    Pleased George’s vet trip was okay Linda, got a text to say Shiloh is due the annual check up. Will ring them later to see what we have to do.

    Dave cutting like mad, has your room cooled down now?

    Shelley you sound happy you have been out shopping, must admit if no crowds okay. Hate grocery shops though and not keen on shopping unless craft related.

    Hope Mo is managing, only 2 more days to go.

    Mandy how are you getting on?

    Did not like the project I started yesterday decided does not fit with my grand. Back to the drawing board.

    No x stitch yesterday as too dark.

    HAGD & BBL X

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    Grrr! Gremlins at work again - posted this first thing this morning but not evident when I got back from chores:

    "Morning all! Dull, breezy, cool (for the time of year), no rain forecast but.................

    Dentist's early this morning so will pop in later to catch up with news etc."


    Yesterday car back by lunchtime, nothing unexpected and bill a little lower than expected Nothing else much - some knitting, another Christmas decoration done, bit of blackwork, bit of family tree.

    Today - Chores done: topped up with fuel on the way to dentists, dental appointment (still managing to run 10 minutes late despite reduced number of patients), not my usual dentist, but she was nearly as good; have a temporary filling so hope it lasts until things are running more normally. Tried three places on the way home to get specific cat food, only successful at one and only one flavour, home via Barton so got more milk to save going out tomorrow. A bit of clearing up to do this afternoon but no other plans.

    Caroline - sorry yesterday's project didn't work out, but it happens (more often than people realise sometimes!). I'm sure you'll soon come up with something you're more than happy with.
    Dave - hope the stop tap leak is sorted - so lucky it was at the stop tap and not your side of the supply
    Mo - must be shattered by now with no break from shop business. Hope you're holding your own and no major concerns in other areas of your life at the moment.
    Shelley - George was sat by the walnut tree and didn't run off or complain when I went to pick him up. He was chilled all the way there and all the way back (contrary to previous behaviour) except when there was an almighty clap of thunder which he obviously didn't like. Sounds like things are still busy with you - don't overdo it! Happy birthday to ARC for tomorrow - shame you can't celebrate with your friends and customers, but look forward to a big do for the 50th
    Mandy - everything OK?



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      Afternoon all....bright and very warm.
      Sue’s car went in today to have the exhaust replaced, just waiting on the call now.
      Heard nothing from Severn Trent so got on the phone as it had started to pool on next doors drive. They couldn’t give me a date but the guys turned up at lunchtime and did it. Turns out it was next doors stop tap leaking, not mine after all but it's fixed now so no matter, just waiting for them to reinstate the ground around the new stop tap. Mine, next doors, next door to him all have their stop taps on my property?....good job we all get on 😆.
      Tiger cut is coming along, About a third done.

      Have a good’un all


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        Evening all,

        Grey and cool here, much better for getting things done.

        Caroline, I much prefer going shopping to deliveries. I like seeing everything thats available and fresh, sometimes I will decide to do a certain meal because the main ingredient is on offer. I suppose the fact I could only have one delivery a week and couldn't go out if I wanted to buy something I ran out of, forgot or was out of stock was very stressful. I also spent loads more than my usual.
        I suppose in normal times a delivery that could be adjusted by going out too, would be acceptable.
        I know how that feels, but it can very satisfying when you make that decision to abandon a project and move on to the next one.

        Linda, hope the temporary filling lasts. Glad the car was cheaper than expected and all ok. So glad George was easy and calm, its so much better for you too, you don't feel so mean I have to take Meimei and Flo to get their nails done, should have been in March but...they are getting a bit too long for my liking, their dew claws especially.
        It is busy but in a good way, otherwise time drags.

        Dave, glad you got the water leak sorted.
        In the first house Simon and I bought some 45 years ago we and the gas board discovered that all the terraced houses in our road had share taps in the road!! They shut off next doors gas (unpaid bill?) and at about 7pm when I went to cook we had no gas, rang the gas board who eventually came out about 9pm and there ensued much muttering, head scratching, consulting of plans and finally at 1am, digging up the road. They then discovered that we shared a tap with next door as did several other pairs of houses in the road. This caused full scale panic mode for the next few days as they checked how many were paired and they slapped huge yellow and red stickers on everyone's gas meter warning of the shared supply.
        We got our gas back eventually but the gas board spent weeks converting everyone to their own tap.
        Apparently it was highly dangerous becuase if you had a pilot light or similar and the gas was turned off, when it came back there was no automatic lighting and the house would fill with dangerous gas fumes and either gas people or blow them up.

        I have seen the effects of a gas explosion, not good. when we were in that house there was the bang from h*ll at about 10pm one night. It was within sight of us and the whole area turned out to find the entire front of a terrace lying in the road, turns out the guy tried to kill himself by putting his head in the oven, got bored waiting, gave up and decided to have a fag, spent months in hospital but recovered in the end.

        Today was much better weather so spent some time cleaning the kitchen. Cooked the cats some chicken, I like to give them real meat for one meal a day now they are getting older its easier for them to digest, I don't mind.

        Tomorrow the Hoover is getting an outing, first time for ages becuase of the weather and my pulled muscle (which is now healed). Then spending the afternoon creating something, got a couple of ideas not sure what will grab me but I need to make something!

        Have a good evening all and sleep well.